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Chihayafuru - Kana, Taichi, Chihaya, Nishida, and Komano was trying to express his secret relationship with the future empress by likening. [[MORE]]Although this is an analysis of poems in , I will be making Where does Chihaya's and Taichi's relationship stand, as of now?. And poem 18 was used when Chihaya played against Megumu in the . sidelong with the progress of Chihaya and Taichi's relationship.

But Kana-chan cautions her not to stop thinking about this question, because that answer is not where it ends. Who is he looking at?

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As I observed in my previous Chihayafuru post, Taichi took a step backwards again when he thought it best that Suou retired after winning his fifth straight title and becoming an eternal Meijin. But at least he recognised it…which leads him to acknowledge again to us that his greatest enemy is…himself. But why does Taichi lose his cool when he faces Arata? What is it about his relationship with Arata that upsets him so much…?

Or not quite yet…? Part of the answer to that line of inquiry can be found in the scene where Taichi and Arata meet. But for us, the viewers, we integrate this lovely card to the shoujo and sports aspects of Chihayafuru. Apparently, the empress could be associated to Chihaya. But what about Ariwara no Narihira? Is it Arata or Taichi? It definitely depends on who we ship.

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In fact, even other characters such as Taichi and Shinobu are moved by his presence. More on this below… The question Chihaya needs to ask herself: As I noted on the mangafox forums a few months ago: Taichi needs to confess. But at the same time, if the confession is to happen without destroying their friendship, I think that Chihaya will need to realise, at the very least, that he might be interested in her.

A realisation that Taichi might be interested in her prior to a formal confession would have given Chihaya the chance to think about what he means to her without the pressure of having to give a response immediately.

It would also have enabled her to consult with Kana-chan and perhaps Sumire, to understand how much her ignorance might have hurt Taichi e. More importantly, it may also have allowed her to formulate a response that shows how much she values him.

Surely Taichi has helped make her who she is too, right, just has she has helped make him who he is? As Taichi noted to himself during the Tokyo prelims vol.

Or has she really been taking his presence, his support, his dedication to her and her cause, all for granted? But I do think that one thing is clear: Recall the Fujisaki Camp, and the person who comes to her mind when the other girls ask about her love life.

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After realising that the other girls had all been supporting their seniors with their own romantic feelings in their heart, she even wonders to herself: What kind of feelings does he hold in his heart? An interesting thing to note, however, is the contrast between the background for her thoughts on the two boys. Whilst her thoughts for Arata are enveloped in light, there is a much heavier atmosphere permeating her thoughts about Taichi. What starts off as a discussion about karuta sparks a realisation in Arata, and he spontaneously confesses his feelings for her.

And when she realises that Arata is missing, and calls him, we can see great joy mixed in with her nervousness: Ever since that day, when he told me that he liked me, my fingertips and my stomach have been really warm. If we were to meet, I feel like my entire body would burn vol. Funnily enough, when they do actually meet vol. As I suggested in my musings on chapter and