E-BOOKS BY: Akbar Shah Khan Najeebabadi. Collection of books and magazines on Urdu language & literature. TITLE. PUBLISHER. YEAR. Akabir-e- Qaum. More by Akbar Shah Khan Najeebabadi. The History Of Islam (Volume 2). Akbar Shah Khan Najeebabadi. History of Islam (3 Volumes). Akbar Shah Khan. Results 1 – 22 of 22 The History of Islam: Volume 2 by Akbar Shah Najeebabadi and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at.

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This book was written by popular author and convert to Islam, Suzanne Haneef who has lived and traveled widely in Muslim lands.

Books by Akbar Shah Khan Najeebabadi. Includes Indexby SUNY Press in comparison is a much najeebabxdi work of translation and a quick glance at the two reveals what separates a good from a great translated work.

At a time, when there is tough competition among the nations of the world to excel one another, the Muslim, despite having the most glorious history, appear to be detached and careless as regards their history. May Allah accept our humble efforts in this regard and send His peace and blessings on our Prophet Muhammad, najeeebabadi Companions and his followers.

This was the time about 25 years before the partition of Indian Subcontinent into Pakistan and India. Every Muslim who cares about the big issues faced by Islam and Muslims should read this book.

The History of Islam: Volume 1

Islam, the Path of God. This is the first of two books based on the original Arabic sources and written in a style that is lively and often gripping. Hud, Saleh, and Shuayb are supplemented with relevant ahadith and the interpretations of classical and contemporary scholars. Apr 12, Hafizuddin rated it it was amazing.

Publishers Note We are presenting before you the third volume of the book History of Islam. Babur rated it liked it Nov 09, Considering how common and “in” it has become to hate Islam especially by pseudo-intellectual Muslimsreading books like this one can remove a lot of misconceptions and let you discover history as it was. It covers the four righteous caliphs, 47 male and female companions of the Prophet, 8 followers of the companions, 6 religious scholars, 7 reformers, and 7 scientists.


For all the heroes of Islam share two very special traits: Return to Book Page. English Buy This Item Save: Born in the tenth Century his passion for knowledge was unbound, and he made lasting contributions to medicine, maths and philosophy. Jun 25, Carl Finch rated it did not like it. So, this compilation is actually the extract of the works najefbabadi the famous Muslim historians.

The History of Islam (3 Volumes) by Akbar Shah Najeebabadi | eBay

About Akbar Shah Khan Najeebabadi. Muhammad Hamza rated it did not like it Sep 21, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This is one of two books that provides a lively introduction to early Akbra history and inspiring models for Muslim values, attitudes and behavior.

With illustrations, photographs, and maps, the rich and diverse world that produced Ibn Sina is vividly brought alive in this book. For this reason, Darussalam has brought to life in this work the stories of some of the greatest heroes and role models of Islam. Tiffany rated it really liked it Apr 28, Sallabi guides the reader through a myriad of hadiths and reports, peeling away the centuries-old layer of hostile elements both in the Muslim world and beyond sought to conceal najeebabdi truth.

One of my favorite sections is when skbar author writes about Abdullah ibn Zubair’s defense of Makkah from the forces of al-Hajjaj.

Download whole album or single tracks. A really detailed 3 Volume history of Islam. A mile stone in the English literature concerning Islam. Oct 31, Toufiq added it. It also shows you what kind of person prohet Muhammad sws was during his life. Their various paths to Islam – sometimes direct, najeebahadi long and tortuous, their devotion to the noble Prophet stheir hope in God and in the life to come, their endeavors in peace and in times of hardship and struggle – all serve to cast them in a heroic mold.

We thank all the persons who have cooperated with us to complete this task and produce it before you into a presentable form. The true battle for hearts and minds is that which is raging in the Muslim world today, where many vested interests are seeking to distort the very self-image of the Muslims. This book is designed to meet the needs of parents, weekend schools and full time schools In the first volume, starting with the introduction of the history as a subject, the country, people and conditions of Arabia prior to the advent of Islam were discussed, and an account of the life of Prophet Muhammad was presented including the hardships and opposition he faced while propagating the message of Islam, and the details of migration and the period after it until his death.


Written by a muslim, the writing is not dry facts for the academics, but rather captivati I havent finished all 3 volumes yet, but I really enjoyed what I have read. This third volume begins with the description of the conditions of Spain before and after the rule of Muslims and the role played by Umayyad, Abbasid, Almoravid and Almohad Caliphs there and their encounters with the Christian Armies.

Akbar Shah Najeebabadi Author: Her early work, What Everyone Should Know about Islam and Muslims, is well-known in many parts shqh the world, followed by a later work: We appreciate your feedback! Written by a muslim, the writing is not dry snah for the academics, but rather captivating highlights of events that have shaped history.

One of the important factors in the development and behaviors of the societies of the world today is the impact of role models.

The History of Islam: If adversity befalls him he patiently accepts it, and is rewarded for it. Audio Sample 4 Your browser does akbra support the audio element. Akbar Shah Khan Najeebabadi. Because of mediums such as television, radio, telephone and the internet, many role models, such as movie stars, athletes, musicians and politicians, have become quite popular around the world.

Mahmoud Esma’il Sieny All praise and thanks are due to Shh for helping me in preparing this book. Audio Sample 5 Your browser does not support the audio element.