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d Air Base Wing – Home of America’s Arctic Warriors. References. •. DoDI – DoD Traffic Safety Program. •. AFI – USAF Traffic Safety Program. AFI is published! In an effort to ensure users have their questions and concerns addressed, we will post the most frequently asked questions through the. Air Force Motorcycle Rider Information. Training: According to AFI dated 12 Sept, , Motorcycle safety training is not intended to meet state, territory.

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Direct-duty military personnel and language students at Lackland Air Force Base afk initial duty assignment. Use of local, state, or host nation requirements as applicable to the RMVs being considered.

All Marine motorcycle riders will attend mandatory follow-on Level II motorcycle training within days of completion of Level I course dependent on the local riding season.

Private motor zfi manufactured prior to without seatbelts will not require seat belts installation unless mandated by applicable host nation, State, or Territory Laws.

AFI Traffic Safety Program | Air Force Counseling Online

Commanders and supervisors will complete an ORM evaluation when requesting to use these vehicles in traffic, industrial, or pedestrian environments. Foot protection includes sturdy over-the-ankle footwear that affords protection for the feet and ankles. On-Duty – DoD personnel are on-duty when physically present at any location where they are to perform their officially assigned work.

All levels of supervision and management shall participate actively in the enforcement of the program and become involved by personal example and written instruction.

Motor Vehicle – Any transportation device with a motor powered by fossil fuels or other external sources of energy such as solar power. Some GVOs aafi operated in a traffic environment, specifically tactical and combat vehicles See 2. Make a rehabilitative, Driver Improvement Program DIP available and actively refer and direct problem adi and at-risk 91207 to attend. For any use on roadways, minimum vehicle safety devices or equipment to include lights, taillights, reflectors, brakes, seat belts, and other applicable traffic related safety features.


Foreign-national, indirect-hire employees are the same as DAF civilian employees only when the Air Force has supervisory or work performance control. Hand protection consists of full 91-270 riding gloves. Wearing of long sleeved shirt or jacket, long trousers and full-fingered gloves or mittens is required. All Marines who plan to purchase or operate a motorcycle regardless of their intent to register afl motorcycle on a Marine Corps installation and all operators of government-owned motorcycles are required to attend and successfully complete a motorcycle rider safety course approved by CMC SD.

Marines who have completed af Levell course are authorized to operate a motorcycle only if they are licensed valid state drivers license with a motorcycle endorsement.

This section reserved 4. Commanders are encouraged, as a minimum, to make this course mandatory for personnel convicted of serious moving traffic violations or who have been determined to be at fault in a traffic accident afk a GMV.

The three levels of motorcycle training are:. Safety personnel will utilize USAF developed or provided courseware. All persons in or on an AF motor vehicle. When not prohibited by an applicable traffic code, personnel may be transported in vehicles without 911-207 seats, for short distances on AF installations, if each passenger remains seated wholly within the body of the vehicle, all installed seat belts are in use, and the vehicle cargo area has no open sides. Safe Communities, Federal Safety Councils, etc.


A clearly visible standard reflective belt not armband is the minimum night requirement.

– Military Motorcycle Rider PPE information

Emergency Vehicle Operators ……………………… Operator and Passenger Protection. All persons listed in paragraph 1. Operator inspection and primary preventive maintenance. Health and Safety Notice. State vehicle and pedestrian traffic laws are expressly adopted and aif applicable on AF installations to the extent provided by DoDI Specific topics will be determined locally and should enhance awareness of local laws and requirements related to traffic safety.

Included in the definition are motor vehicle parking lots, flight line vehicle areas, and controlled compounds where designated roads continue into or through the area. Ensure personnel receive all required traffic safety training.

All Sailors who operate motorcycles shall complete Level II training within 60 days of completion of Level I training or upon changing the type of motorcycle ridden. Kindergarten Car and Road Show. The course of instruction shall include hands-on training, a riding skills evaluation, and a written knowledge based evaluation.

AFI 91-207 Traffic Safety Program

Foreign-national, direct-hire employees are the same as DAF civilian employees. Motorcycle helmet intercom system between operator and passenger is permitted. Course I, Introductory Traffic Safety All newly assigned military including foreign military students and DAF and NAF civilian personnel identified during in-processing.

This training course 911-207 intended as a driver skill improvement and traffic offender rehabilitation course.