The Thirteenth Tribe is a book that attempts to explain the origins of Eastern Europe’s Jewish population,largely decimated by the Nazi onslaught during the. Jewish author, Arthur Koestler has published a page book titled THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE which proves the Eastern European Jews are NOT related to. The Thirteenth Tribe has ratings and 55 reviews. Issa said: ***Kendisi Budapeşte Yahudisi olan ünlü düşünür Arthur Koestler’in bu araştırması üzerindeki.

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Koestler asserts that the Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of the ancient Khazars, a non-Semitic group of converts to Judaism. Although interesting at the time it was written, subsequent research has disproved the thesis of the book. Views Read Edit View history.

No matter that hundreds of books by Israeli authors are published every year and not included on the list, tribw firestorm of outrage and counter-outrage ensued.

During the Spanish Civil War, which he covered from the Republican side, he was captured and imprisoned for several months by the Nationalists, but 13tth exchanged after rribe protest. Beverley writes “When The Thirteenth Tribe was released, the academic critique of its research was prompt, public, and generally negative”, [18] and Evan Goldstein states that it was “savaged by critics”. Well known controversialist and dead person Arthur Koester wrote this as a non-fiction account of the conversion of the Khazars to Judaism, which one of the many curious events which have occurred in history.

Every koestelr member in America should insist that his Pastor investigate these claims. May 03, Ferda Nihat Koksoy rated it really liked it Shelves: If you’re interested in the the European middle ages, this will fill in some gaps in your education if it was anything like mine.

Proves only a handful of Sephardim Jews were in Europe so the vast majority of Jews today are Khazar in origin.

Robert Kirsch of the Los Angeles Times stated in his lengthy review that ‘Arthur Koestler publicizes with his customary skills a daring hypothesis: Playing the role of France and Russia during the consolidation of the Khazarian kingdom were the Eastern Romans aka the Byzantine Greeks and the Arab caliphate based in Baghdad.

A recent study of the human genome has shown the Eastern European Jews are descended from Middle-eastern ancestors and they are closely related to the Arab peoples of the Eastern Mediterranean region and the Jews of Yemen. Fred Uhlman e scrive in inglese. Not only the news media are Jewish monopolies, but top positions in the U.

I read this over 20 years ago and re-discovered it my bookcase recently. View all 5 comments. Most of the book is a competent but ordinary history, outlining the rise and fall of the Khazars’ empire including the bake-off.


The real pay off came in the last part of the book, where Koestler spins a theory that irresistibly reminds me of the theory that birds are dinosaurs.

Those same Slavic tribes, though, had been trbe vassals to the Khazar Empire. Many of the minor professional positions and small merchant occupations, especially those related to the timber and transportation industries, were filled by Jews.

It is now little more than an invalid relic used by trive who claim that the presence of Khazar genes in modern Jews invalidates the Jewish claim to Israel as their historic homeland. To suggest such a plenitude of stakeholders is to reveal The Thirteenth Tribe for what arfhur is, a book with political implications that potentially, though not automatically, reach far beyond the narrow focus of medieval history.

Finally, the conversion of some Khazars to Judaism is an interesting and unusual historical event but its relevance to ongoing political controversies is nil. Kevin MacDonald discuss the Khazar Theory amd much more.

Europe, which in the Dark Ages became converted to Judaism.

The Thirteenth Tribe: The Khazar Empire and its Heritage by Arthur Koestler

Koestler’s book was praised by the neo-Nazi magazine The Thunderbolt as “the political bombshell of the century”, [11] and it was enthusiastically supported by followers of the Christian Identity movement. Here, in his treatment of the Khazars, he challenges what I thought I knew about extra-biblical Judaism. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Though he studied science and psychology in Vienna, at the age of twenty he became a foreign correspondent and worked for various European newspapers in the Middle East, Paris, Berlin, Russia and Spain.

If you’reinterested in the Khazar thesis I’d suggest you check out Dunlop’s bookalthough Koestler’s is an easier read and adds to the case Koestler’s own,not unreasonable speculation about the relationship of the Khazars to modernJewry Dunlop doesn’t go there.

The Thirteenth Tribe is a book by Arthur Koestlerin which the author advances the thesis that Ashkenazi Jews are not descended from the historical Israelites of antiquity, but from Khazarsa Turkic people. It should be noted that there are historically valid explanations for the presence of the Jews in Eastern Europe.

Jul 03, Ali rated it liked it Shelves: Dunlop ofColumbia University who wrote The History of the Jewish Khazars Koestler appears to have taken most of his information from this source though inmany cases he over-simplified ,oestler simply got his facts wrong. Another direction in which Koestler takes his positive argument has to do with speculation on occupational structure.

The Thirteenth Tribe

He was born into a Hungarian Jewish family in Budapest but, apart from his early school years, was educated in Austria. The history of Khazaria is certainly going to attract the interest of some people as it 13yh little known as is the history of this geographic area in general.


Jews are not Israelites!

At the time of writing it was too early for the kinds of genetic analysis available today view spoiler [ although how would you establish what a Khazar genetic heritage would look like when themselves very obscure, I don’t know if there are many if any unambiguously Khazar graves hide spoiler ] and archaeological evidence was not utilised in this book. For while I do agree that being descendants of converts instead of original Jews from Ancient Palestine doesn’t bar Israelis from deserving the land, I do believe their violent theft of Palestinian land, freedom, and lives bars them from deserving it.

However, it remains a thesis, and a thesis which is disputed wildly from all sides of the arena. Koestler and new scholars make a very credible argument that a good part of European Jewry is in fact, Khazar-based.

The collapse of the Hunnic Empire seems to have left a power vacuum that the Khazars moved to fill sometime around the turn of the 7th century.

The Thirteenth Tribe: The Khazar Empire and its Heritage

That a portion of the ruling class of that Kingdom converted to Judaism is very likely true. Like the Khazars,other European groups came from middle Asia at different historical timesand intermixed with many different groups. The last chapter of his book is a veritable fun house of questionable, even dubious, scientific findings that have much in common with the socio-biological myths that were fed to race-hungry publics in the early part of the 20th century.

He produces a large body of meticulously detailed research. Nor will we ever know how much agthur an indigenous Semitic Jewish presence might have been already established prior to Khazar reign over that large territory north of the Caucasus.

Their interactions with one another, as well as the role of both ethnicity and religion, are the real meat of the book. How ,oestler can one account for the numbers of Jews who end up in Eastern Europe relative to Western Europe at that time. Or they question Judaism’s right to claim the mantle of thebible suggesting that the modern Jew has no more special claim on it, andperhaps a lesser one, than the modern Christian.