AF FORM Yes No PREVIOUS EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE A and B Member unable to sign PRIVACY ACT INFORMATION The. Get the AF FORM ,Pg 1 – Description. OFFICER PERFORMANCE REPORT (Lt thru Col) I. RATEE IDENTIFICATION DATA (Read AFI. 2 Arial 10 bold absolute 13 AF FORM , C:\Documents and . EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE (A and B) Arial 7 plain center absolute.

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Implementation Instructions For New OPR & PFW

If one evaluator or reviewer is unable to access digital signature, all evaluators and reviewers must hand sign and date the report. For referral procedures see AFIparagraph 3. A combination of both is not authorized. The report can be referred on the form itself. The Ratee must acknowledge receipt of the report before it becomes a matter of record. This is not to be interpreted to zf the ratee can refuse to sign if they disagree with the report.

Reports prepared and accepted for file under the CRO rule remain valid even if the condition is later cancelled. As a minimum, this review must ensure: This applies only to the first report in nonEAD status.


Implementation Instructions For New OPR & PFW

The goal is an accurate description of where and to whom the ratee belongs. Member is unable to sign if they do not have access to a CAC-enabled computer i. On EAD active duty and reserve and performed duty in an organization other than his or her assigned PAS code, enter for, assigned information, followed by “with duty at. Enter information about the position the ratee held in the unit and the nature or dorm of job responsibilities. Comments on medical issues are prohibited and cannot be included in the OPR narrative.

Bullet format is mandatory.

Forms qf are not digitally signed will require the date to be handwritten. C Example Table 3. Performs beyond established standards and expectations. Performs below established standards, requires improvement.

Officer Performance Report

Do not sign or date before the close-out. Referral Report Section XI. They must return reports with unsupported or inappropriate statements for additional information or reconsideration of ratings.

The Component will be listed at the end of the statement. Reviewers assigned on or prior to close-out date, enter information as of the close-out date; if assigned after the close-out date, enter the information as of the date signed.


If an evaluator is also a functional examiner, then they sign in both blocks. All signatures, except the evaluator who is deployed, must be original. All seven performance factors are consolidated in this block. Do not sign and date before the close-out date of the report.

For indeterminate day deployments only: This feedback is not to be used as the last feedback accomplished that is recorded in the feedback block of the evaluation form. Routing procedures will only be specified for routing the form after the final signature is supplied by the ratee. Use the following guidelines when entering identification data: The forms have digital signature and auto-date capability. This is necessary to show the dates each referral action actually occurred to ensure the report was properly processed.

Use the procedures outlined AFIparagraph 3.