Cindy crawford and rande gerber relationship

A Beautiful Life: Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford

cindy crawford and rande gerber relationship

'Happy birthday to my girl:' Cindy Crawford's husband Rande Style runs in Model family! Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber upstaged by. That lucky husband is Rande Gerber, the club owner she married in Cindy says: "It's the first relationship where I was friends first. Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber have one of the most solid “Being rooted and based in friendship, it keeps the relationship elevated.

If you're not in the mood, it's easy enough to get into the mood.

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I can't cheat any more - I've learned to fake it. I never dieted but I'd go off white food for three days - no pasta, rice, sugar or flour.

I'm running around with kids and volunteering at school. I can't be bothered with complicated diets and weight plans. Just because you can wear a micro-miniskirt it doesn't mean you should. You don't need to show your midriff either if you're over I don't think injections should be used to change your face. I'm not a fan of fillers at all. If you've gone 35 or 40 years without big lips, I don't think it's time to start plumping them up artificially.

But, again, it scares me.

cindy crawford and rande gerber relationship

If it changes how you look it's a failure and you can't take it back. But Rande is going grey and I like how he looks. It's very sweet and endearing. I want to show my daughter that it's OK to age. If the kids go for ice-cream, I'll get ice-cream. I don't want Kaia to think being a beautiful woman is about depriving yourself. But what you gain is much more than you're giving up. I don't think you come into your own until you're 35 or so.

I'm not going to speak French, I'm not going to play concert piano. That didn't make me less valid as a person. She likes school and she cares.

cindy crawford and rande gerber relationship

My son is more like my husband. School is something to be tolerated for the PE, break time and his friends. And she is full of admiration for how her mum coped with Jeffrey's death from leukaemia. She had a son that died. My dad had an affair and they divorced. Getty Images During the early stages of their marriage, Rande Gerber was building his business empire and allegedly being less than faithful to his new bride.

Kubiak, a former employee at Gerber's Whiskey Blue bar, said the alleged incident occurred in — just two years after Gerber married Cindy Crawford. During a trip to New Orleans, Gerber, Kubiak, and friends were reportedly riding in a stretch limo on their way to a strip club when things supposedly got heated.

We were all pretty drunk by then," Kubiak said. After allegedly kissing, she claimed Gerber invited her to his hotel room, where she eventually passed out. When she woke up, she claimed Gerber was wearing nothing but a towel and was undressing her. This wouldn't be the last time one of Gerber's employees would accuse him of acting inappropriately… He was sued for sexual harassment Getty Images Two woman who previously worked for Gerber's Moonstone Lounge in San Diego, Calif.

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Not only did Clooney agree to take a lie detector test alongside Gerber to prove the incidents never happened, but the actor also released a statement that said, "I was with Rande the entire night — as were a lot of people — they will all say the same thing that I'm saying. This event never happened. We're not sure how she managed to keep herself together without cracking!

Battle of the model siblings Getty Images Cindy Crawford isn't the only one in the household who has sashayed down a catwalk or two. It was their kiddos' model ambitions that reportedly caused strife between Crawford and her hubby — in particular, their son's desire to become a front-runner in the industry. Ironically enough, papa Gerber allegedly had no problem with their daughter pursuing modeling, which is rather strange if you ask us.

Why the double standard, Rande?

A Beautiful Life: Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford

She was supposedly all for guiding both of her children through the industry with her first-hand knowledge and expertise, regardless of her spouses feelings on the subject. Crawford woke up in the middle of the night to make sure Gerber had made it home safe, and she found a fully-clothed man face down in her guest bedroom, whom she presumed to be her husband. And I don't know who was more shocked, me or George, because I've woken George out of a dead, slightly inebriated slumber," she said.

Crawford wasn't too concerned over the mix-up, and who wouldn't want to find the super-hot Clooney sleeping in their spare bedroom?

Strange things about Cindy Crawford's marriage

But, to us, it sounds like Crawford is living in the real-life version of Animal House. And that's not cool at all. She's 'fascinated' when he disagrees with her Getty Images They live very hectic lives, and they also have conflicting schedules at times.

However, even when they were in the midst of their careers and their children were tiny tots, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber always made time for one another. After sharing that they respect each other's opinion when they chat about different topics, Crawford also made a startling admission. When he doesn't agree with me, I am fascinated. I want to know why, because I respect him enough to hear him out and he does the same for me," she said.

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Is this out of the " conscious uncoupling " playbook because that's in interesting way to describe arguments? Throughout the years, they have gone on to purchase numerous homes together, including their Malibu, Calif. Their joint real estate purchases meant Gerber was more open to sharing his likes and dislikes, and it caused some issues.

This duo has more than enough moolah to divide their home into two different wings: