2N from Fairchild Semiconductor. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. 2N Datasheet PDF Download – NPN Transistoor, 2N data sheet. 2N datasheet, 2N pdf, 2N data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Central Semiconductor, Leaded Small Signal Transistor General Purpose.

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IRC PW Resistors are available with special resis- tance windings, designed to act as a standard resistor at normal operating wattages and fuse at some specific overload condition. Germanium Gold Bonded Diodes General purpose and computer appli- cations. RA, PSI high freq.

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Dickson also offers the industry’s broad- est line of standard temperature compen- sated zener reference diodes. Condensed catalog, data sheets, application and design notes T1 How to Use the Charts A color code pairs the transistor type with the value of its key parameter. He is not necessarily the original registrant. Maximum forward voltage drop of less than dattasheet. Baird-Atomic offers the most complete line of Engineers and Scientists: Both Axes— Base Voltage, 6 steps from 0.

Proven stability with inverse working voltages to volts. Available only to agencies of the U. AJ, ge npn, DM, si pnp. The base-collector junctionthereforerather than coming to the top surface where it is protected from the environment by a silicon oxide coat- ing, extends to the unprotected edges of the transistor where it is subject to contamination and surface damage.


2N datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits Small Signal Transistors

These offer impressive savings in time, money and space. Typical frequencies exceed Me. At 25 C, either collector-to-base voltage is 25 v. Frank Malley, Dick son Electronics, P. Marion and Vine St. PD is sold in minimum mill quantities of lbs. LL7 2N A2, Louis Park 16, Minn. The device is packaged in a four-lead TO case. Consider, for dwtasheet, a type in the high-frequency category. It is datasheett that the mod- el substantially increases transistor performance by optimiz- ing the effect of heat transfer coefficient available in free convec- tion.

Sales and service offices in all principal cities of the world.

This is because it is impossible to list the wide variety of test conditions under which characteristics have been meas- ured. Al- though similar to the Typethe spe- cial model provides much. Bridge assemblies for 3-phase and single-phase designs and potted con- figurations available— minimum de- liveries and 2n91.

Small Signal Transistors

The Series also features automatic detec- tion of incorrect programming and performs an equipment self-check test during each test sequence. Write for a free copy daatasheet on your company letterhead: Canadian General Electric, Dufferin St. Glass-to-metal seals are said to be eliminated by the package, whose lower beryllia surface provides a direct path from the semiconductor material to a chassis or heat sink.


The epitaxial-base germanium units have a saturation voltage of 0. Most typesofferguaranteed switching times of less than 50 nanoseconds.

AJ, ge pnp, DM. Over 5 megawatts of 30 ampere transistors are now serving in military and industrial applica- datashset. Either V CE o or Vcbo is listed as a maximum voltage rating. Advanced low-level planar technology of Texas Instruments 2N and 2N transistors makes possible high gain at low current levels, plus the extremely low leakage currents necessary for datashret low-noise performance.

Recovery times as low as 0. You also get good low-frequency response and stable circuit operation. You can specify parameters, logic levels. This exclusive process makes it possible to mass-produce superior communications type transistors with a base layer of only a few ten thousands of an inch and with extremely high cut-off frequencies The collector-base junction, therefore, is properly terminated un- derneath the oxide coating where it is protected against environmentally in- duced leakage currents.

They are available from your nearby Dickson distributor. Used extensively in advan- ced missile, satellite and computer applications. McDowell Road Phoenix 8, Ariz. Rated mW free air minimummW mounted in circuit boards, to 1 watt infinite heat sink. For instance, final- phase testing of 4, G.