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Joh is in Newcastle to meet My Kitchen Rules Contestants, Carly and Tresne. Karen makes spicy chicken skewers and Dr Harry uncovers the world of bugs. Graham and Rob visit the Garden Design Festival and Dr Harry meets a destructive dog. HERE are all 50 of our tricky quiz questions for March 1. Guide · New Adelaide · Social Pics · Travel · Money · Health · Cooking · Fashion · Parenting · Relationships · Home · Games · Horoscopes 37 Which state do gatecrashers Carly and Tresne represent in the television series My Kitchen Rules?. David and Corinne Wanted the Highest Score in MKR History, But Got the Lowest learned from the first one didn't translate into a successful evening for the couple. (Gatecrashers Carly and Tresne were very generous by giving them a 7, which U.S. Navy Slang Quiz: Can You Float a Perfect Score?.

Meanwhile, top two scoring teams on both rounds advanced through to quarterfinals round.

My Kitchen Rules couple Carly and Tresne reveal their new surname, Hart

Teams placing third and fourth on both instant restaurant rounds have to compete in a Kitchen Cook-off, where two losing teams will be eliminated and the other two will proceed through to quarterfinals. On the second series, the lowest scoring teams of each instant restaurant round competed in a Sudden Death cook-off, wherein the losing team was eliminated from the competition.

The remaining teams advanced to the People's Choice Challenge—a new competition format replacing quarterfinals round. During the third series, the three lowest scoring teams of each instant restaurant round competed in yet another instant restaurant, thus having three rounds for this season.

New Zealand official stays late so MKR couple can marry

The losing team of the third instant restaurant was eliminated from the competition. During the fourth and fifth series, there were two rounds of instant restaurant with six teams each, wherein the lowest scoring team of each group was immediately eliminated from the competition. However, after the second round, the tally of the instant restaurant scores for both groups were combined and the three lowest scorers out of the remaining ten teams competed in another instant restaurant round with new set of teams—titled as the gatecrashers.

The losing team of the third round was also eliminated from the competition. During the sixth series, after the first two groups had completed their rounds, a third instant restaurant group were introduced as 'Colin's secret round'. In that round, Colin Fassnidge is the only judge critiquing that group and is also the first time ever in the show, where Pete and Manu do not make an appearance as hosts.

The lowest scoring teams from each of the three groups is eliminated. Then the bottom 2 teams from each group competed in an Instant Restaurant Redemption round to eliminate two more teams.

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Pre-finals round After the instant restaurants, the remaining teams compete in various challenges, either off-site or at Kitchen headquarters. Teams that fail to impress and receive poor reviews from the judges end up in a Sudden Death elimination. People's Choice Challenge — During this offsite challenge, teams all have an hour and a half to prepare their dishes relating to a theme or event.

The team with the most number of guest votes sometimes, the best-selling dish if all are tasked to sell their meal is declared as the People's Choice and will be safe for the rest of the round or from the next elimination. Food Truck - Used only in series 5during the rounds from Top 12 to Top 9, remaining teams from the People's Choice will compete in a new Food Truck challenge. This sees teams split into two even groups dependent on the number of teams remaining in the competition and will each run competing restaurants, cooking in a large semi-trailer which opens up into two kitchens.

Patrons dining will pay for what they believe the meal was worth. To win, the group must earn the most amount of money.

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The losing group will continue onto the rapid cook-off, whilst the winning group, become safe from elimination and formed as the team's jury. Rapid Cook-off — In Kitchen Headquarters, teams are challenged to create a dish using a key ingredient in 30 minutes. All teams will be reviewed by the judges with certain number of teams who will be safe from elimination, and who will be competing in a following showdown.

In series 5, dishes were not only judged by Pete and Manu, but also by a teams' jury, which is formed by all teams currently safe for the round. They were able to select one of teams to be safe. Showdown — Teams with the worst dishes during rapid cook-off compete in this round by cooking a meal using a core ingredient in 60 minutes. A team with the worst dish, again, will be chosen by the judges and will proceed straight through the Sudden Death round.

Sudden Death — Two losing teams from challenges battle it out by producing a three-course meal for Pete and Manu, and the four guest judges. Both teams must prepare their dishes in a total of three hours — They have 90 minutes to do prep. Each judge critiques and scores the total meal out of ten, and the lowest scoring team is eliminated from the competition. But like all good weddings, it didn't go off without a hitch.

Wedding dresses in their matching suitcases? The happy couple looked casual and relaxed as they dragged their red suitcases and leopard print carry-on through the airport A problem was spotted in the couple's paperwork submitted from Australia, which, although it was spotted early in the week, could only be fixed in person at the registry office.

Mr Nordstrand stayed back late in the office last Friday and waited for the couple to land in Auckland and get to the registry office so they could fix their paperwork ahead of the weekend wedding.

Representing NSW in the last season of My Kitchen Rules, the couple originally decided not to reveal their lesbian relationship, instead being labelled "besties" before coming out to viewers Defeated: The couple were eliminated after losing a challenge against South Australian mums Bree and Jessica by just one point Carly and Tresne shared details and photos of their New Zealand wedding in Woman's Day magazine Carly and Tresne eventually arrived at the Albert St office at 8pm, a full three hours after the offices would normally close.

They headed directly from the airport to the registry office, with their luggage in tow, to sort out the glitch, which only took five minutes and the couple were able to pick up their marriage certificate straight away.

In an interview with New Zealand's Herald on SundayMr Nordstrand said the girls were grateful for the office staying open late. They were a very, very appreciative couple and got married the next day. The couple chose to keep the reality of their relationship a secret for the My Kitchen Rules competition, fearing a fan backlash but came out as more than "besties" after being eliminated from the competition.

The bubbly blondes are clearly fans of surprises, telling New Idea magazine earlier this year that they got engaged twice before getting married in Australia in front of 50 of their closest family and friends.