Alert en ondernemend Te vinden onder de startknop, netwerk applicaties, informatiesystemen, alert & ondernemend 2. CMV in veelvoud Trendstudies bij Alert en Ondernemend Herkenbaar en Toekomstgericht Landelijk opleidingsprofiel voor de hbo-bacheloropleiding. Alert en ondernemend Opleidingsprofiel Culturele en Maatschappelijke Vorming Herkenbaar en Toekomstgericht Landelijk opleidingsprofiel voor de.

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In an online survey, employed users of online casual games reported on their use of computer games during working hours. The objective of this paper is to describe this intervention and to present the design of a study to evaluate its effectiveness. Based on self-efficacy theory and self-worth theory of achievement-motivation, it is hypothesized that the relationship between computer anxiety and job satisfaction is curvilinear and attitude towards computer moderates such relationship.

The primary outcome measures of this study are work ability and health-related quality of life.

The study is designed as a cluster-randomised controlled trial with randomisation at the level of the occupational physician. Moreover, we aim to investigate collegial behaviour as an exchange process between co-workers, and therefore also take family demands and the use of flexible work arrangements by co-workers into account as predictors of employee collegiality.

The results Of this study provide evidence for a possible CM]Sal relationship between deterioration in mental health and Subsequent change in working time arrangements or occupational mobility. A multicultural culture in organizations may reduce disconcordance in acculturation orientations between host community and immigrant workers.

Patients in the control group received care as usual. With summaries written by fellow students, you are guaranteed to be properly prepared for your exams. Purpose To investigate associations between a wide variety of psychosocial work conditions and sickness absence in a medium-sized company. Conclusions Work modifications were widely applied during the return-to-work process and predominantly aimed at reduction of pressure at work. Recovery experience associated with gameplay was the strongest predictor for the use of games in the workplace.


Samenvatting: Alert & Ondernemend 2.0

A total of personnel aged from 19 to 61 years were interviewed onboard seven RFA ships. Interpersonal conflicts at work as a predictor of self-reported health outcomes and occupational mobility. It is suggested that beneficial effects of work-related control are unlikely to occur in the absence of reductions in perceived demand. A positive association with age was also found: In the discussion, the practical and scientific implications of these results are discussed.

To investigate whether age predicted the onset of elevated NFR, multivariate survival analyses were conducted The highest levels of NFR were observed in the age group of years. Singles’ work outcomes improved, however, when they had access to flexible work arrangements, whereas couples benefited from their supervisors’ social support. Aust Health Rev Data from a representative cross-sectional sample of 11, male and female wage-earners ondernemenc investigated using log linear methods.

Consequently, our findings underscore the resource and demands aspects of interpersonal work contexts and their implications for the work-family interface. Thus, contrary to the propositions of Karasek and colleagues, demand and control do not appear to be independent factors.

The results demonstrate a positive relationship between perceived task autonomy and the perceived social benefits of worker flexibility, but only for teams with high levels of task interdependence. Completed questionnaires are returned by employees and their supervisors, working alerrt 90 flexible teams across 15 organizations.

Moreover, there is a clear need for well-designed intervention studies to delineate the impact of flexible working conditions on health, wellbeing and health inequalities. Company data cover 1 year before and 1 year after the implementation of the new roster and involve .20 employees in the five-shift system workers and all daytime workers workers in technical and maintenance jobs as a control group.

Findings – The analyses reveal a slightly positive relationship between HPWPs and burnout, which is completely mediated by job demands. Differentiating job hindrances and job challenges in the Job Demands-Resources model.


Time pressure in work largely explained the differences in NFR among women at different education levels crude OR 1. In the present study, saliva cortisol secretion was measured over seven consecutive days, on awakening, and at 10 p. The main lifestyle problems identified were: However, future multilevel studies that embrace the individual, team and organisational level are needed. A process evaluation will be conducted and satisfaction with the training, its components and the training methods will be assessed.

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Job stressors; Psychological detachment; Emotional exhaustion; Need for recovery. Practical implications – Insights into ERP’s effects can help organizations achieve better designed jobs.

Furthermore, improvements in health indicators are presented, such as fatigue, musculoskeletal complaints, relationship work and health and workload in the year after implementation of the new roster. Work-family Spillover among Japanese Dual-earner Couples: These predictors can be translated 22.0 criteria for the EFQM Excellence Model and can be used to enhance the overall quality of addiction treatment services.

This study examines to what extent task interdependence and perceived task autonomy are related to the beliefs of team ondernemmend that being flexible brings social benefits and social downsides.

Hierarchical moderated regression results support that the attitude towards computer acts as a moderator in the relationship between i computer anxiety and stress, ii computer anxiety and job satisfaction, and iii computer anxiety and career satisfaction. Using a sample of employees at 24 organizations, the results showed that the organization’s work-family culture onsernemend work performance among parents but reduced performance among singles.