Daphne and mingo relationship test

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daphne and mingo relationship test

At the lecture, Daphne and Mingo get the news about a paid She also asks about his relationship with Travis and if it's any better. Emmett John sought out another DNA test with him and Bay which he didn't tell her about. And Daphne's morals are tested when Toby ropes her and Emmett into a .. Daphne's excitement about her new relationship with Mingo is hampered by her . Kathryn discovers a long-buried family secret; Daphne and Mingo compete .. I' m disappointed by their relationship, but didn't Regina also not want to As soon John found out that Bay wanted to get the genetic tests and.

This causes a rift between them all, and, when Daphne who had platonically spent the night in Mingo's dorm room sees that their selfie has blown up on social media, comes to the conclusion that people hate them. In This Has to Do with MeDaphne and Mingo deal further with the consequences of their actions, and Mingo and Daphne realize that people think that Mingo was being racist instead of thoughtless.

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In Four Ages in LifeMingo tells Iris who had been on a hunger strike to protest how African Americans were being treated on campus that he is sorry that she had been sick as a result of not eating. Iris brushes him off and continues not to speak or associate with him, because she is angered that he has been allowed to keep his position of Dorm Adviser.

Later, Daphne realizes that Mingo is taking part in the "Kangaroo Krawl", which is a series of extreme sports, in order to shake people's image of him that he is racist.

Daphne tells Mingo that she cares about him and that he shouldn't act recklessly because he could endanger his life, and Mingo is shocked. They kiss, and Daphne reminds Mingo that he is dating Amy whose dates with Mingo she has been stalking on social media but Mingo says that he shouldn't, implying that he wants to get back together with her.

Daphne reminds him that he should have called her while she was in China; Mingo protests that he wanted to, he just didn't know what to say. Daphne tells him that until or unless he breaks things off with Amy, she won't be with him, much to Mingo's sadness.

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Daphne bonds with Noah on the retreat, and confesses how she feels about Regina not being able to sign anymore. Noah doesn't tell her about his disease though. In Dressing for the CharadeDaphne gets the truth from Travis's mother regarding his so-called problems at home. She meets a strange man who flirts with her. He later comes back with his friend and they rob her. In Drive in the KnifeDaphne breaks up with Travis. Afterwards, the police find the man who robbed the food truck and Travis lies when he's asked to ID the man at the police station.

In Tight Rope WalkerDaphne feels caught in the middle in the fight between hearing and deaf kids at Carlton. She talks to the school board and tells Kathryn that Carlton is closing. In UprisingDaphne leads the Carlton kids in protest against the decision to shut down Carlton.

She finds out that Regina started drinking again. In Introducing the MiracleDaphne and the students at Carlton find out the verdict on their protest. In Distorted HouseDaphne becomes tennis partners with Kathryn at the club, while Bay moves in with Regina, a decision Daphne does not take well.

In Ecce MonoJohn dreams up an alternate reality where they found out about the switch when the girls were three, and they got custody of both of the girls. Daphne grows up rich and entitled, the popular girl in school. She has a cochlear implant and does not know sign language.

daphne and mingo relationship test

She is a C student who is best friends with Simone Sinclair. She grows increasingly frustrated with Jace, and breaks off their relationship. In Departure Of SummerDaphne now faces, at worst, felony blackmail charge and could wind up behind bars. Daphne goes to Jace and ask him to publish her side of the story on his blog, knowing fully well it'll probably get Jace deported and herself locked up.

There, she meets her supervisor, Jorge, and Campbell, the survivor of an athletic accident. In Your Body Is a BattlegroundDaphne wrongfully releases a patient from the clinic, but receives Campbell's help searching.

daphne and mingo relationship test

Meanwhile, she recruits Sharee for the new field hockey team. In FountainDaphne and Sharee land in detention and miss the first field hockey game of the season. Daphne goes to play basketball with Campbell, and he tries to kiss her, but she refuses because he is still dating Gretchen. At the clinic, Jorge apologizes to Daphne and kisses her, leading to them dating.

Campbell tells her that he broke up with Gretchen. In Have You Really the Courage? She notices a bruise on Sharee's arm. Later, Sharee asks to borrow her car because her a mom did not show up to work.

Daphne agrees, and Sharee says she will have it back before field hockey practice. When Sharee doesn't show up to practice, Daphne is worried about her and goes with Regina to her house. They meet her mom, who seems kind of off, and she invites them to dinner.

Sharee is angry that they are there and explains to Daphne that her mother has ups and downs to the point of trying to harm herself. In The ScreamDaphne throws Campbell a 21st birthday party. Gretchen shows up unexpectedly and is hostile towards Daphne because she thinks that Campbell broke up with her to be with Daphne. Campbell's feelings for her make things awkward, since she is now dating Jorge. In Memory is Your Image of PerfectionSharee takes her mentally ill mother to the clinic at Daphne's suggestion, but Daphne must act quickly when the attending doctor is stabbed.

In Dance Me to the End of LoveDaphne's actions in the last episode lead to a possible interest in studying medicine. She finds herself the object of both Jorge's and Campbell's affections. She finally tells Jorge about her feelings for Campbell, and he breaks up with her.

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In The AmbushDaphne prepares for the field hockey game, while trying to decide between Jorge and Campbell. Jorge invites her to go rock climbing as friends, hurting Campbell's feelings since he can't rock climbing anymore. Daphne makes a list of pros and cons, and it's clear that she has already picked Campbell.

daphne and mingo relationship test

She and Campbell go out and they face some problems because of his disability, causing her to get angry and try to defend him. She later apologizes, and they kiss. Meanwhile, Daphne asks Angelo to move into the guest house to keep Regina safe. In Like a Snowball Down a MountainDaphne gets a part-time paid job at the clinic, causing Campbell to come jealous as he has worked there longer than her.

I'm glad Toby's sad-sack side is still in place. Later, he's interviewing for a house DJ job at some coffeehouse. There's a guy with Down syndrome at another table, laughing loudly at something he's watching on his tablet.

Eventually, an employee tells him to leave, which leads to a confrontation. Toby intervenes he's such an intervener these days and de-escalates. He does a great job calming the patron, whose name is Harrison, until his roommate Amelia comes to pick him up.

She also has Down syndrome, but Toby is intrigued by how independent she is: Toby dreams of this kind of life for Carlton, although he's also clear that he'll love whoever Carlton turns out to be. And he realizes that he wants his new career to be as advocate for people like Carlton, although he's not sure what shape that might take.

Sadly, the options he throws out -- lawyer, writer, teacher -- seem like kind of a reach for Toby. But then again, he overcame that hairstyle from the flashbacks, so anything is possible. Bay's Career Since Emmett's photos of her work with Ally who's MIA are featured in Live Ink magazine, Bay gets to go to a big party for the magazine's th issue and bring the whole gang.

John is less than thrilled that he'll have to hang out with the tattoo crowd, and starts slagging off her career choice. That wounds Bay -- especially when John voices his pride in Daphne's plans to go into medicine -- and she blows up at him at the party.

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I like this callback to the earlier days of the show, when the girls could get caught up in envy of each other. But Bay gets some much-needed validation from Noelle, who talks her up in front of a possible celebrity client.

And after a little nudge from Kathryn, John apologizes for being an ass about Bay's job, and expresses his support. Daphne's Career Daphne also interviews for the internship with an orthopedic surgeon that Mingo gets, but it goes horribly wrong out of the gate when the surgeon realizes she's Deaf.

It's hard to watch someone be so condescending and dismissive to Daphne, but I'm glad we got this reminder of the challenges she faces -- and also that some people are pretty much monsters. Daphne goes through some self-doubt and wonders if she should choose another career, but a pep talk from Kathryn lifts her spirits. So she barges into the surgeon's office, tells him off for violating the ADA, and vows that she won't give up on medicine. Iris comes along to interpret and give the surgeon looks of blazing disgust.

I appreciate how we're leaving both Bay and Daphne in a satisfying but realistic place with their ambitions -- and just how important their aspirations have been to their characters and to the show. With Daphne's plot this week and Travis's last week, the show also goes out with two final strong stories about Deaf life. Regina tells Bay and Daphne she's moving out; Daphne says she wants to start calling Kathryn "Mom," too; and the girls and the parents all exchange some teary appreciation for the past five years.

It's a little awkward that Toby, Lily, and Carlton are just sitting back like "um, we're here, too," but eventually they get pulled into the love fest. Then everyone goes out to the front lawn to watch for a comet that's making a once-in-their-lifetime appearance.