Art and technology relationship manager

Introducing Customer Relationship Management & PatronManager CRM

art and technology relationship manager

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Hundreds of thousands of corporations already use CRM systems. One of the industry-leading CRM providers, Salesforce. The corporate world has figured out that CRM is a better way to run their businesses! PatronManager CRM is an all-in-one system for box office ticketing, subscriptions, donations, fundraising, day-to-day activities, email marketing, and calendaring.

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To build a system that could dramatically improve the way the industry operates, and to make it affordable for small and mid-sized non-profit organizations which make up the majority of our 1, PatronMail clients. The software program itself, and all the data it houses, are stored on a single computer, and accessible only to the person using that machine.

The program is designed to help the user complete specific tasks in an efficient manner.

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The system is designed to help a single department run better. The development department has donation software, the marketing department has email systems, and the box office runs ticketing software. The fundamental shortcoming is that while these transactional systems help departments run better, none of them were designed to optimize communication with a patron.

With systems like these, you never have a degree view of any one patron. Additionally, for executive directors or boards, transactional systems cause difficulties on a larger scale.

Gathering information like that requires an integrated system, not separate transactional ones. What makes a CRM system so radically different is that it is fundamentally not a transactional system.

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Rather, a CRM system starts with a different goal: It puts the customer at the center by integrating the functions of all departments into one aggregated database and management tool. CRM provides office workers and managers with a single place to capture and store all of their interactions with a patron. With customer information collected in this format, managers can report on it, act on it, and continually update it.

art and technology relationship manager

These have indeterminate outcomes. A small-scale micro engagement cycle, characterized by one-to-one, discrete or transactional relationships. These have discrete cycles and negotiated outcomes. BRM principles[ edit ] Measurement and analysis The goals of BRM require that its concepts and principles be identifiable and measurable.

Given the model, a person should be able to identify the business relationships that they are engaged in, and measure them in terms like quantity or duration. The same holds for any aspect of BRM, such as type, role, or principle.

art and technology relationship manager

Purpose Every business relationship has a purpose that requires the participation of multiple roles to accomplish. The purpose of a given business relationship is discrete and quantifiable. Reputation and trust The BRM model should attempt to model and quantify reputation and trust.

Every relationship, and every interaction within it, contributes to reputation. Reputation mitigates risk and reduces friction within business processes.

Concern for reputation incentivizes good behavior.

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Absence of trust will cause a business relationship to fail. Trust increases efficiency and enables conflict resolution. The relationship between trust as a traditional core concept [10] and in its emerging 'radical' form as a component of online community [11] must be described.

Governance The BRM model needs to account for and align with models of corporate governanceincluding business ethicslegal constraints, and social norms as they apply to business relationships.

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Boundaries The BRM model should define the boundaries of business relationships within the larger continuum of interpersonal relationships. In addition to governance issues, the model should examine if there are optimal levels of personal connection, and whether they differ by type, role, or other attribute. The model should help define boundaries that optimize effectiveness while supporting good governance practices.

Exchange and reciprocity The BRM model of exchange and reciprocity must extend traditional dimensions to account for not only financial exchange, but also time, money, knowledge, and reputation exchanges.