Ava gardner and robert taylor relationship

The sexuality of Robert Taylor

ava gardner and robert taylor relationship

Jul 12, Ava Gardner was just one of the women Frank Sinatra had an affair with Gardner called her affair with married actor Robert Taylor (right) a. When Robert Taylor married Barbara Stanwyck, the marriage came as something of a relief to He later let it be known that he had an affair with Ava Gardner. Ava Gardner and Robert Taylor on set of the film 'The Bribe' Location and the two had a legendary Hollywood affair that started when they were paired to.

John Huston directed the movie in Puerto VallartaMexicoinsisting on making the film in black and white — a decision he later regretted because of the vivid colors of the flora. Gardner received billing below Burton, but above Kerr. Gardner played a former love interest of Lancaster's who could have been instrumental in Douglas's preventing a coup against the President of the United States. He [Huston] had more faith in me than I did myself.

Two tragic Hollywood beauties.

Now I'm glad I listened, for it is a challenging role and a very demanding one. I start out as a young wife, and age through various periods, forcing me to adjust psychologically to each age.

It is a complete departure for me, and most intriguing. In this role, I must create a character, not just play one. Robinson in Mike Nichols ' The Graduate She reportedly called Nichols, and said, "I want to see you!

I want to talk about this Graduate thing! She said, 'All right, let's talk about your movie.

Ava Gardner: The Femme Fatale

First of all, I strip for nobody. She appeared in a number of disaster films throughout the s, notably Earthquake with Heston, The Cassandra Crossing with Lancaster, and the Canadian movie City on Fire Her last movie was Regina Romaa direct-to-video release. In the s, she acted primarily on television, including the mini-series remake of The Long, Hot Summer and in a story arc on Knots Landing both Mayer was worried that fans would desert Rooney's Andy Hardy movie series if it became known that their star was married.

Largely due to Rooney's serial adultery, Gardner divorced him inbut agreed not to reveal the cause so as not to affect his career. Shaw had previously been married to Lana Turner.

ava gardner and robert taylor relationship

Gardner's third, and last, marriage was to singer and actor Frank Sinatrafrom to She would later say in her autobiography that he was the love of her life.

Sinatra left his wife, Nancy, for Gardner, and their subsequent marriage made headlines. Gardner used her considerable influence, particularly with Harry Cohnto get Sinatra cast in his Oscar -winning role in From Here to Eternity That role and the award revitalized both Sinatra's acting and singing careers.

Gardner confided to Artie Shawher second husband, that, "With him [Frank], it's impossible It's like being with a woman. It's as though he thinks I'll break, as though I'm a piece of Dresden chinaand he's gonna hurt me.

Gardner stated in her autobiography, Ava: My Story, that she was never in love with Hughes, but he was in and out of her life for about 20 years.

ava gardner and robert taylor relationship

Hughes' trust in Gardner was what kept their relationship alive. She described him as "painfully shy, completely enigmatic, and more eccentric It, too, was not a happy union, and was over a year later. Husband number three, Frank Sinatra, fared better in her eyes. They lasted nearly six years and would stay friends for the remainder of her life. She was 25 and at the height of her incredible beauty.

His infatuation died an ignominious death when he walked into her dressing room and discovered her in the arms of third-rate actor Howard Duff. Walker was not too keen to hit Duff who was quite a big man, so he belted Ava instead. Within a year she was making The Bribe with Robert Taylor. His marriage to Barbara Stanwyck had always been bumpy.

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By the time he met Ava it was teetering, due in part to his lengthy bouts of impotency. Ava soon fixed that problem. Observers were titillated to see her on the set casually caressing his crotch with her toe!

Around this time she underwent an abortion that the studio hushed up. The father may have been Duff, Walker, Taylor or any of a half dozen others. Others who found their way into her boudoir in the late forties and early fifties included David Niven and the small-time gangster Johnny Stompanato. He would later meet a sticky end during his relationship with Lana Turner. Each of these beaus had to somehow squeeze his way in between the numerous bullfighters Ava seemed to have an addiction for.

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Then, of course, there was the irrepressible Howard Hughes. Her two-year fling with him was regularly fuelled by the seduction method he employed with all his conquests.

Not many, it would seem. Unfortunately, Howard also liked to have his women followed and their apartments and cars bugged. When Ava found out she dumped him at once.

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He observed her swimming naked in his pool one day and gave orders to his staff: He appeared to be in love with her, but his drunken, jealous behaviour actually frightened her. He beat her up several times, especially when she turned down his drunken proposals of marriage. There was simply no way she was ever going to marry a violent drunk who was known to not only bash her, but to threaten her with a broken whisky bottle.

In fact, his attacks increased in violence the longer their relationship lasted. Mob associates of his gave George an ultimatum: