Aquarius and libra relationship beginning

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aquarius and libra relationship beginning

When Libra and Aquarius join in a love match, their relationship can serve to heighten and strengthen both Signs' consciousness. These two connect on a high. Read the love compatibility for Libra ♎ and Aquarius ♒ Can the two zodiac signs get along with They approach love similarly and will start off as good friends. Although their sex life can be quite liberating for Libra, it can also be a bit challenging for Aquarius because they will be the one who has to fight against Libra's.

Her partner will always admire her intellect, physical appearance and affectionate nature. Similarly, an Aquarius man shall also experience joy and comfort in the company of his Libra partner. He will always remain fascinated by the dynamic personality of his Libra woman and this feeling shall endure their relationship forever. They will influence and encourage each other in professional life as well.

The Aquarius is extremely prudent in guiding the Libra who tends to be indecisive and insincere at times. They lead a happy and contended life as they are extremely compatible with each other. Another factor vital for sustaining a relationship is sex, and it is enjoyed passionately by both the zodiacs.

Like the two facets of a coin, a relationship also has a positive and negative side. The only negative aspect is, both are highly temperamental. The Aquarius at times tries to dominate while the Libra exhibits extreme stubbornness. Problems crop up when both deny to compromise in certain circumstances. Libra man has the most captivating smile and he knows it. He is suave, classy, witty and easygoing. A lot of women fall for his charms but he is not the type to fall in love easily.

This man is choosy due to his desire to be in a perfect relationship. His pursuit results to countless dates with different women until he meets the One destined for him…. Ultimately this man wants a harmonious relationship with someone who helps him achieve balance in all areas of his life.

aquarius and libra relationship beginning

A beautiful, independent, affectionate, honest, spontaneous and supportive woman will put an end to his search. A man must be patient because this lady struggles with indecision.

aquarius and libra relationship beginning

Our social butterfly seeks a partner who is outgoing, fun to be with, trustworthy and supportive. She is also very particular with appearance, so a man must pay attention to what he wears and how he looks. She can be submissive or independent when necessary. Aquarius is the most unpredictable sign in the Zodiac. If Aquarius or Libra love match allows emotions to fester, things can get bitter. The only thing this couple should avoid is passive aggressiveness.

The couple should resolve issues with immediacy. It is better than poisoning the relationship with a constant undertone of negativity.

Aquarius and Libra Polarity Polarity refers to energies.

Aquarius and Libra - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

These energies are masculine and feminine or yang and yin. The two air signs, Aquarius and Libra, are both masculine, yang signs. This means both signs have drive, are action-oriented, and projective or aggressive.

The two signs understand each other better because they share this yang energy. This means they can serve as motivation for one another. They can also help each other through challenges and obstacles.

If this pair gets pushy with one another, a power struggle ensues. Aquarius and Libra Aspects When talking of aspects and astrology, the discussion involves the distance between signs. One factor influencing Aquarius and Libra compatibility is the signs are trine.

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This makes the two zodiac signs four signs apart. Trine signs have a common element, as Aquarius and Libra share the sign of Air. They feel quite comfortable with one another. When they are together, this couple can make the other feel right at home. There is an undertone of similarity, harmony, and kinship. When signs are trine, they tend to have an ease of understanding each other.

Because both signs know the emotions and motives of the other. This couple accepts one another, no questions asked. They understand the flaws of the human condition and embrace them whole-hearted. Note, there is danger in familiarity. The word familiar is close to the word boring. What does this kind of relationship look like? Both Libra and Aquarius are hungry for adventure. Sounds like a relationship made in heaven. Indeed, when all is well, it is a relationship other people will covet.

But, there are struggles between two people with the same influencing element. Overthinking things is one of the habits Aquarius and Libra share. Libra is more prone to procrastinating because they are all in their head planning.

Balance is essential to Libra where Aquarius wants to have fun.

Aquarius and Libra Compatibility In Love, Sex and Marriage Life

Over socialization with peers is also an issue. The Aquarius and Libra love match may become scattered. Then they forget to spend quality time with one another. Both partners approach challenges and the world with a creative edge.

With an intellect to match, the Aquarius and Libra team inspire one another. The Libra Aquarius pair is also both very trusting people. Because of this, they will have no problem moving the relationship into the bedroom.

Libra And Aquarius Love Compatibility, Match, Friendship

And this is where the fun begins, for she excels at mind games and he matches her step for step. Although this pairing develops trust with ease, they still struggle in the bedroom. When the bedroom door closes, the first few encounters are awkward.

Once she gets a sense of safety and comfort, then she lets go a bit, and the sex becomes more intense. Aquarius is one who loves experimentation. Libra likes new things too, so some experimentation ends up on the menu. But is this relationship all sugar or spice? There are some pitfalls this otherwise happy couple faces. This leaves Libra questioning what the heck her partner is thinking. Libra is the relationship harmonizer. She keeps things in balance.

Sometimes this is much to the annoyance of Aquarius. Those born under the sign of the water bearer who finds being out of balance quite adventurous. Financial issues can also arise from this mix. Venus-ruled Libra loves posh, lovely items. She is attractive to great buys and beautiful things.

aquarius and libra relationship beginning

This means she is a bit of a spendthrift. This attitude clashes with the more frugal nature of the Aquarius man. Spending can become a source of debate in the Aquarius and Libra relationship. They will have their ups and downs, but if they compromise, the relationship is beautiful. Of course, the stubborn Aquarius woman might be difficult to compromise with too.

The Aquarius woman might find the Libra man a bit too comfortable with the home environment. Fun for a half hour, yes. The Aquarian woman can be forceful, obstinate, and pushy. She wants things the way she wants the relationship. In this Aquarius and Libra love match, the Aquarian woman is outspoken.