Cancer and gemini love relationship

Gemini and Cancer Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships - Zodiac Fire

cancer and gemini love relationship

When Gemini and Cancer come together in a love affair, it may be a rather curious relationship. Sensitive, emotional Cancer has trouble communicating clearly. Gemini and Cancer: the soulful couple There's a soulfulness to this combo that often makes it work. Yes they are vastly different creatures but what they have in. Find out Cancer and Gemini Compatibility in bed, love match and marriage life. Read full horoscope and meter to see how both sign compatible with each other.

Everything is rational, logical and mental for airy Geminiand Cancer compatibility is much more about intuition, feelings and gut instinct. Of course, when the relationship works well, this means that the couple can have the best of both worlds, making decisions which are both intellectually sound and instinctively right.

Gemini and Cancer Love Compatibility -

Only then can Cancer and Gemini compatibility really take flight. Another issue to overcome is the different priorities set by this relationship, even in good times. For Cancer, a secure and stable family life is top priority, but for carefree Geminithe priorities are fun, friends and mental stimulation.

cancer and gemini love relationship

The saving grace for Cancer and Gemini compatibility, however, may be a shared sense of humour. What can be done to help Cancer and Gemini compatibility work to its best potential?


For his or her part, the Cancer partner must learn to tolerate a certain amount of relatively harmless flirtatiousness from Gemini, and to give Gemini time and space to socialise and to develop their own interests. These elements of give and take are essential for love to thrive between Gemini and Cancer; compatibility will be sorely tested without such compromises. If the couple can agree to meet one another half way, this can be a happy relationship, rooted in good humour.

The gentle and caring nature of Cancer man draws the Gemini woman towards him like a moth to a flame. His chivalry and compliments make her feel loved and cherished.

Cancer and Gemini Compatibility: The Homemaker and the Communicator ⋆ Astromatcha

Her unpredictability might be difficult for the Cancerian to handle, but he has the patience and the understanding to keep up with her on most occasions. The Gemini woman will go to all lengths for her Cancer man if she believes that he is the right one for her.

cancer and gemini love relationship

She will provide him with the emotional support he so desperately needs, while teaching him how to enjoy the little things in life. The Gemini man is an unpredictable and internally insecure person, who hides it well behind his outer mask of confidence and charm.

When he sets his eye on the gentle and kind Cancer woman, he is drawn to her positive energy and innocence. He believes she can help him out of his inner demons and make him find peace through the dynamism and uninhibited energy of his life.

The Cancer woman finds excitement with the Gemini man and goes on emotional as well as physical adventures in his company. She is drawn to his energy and zeal for life. Cons of the Gemini Cancer Relationship: The homemaking nature of Cancer clashes violently with the independence-seeking persona of the Gemini.

It is difficult for them to find common grounds together.

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  • Cancer and Gemini Compatibility: The Homemaker and the Communicator

The emotional dependence of Cancer can be too caging for the carefree Gemini, while the unpredictable brashness of the latter can cause serious insecurity problems for the Crab. The key to making this relationship tick is for both Gemini man and Cancer woman and vice-versa to compromise on their beliefs so as to find a middle ground together.

It is a workable relationship if they put their effort into it, but cannot function unless and until they decide to embrace their mutual differences.

Cancer is a water sign and Gemini is an air sign.

cancer and gemini love relationship

More often than not, these elements can function well together and create a relationship that is positive and beautiful on the outset.