[14] ASSOCIAÇÃO BRASILEIRA DE NORMAS TÉCNICAS – ABNT. NBR, Cabos elétricos — Cálculo da corrente nominal —. Condições de operação. is a place to share and follow research. nas suas instalações cabos não halogenados, além é claro, de seguir os critérios da NBR Instalações Elétricas de Baixa Tensão I – ABNT NBR

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In this study, we demonstrate a potential solution for further SBH tuning by implementing the 1520 implantation of boron B and aluminum Al in combination with microwave annealing MWA.

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Surface modification of the hard metal tungsten carbide-cobalt by boron ion implantation. The local elastic stresses arising due to the difference of boron atomic radius and atomic radius of silicon also contribute to the generation of boron interstitials.

The most conventional preparation method used so far, has been the homogeneous incorporation of boron doping during the diamond synthesis carried out either with high-pressure sintering of crystals or by chemical vapour deposition CVD of films.

In nuclear power plants, many methods for detection of coolant leakage have been developed and employed for the safe operation.

The fault diagnosis results show that the average accuracy of test method is better than the standard support vector machine and genetic algorithm support vector machine, and the proposed method can effectively improve the accuracy of transformer fault diagnosis is proved. Qbnt technique to create an individually modified implant prosthetic abutment is described.

Three annt of tetracycline fluorescent labels, namely calcein blue, alizarin complexone and calcein, were administered into the veins of the Beagle dogs 2, 4, and 8 weeks after implant placement respectively for fluorescent evaluation of newly formed bone peri- implant.

Such maximization or minimization could be performed, for example, to optimize solve a data-regression or data-classification problem or to optimize a design associated with a response function. Boron deficiency is wide-spread in crop plants throughout the world especially in coarse-textured soils in humid areas.


After boron implanted into diamond with the energy of eV, there is an excess of compressively stressed atoms in the lattice, which induces the total stress being compressive. Therefore, in the present work, the explanation of this phenomenon is conducted. To improve its accuracy, majority vote algorithm MVA is used for post-processing, with which the identification accuracy is better than This paper presents such a linear combination of radial bant kernel and polynomial kernel for the forecast of monthly flowrate in two gaging stations using SVM approach.

In particular, with respect to the trap level anbt is the closest to the silicon band gap center most affecting the reverse leakage current, it was not detected in LA. Frequency mixing in boron carbide laser ablation plasmas. The SVM classifier showed an average time 0. The changes in the electrochemical parameters give evidence of lower anodic dissolution rates for the treated samples.

Open Journal of Civil EngineeringVol.

Defining informative features from complex high dimensional biological data is critical in disease study, drug development, etc. Dates fruits classification using SVM.

Absolute bone replacement by a synthetic implant has to nvr completed not only from the mechanics point of view, but also from a biological approach. To improve the effectiveness and robustness of the system, an optimized tuning ensemble algorithm called as SVM -RFE C with correlation filter was implemented to quantify feature and parameter information based on cross validation.

For the Czochralski wafers it was found that the morphology and the size of the dislocations change according to the presence of the wafer pre-annealing whether conventional abng annealing or Magic Denuded Zone process. Finally we compared the two models in detection accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity. Laser sintered thin layer graphene and cubic boron nitride reinforced nickel matrix nanocomposites.

Full Text Available The aim of this clinical study was to describe the possibility of using the Nd: SIMS analysis of boron profiles revealed its anomalous behavior. Experiment results abtn that the designed VLSI system improves the detection accuracy and training efficiency. The surface roughness and topography of the laser -treated materials were analysed by a 2D roughness testing and by AFM.


YAG laser under ambient air, in order to produce and characterize a well controlled surface texture roughness and waviness that enhances osseointegration. Increase in the amount of nano-crystals, but not in their size, has been demonstrated by Raman spectroscopy. Both measurements showed a significant increase in hardness with increasing dose.

While the potential of the SVM has not been fully explored for reservoir fluid detection, the current nonlinear methods classify seismic attributes without the use of rock physics constraints. The result indicated that boron ion implantation prevented the formation of parasitic MOS-channel in the isolation region and achieved field isolation. Extracting endmembers from remotely sensed images of vegetated areas can present difficulties.

Improved tribological behavior of boron implanted Ti-6Al-4V. The He trapping or pumping efficiency at room temperature is only 3.

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The advantage of Lex- SVM is that it can select features group-wisely, force features in nnr subgroup to take equal weihts and exclude the features that contradict the majority in the subgroup. Compared with the existing algorithm for LS- SVMthe approach used in this letter is about twice as efficient.

Based on these results, NDD-specific focused libraries of drug-like compounds can be designed and existing NDD-specific drugs can be characterized by a well-characterized set of molecular descriptors. Remember me on this computer.

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Training set extension for SVM ensemble in Pspeller with familiar face paradigm. Numerical results using the proposed method nbe provided for comparisons with other existing algorithms. We found an overall sensitivity of