Peter Brimelow challenges this view in Alien Nation and in doing so raises fundamental issues of political theory. Brimelow begins by building a prima facie case. Alien Nation has 71 ratings and 7 reviews. Peter Brimelow has written a thought-provoking work that exposes the quirks and idiosyncracies of America’s. Peter Brimelow (born 13 October ) is a British-born American magazine editor, writer, Brimelow’s later books include Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, The Wall Street Gurus: How You Can Profit from.

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Peter Brimelow – Wikipedia

Alexandra MacMillan rated it really liked it Feb 05, Now let’s intro- duce one of our own. And it’s not working anyway. It’s one of brimrlow responses that National Review ran after my immigration cover story. He describes himself as a paleoconservative.

Brimelow pulls no punches in attacking America’s disastrous immigration policy – or non-policy – which for the past 52 years has consisted primarily of abdicating the field and allowing immigrants, both legal and illegal, to set their own rules.

But the Know Nothings were far from an ignorant mob, as immi- gration enthusiasts, probably misunderstanding that nickname, tend to assume.

But it could also be a burden. Immigrants do come predominantly from one area—some 85 percent of the And this racial antagonism is a much deeper prob- lem. Note also the rapid pickup after the reform.

Since the Immi- gration Act, immigration to the United States has been predomi- nantly from the Third World — over 90 percent in the early s. It is a measure of the public health problem— infection can be spread by even brief contacts. Or contemptuous of such a cliche?


Some immigration enthusiasts will resent having their tranquillity disturbed. American immigration has typically been quite selective, if only because the cost of passage was until recently an effective filter.

Mises Review

In the next chapter, we will see how the pincers of this ethnic rev- olution got their grip. In my experience, everyone exposed to the system loathes it, including those overwhelmed INS clerks and even natipn immigration lawyers who directly profit from its complexity. Obeisance to the for- mer is preventing observation of the latter.

This dispute is largely academic, as the current extremely high rate of immigration, the ease of traveling back and forth between countries, and left-wing cultural assaults on America have largely negated the assimilation process. But it’s going to get harder.

And, because of the rise of affirmative-action quotas, for American individ- uals too.

First explicit recognition of refugees as a permanent, distinct immigrant stream. The Immigration Act did not open the immigration flood- gates: I discuss them in Chapter 6, on page Worm in the Apple: But it is still made in Amer- ica, by American politicians. Their natural increase is below replace- ment. One minor historical slip: Yet the impact of immigration is clearly serious.

August 21, Triangle: Refresh and try again. Indeed, inenraged native-born Ameri- cans and immigrant “Exiles of ’48” united to riot against the visit of papal nuncio Gaetano Bedini, called “the Butcher of Bologna” be- cause of his role in suppressing the revolt against papal rule there. No recent period can match that relative immigration rate.

Immigration from northern and western Europe was immedi- ately choked off. In the Immigration Act, this was set at aroundThe book… read more.


And their size is basically determined by immigra- tion. But there were just over million Americans inwhen about 1 million legal immigrants were reported. There’s even a name for the phenomenon: This is because it’s not just illegal immigration that is out of con- trol. Libra, I told him.

Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster

Simon of the University of Maryland is perhaps natoon most celebrated advocate of the economic advantages of immigration. But just ninety years of immigration look likely to be responsible for more than a third of the projected population.

If they are right, of course, this suggests the consequences of cur- rent policy are far more disastrous than anything argued in this book. But the result in the case of American immigration policy is pecu- liarly complex, capricious, paradoxical and yes!

Even apart from the really crucial questions: Some readers of this book when it was still in manuscript have told me that my view of human nature is pessimistic. But I want to be fair naturally.

Many openly racist quips,this British thug author seems like a male version of sinister Ann Coulter! It was a change in public policy that opened U. And that Immigration Act was the cre- ation of politicians — some of whom are still in office. And it also meant that the native-born Americans were receiving continuous ethnic reinforce- ment.