Danny kaye and bing crosby relationship

The Danny Kaye Show: December

danny kaye and bing crosby relationship

Danny Kaye was an American actor, singer, dancer, comedian, musician, and philanthropist. .. White Christmas, , Phil Davis, Michael Curtiz · Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, .. The 16 minute film, I Am an American, was featured in American theaters as a short feature in connection with "I Am an American Day" (now. Ever since seeing Danny Kaye star in White Christmas alongside Bing Crosby, I' ve been a big fan. Anyway, that's % all I know on the topic of Danny Kaye, and I I SEE NO PROOF HERE OF ANY GAY RELATIONSHIP. Are there any film festivals aching to mount a Danny Kaye retrospective? It's a romantic comedy with music costarring Bing Crosby, Kaye, Rosemary and was said to have had a “relationship” with Sir Laurence Olivier.

Savini cashed in by compiling three of Kaye's Educational Pictures shorts into a patchwork feature entitled The Birth of a Star Studio mogul Goldwyn wanted Kaye's prominent nose fixed to look less Jewish, [21] [22] Kaye refused, but he did allow his red hair to be dyed blond, apparently because it looked better in Technicolor. Before a year he tied with Jimmy Durante for fifth place in the Radio Daily popularity poll.

It meant that he would be absent from his radio show for nearly two months at the beginning of the season. Kaye's friends filled in, with a different guest host each week. He had toured there some 10 years before with the vaudeville troupe. Kaye and his friend, Dodgers manager Leo Durocher, made the trip.

Kaye had one character he never shared with the public; Kaplan, the owner of an Akron, Ohiorubber company, came to life only for family and friends. His wife, Sylvia, described the Kaplan character: Even his wife calls him just Kaplan. He's an illiterate pompous character who advertises his philanthropies. Jack Benny or Dore Schary might say, "Kaplan, why do you hate unions so?

When he appeared at the London Palladium in he "roused the Royal family to laughter and was the first of many performers who have turned British variety into an American preserve. The program was broadcast on radio. Telecasts of the Oscar ceremony came later. During the s Kaye visited Australia, where he played " Buttons " in a production of Cinderella in Sydney.

In Kaye started a production company, Dena Pictures, named for his daughter. Knock on Wood was the first film produced by his firm. The firm expanded into television in under the name Belmont Television. Kaye did a stint as a What's My Line? Kaye was later a guest panelist on that show.

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He also appeared on the interview program Here's Hollywood. In the s Kaye tore a ligament in his leg during the run of the Richard Rodgers musical Two by Two but went on with the show, appearing with his leg in a cast and cavorting on stage in a wheelchair.

Camera shots were planned so television viewers did not see Kaye in his wheelchair. In many films, as well as on stage, Kaye proved to be an able actor, singer, dancer, and comedian.

Kaye received two Academy Awards: Both were aired on prime-time television in the U. While he claimed an inability to read music, he was said to have perfect pitch. A flamboyant performer with his own distinctive style, "easily adapting from outrageous novelty songs to tender ballads" according to critic Jason Ankenyin Kaye began hosting his own CBS radio program, launching a number of hit songs including "Dinah" and " Minnie the Moocher.

The album was reissued as a Columbia LP in and is described by the critic Bruce Eder as "a bit tamer than some of the stuff that Kaye hit with later in the '40s and in the '50s and, for reasons best understood by the public, doesn't attract nearly the interest of his kids' records and overt comedy routines. They got into the men's locker room, and they were changing their shoes, and as they took off their street shoes, all of this confetti fell out of their shoes.

And the British members of the club were looking at them and wondering what was going on. So they started doing some of their schtick: This is what they did from the early thirties, when they were at parties together in New York, before they ever worked together.

But they were fairly reserved people. They didn't go out and shoot up the town and they were never involved in a business deal that I know of.

danny kaye and bing crosby relationship

It was golf and friendship. They weren't drinking buddies. My father didn't drink much and Bing had quit. I was 19 at the time, and people would see me with this very attractive quite pregnant older woman and we'd get a lot of looks. She'd say, 'You don't seem to mind. I think it's great. She didn't mind either. She thought it was a hoot.

She still had that great Texas sense of humor. Martin also golfed with both men. Phil Harris and Bing were very good friends. And I did alright with Bob. I had a good handicap.

DANNY KAYE — Danny Who?

I think they had a six or seven and I had an eight or nine. I played Bing once at Hillcrest Country Club. I asked him his handicap and he said his handicap was a six at that time.

He asked me what mine was, and I said, 'It's an eight. Bing took a five iron and hit it up to the apron of the green. So I said to my caddy, 'Give me a six iron. So Bing turned to me and said, 'What did you say your handicap was?

danny kaye and bing crosby relationship

We laughed about that. I happened to make a lucky shot.

Danny Kaye and his 11 year Affair with Laurence Olivier | You-must-remember-this

To tell you the truth, I was fascinated by him because he was always an idol of mine. She talked about her admiration for the singer in an interview included on the DVD of "White Christmas," the smash film in which both she and Bing starred.

That was very important to me. Her dressing room was by Bing's, and so I got to visit with her. She was just as down home as she was the rest of her life. So you'll see pictures of her down in Baja, California. Sometimes all of her children were there with us, but usually at least one or two were there.

Danny Kaye and his 11 year Affair with Laurence Olivier

Bing really cared for her so much, and she cared for him. And she's always been there for me. According to an earlier book by Kathryn, "My Life with Bing," Rosemary was visiting the famous couple and their two small children, Harry and Mary Frances, in Mexico inwhen a truly frightening incident occurred.

danny kaye and bing crosby relationship

In a scene that appeared to have been filmed in slow motion, Bing turned a corner to the left just as Harry stood up to gesture to me. I saw the child tumble over the side of the car, and felt an ominous bump as Bing jammed on the break, leaped out dumping Mary Frances into the sand, and raced for Harry.

Harry was only four years old at the time, but when contacted for this article recently, he said Rosemary remembered this incident vividly and occasionally talked to him about it. She was a straight talker, a wonderful guide and a loving soul. She was truly family When I was 18 I lived in the back of her garage, when I'd come down to visit the family members.

I was going to the California Insitute of the Arts and I always had a bed there. I had a really close relationship with all of her children, all of her five kids. Inat the close of a concert in Pasadena, California, a technical snafu would cause Bing to tumble from the theater stage and fall into the orchestra pit, rupturing a disc in his back. Rosemary was touring with Bing at the time, and had already left the theater with Bing's children.

They were being driven to a local restaurant when the news reached them about the incident. Rosemary did her best to keep the Crosby kids calm while they raced to the hospital.

Remarkably, Bing had recovered sufficiently from the fall to resume the tour some weeks later. DiPaolo said her habit of taking Crosby's children out for dinner after the show began early in her series of appearances with Bing, which began around and continued until Bing's death in mid-October, She'd take Harry and Mary Frances and Nathaniel and her kids and me and we'd all go to SoHo and have dinner almost every night at this Italian restaurant.

danny kaye and bing crosby relationship

Bing and Kathryn wouldn't go. Bing finally said, 'My goodness, you're really taking the kids around here a lot. You must be spending a fortune. Although he did throw a great party in London with caviar all over the place. Sylvia Sims was there. It was a great party. Crosby and Clooney were so popular in Ireland that people didn't know what hit them. They performed at a little theater called the Gaeity.

When we arrived at the Grisham Hotel, there was Rosie standing outside in sort of a misty drizzle. She was wearing a raincoat and that was all she was wearing. A bomb had gone off in the hotel and they ushered everyone out.

danny kaye and bing crosby relationship

She had just come out of the shower and she grabbed her raincoat and there she was. She said, 'It's pretty lively over here. He said, 'These are my brothers, Sean and Michael and Danny Ted Rogers, the comedian, was also there.

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Ted was a political satirist. The guys looked at him and said, 'Good routine. Let's see how you go tonight. He whispered, 'That was the IRA. Long after Bing had passed away, Rosemary, Dolores and Kathryn would get together frequently for card playing and cocktails.

But Kathryn was always kind of in there and enjoyed everybody. And Rosemary said, 'I never drink before a show. She had come in and advised about what doors needed to be taken down, and which ones needed to be widened, how things should be done. Very much so," Hope publicist Grant said.

So many people called and sent flowers. Everybody was doing that. It was a terrible time for me. Bob and Dolores were very concerned though, oh yeah. It was a party, and Rosie was there and giving hugs and talking to everybody.