Cade skywalker and darth talon relationship advice

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cade skywalker and darth talon relationship advice

In the Star Wars Legends lore, Talon rose quickly through the Sith ranks, But when it came to hunting her main nemesis, Cade Skywalker, Talon was virtually useless. Still being a secret apprentice of Darth Vader, Starkiller was well .. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. He even fought with nothing more than a couple leather straps across his chest. 1 series that ran from and explored Luke Skywalker's which falls under the Legends banner now, the Sith reemerged led by Darth Krayt. . Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. Magic Love. Main CharactersVolume 1Cade Skywalker The hero of the story, but hero may be a loose term Volume 1. Cade Skywalker . Darth Krayt.

cade skywalker and darth talon relationship advice

In the Expanded Universe her backstory was fully explored in comics, novels and video games. She was a former Padawan whose tragic past left her with a serious grudge against the Jedi Order. However, it was The Clone Wars animated series that developed her story. While we got some minor info about her past, the series mostly details her actions during the war between the Republic and the Separatists. She first appeared in Star Wars: Hentz posed as a prostitute and was given the job of seducing Vos and gaining his confidence.

As you can see, her attire fits her role. Khaleen not only wins the Kiffar Jedi over, but genuinely falls for him and defects to his side. Zeltrons and Twi'leks, which is no coincidence. There is a good reason each of these races have so many entries.

cade skywalker and darth talon relationship advice

Zeltrons look wholly humanoid other than having red skin. Due to these factors, Zeltrons are hopeless romantics with a highly sexualized culture.

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They made their debut in Star Wars 70 with a female pirate named Dani. Her Highness is not a fan of Zeltrons, to say the least. Her mottled skin, six horns and bright shock of orange hair are all characteristics of the Theelin species. She first appeared in a bonus scene that was added to Return of the Jedi for the Special Edition release. Sadly, her skin-tight body suit does not cover up her feet.

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A Sith suicide is never a good look. Introduced in the novel Darth Plagueis, which is now kind of canon and kind of Legends, Gravid is brought up as a cautionary tale.

Gravid was a Sith Lord who felt the pull off the light side. Gravid's insanity got so intense that he became convinced that the only way to save the Sith was to destroy them.

Darth Gravid is basically if the burning of the Library of Alexandria became a person -- a tremendously confused and totally evil person. The damage Gravid did lasted long after his death, affecting what information that Plageuis, who lived centuries after Gravid, could learn and access. Venamis, however, wasn't just killed once by another Sith -- Venamis was killed and resurrected for decades by his rival Darth Plageuis.

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Venamis was the secret apprentice of Plageuis' master Darth Tenebrous, and was likely also the Sith Lord's son. After Plagueis killed Tenebrous, the mighty Sith discovered the existence of Venamis and several other apprentices.

cade skywalker and darth talon relationship advice

Eventually, the two Sith came face to face Plagueis defeated his rival. Rather than just kill Venamis however, Plageuis forced Venamis to ingest a orchid that put him into a death-like coma.

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In that state, Plagueis enacted hundreds of perverse experiments on the defeated Sith. In Knights of the Old Republic, Malak is the ruling Sith, and he has countless forces under his command. Yet the only reason that Malak is even in such a position is due to all the hard work and ruthlessness of Revan.

Malak is an act first, think much later if at all type of Sith Lord. While Kylo Ren is an interesting complex character with a lot of personal demons to work through, Caedus is just a big brat. Caedus was nothing but a pawn in a larger scheme, being used and abused by all the Sith around him.