David cameron and nick clegg relationship quiz

David Cameron's body language reminds Nick Clegg who's in charge | Politics | The Guardian

david cameron and nick clegg relationship quiz

Handshakes, back slaps, head nods and laughter give clues to likely future relationship between coalition partners. Nick Clegg's wife launches furious attack on David Cameron over relationship their double act was soon dubbed the 'Dave and Nick show'. Conservative leader David Cameron says he has "fundamental differences" with Lib Dem Nick Clegg over the coalition's plans for constitutional reform. but Mr Cameron said he and Mr Clegg "have a good working relationship - the government is delivering for the country". Quiz Of The Year Part 3.

Michael White on the Clegg and Cameron 'It could have been a disaster'- video

Whenever we get the chance to visit my family and I love to walk along the edge, the old Roman Road and explore the moorlands. The views are simply stunning and the kids also enjoy spotting the Highland Cattle dotted around. Any season as long as it is raining, that way no one is around! There's a lighthouse and a teashop both of which the kids love. It might not be the countryside strictly speaking, but Justine and I walk a lot on Hampstead Heath, which is a wonderful oasis of green in the city.

And there is a lovely walk in my Doncaster North constituency around Arksey, an historic village in a beautiful setting. What is your favourite part of rural England and why? I love the seaside.

I love the landscape.

  • David Cameron's body language reminds Nick Clegg who's in charge
  • David Cameron admits 'fundamental differences' with Nick Clegg
  • Clegg and Cameron pledge action on firms' tax avoidance

The part of the coastal path between Polzeath and Port Isaac is — in my opinion — one of the wonders of the world. I love exploring the villages dotted around the Peak District too like Castleton, Eyam, Hathersage and Hope where you unearth the history of the area dating back to the Norman and Roman times.

It is properly wild.

david cameron and nick clegg relationship quiz

As well as parts of Kent, we love walking along the coast in Devon and Cornwall, which is just beautiful and very dramatic in places. Whitby on the North Yorkshire Moor is another coastal favourite.

david cameron and nick clegg relationship quiz

One of the most inspirational campaigners CPRE worked with in was a year-old girl called Beth who alerted us to the development threats facing her favourite countryside around Maldon in Essex also one of my favourite places. How would your party help more young people like Beth connect with the countryside? In fact, I think Florence thinks the countryside around Chequers is her back garden!

I love the thought of children sitting at their desks, learning our land, the people who work on it, and what it produces.

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It will help a new generation appreciate the countryside not just as a place to play and explore, but somewhere that is vital to everyone. Local plans will help local people protect the green spaces and countryside they love best. We have a number of proposals to make this a reality, from planting a tree for every child born, to significantly increasing the amount of accessible green space for families to enjoy.

We must teach children about our heritage, countryside, natural history and the farming that provides their food. Then they will start to relate to the countryside and see their place in it — and want to preserve and enhance it. My sons, Daniel and Sam, are just beginning to understand this themselves. I believe we need to guarantee all our young people have access to the countryside, protect our forests by keeping them in public ownership, nurture our great national parks, and conserve our unique countryside for their generation and generations to come.

Which poem or piece of music most reminds you of the English countryside and why? Apart from being a great tune, it is sung at the end of our annual party conference. And we certainly need a proper, comprehensive and well-resourced pollinator strategy".

Nick Clegg's relationship with David Cameron plagued by paranoia and rows

My aim is to get rural England connected, because that is what brings jobs, growth and opportunities to these communities. Nearly 80 per cent of the country has access to superfast broadband — an essential utility today. I want to reach 95 per cent of homes by — and eventually the final five per cent too. From the remotest moorland farm to the furthest coastal outpost, I want rural England to make the most of its incredible potential — so more businesses set up there, more tourists visit, and more of our young people find opportunities there".

We are privileged to have on our doorsteps areas of outstanding natural beauty brimming with wildlife and warm communities who lift your heart whenever you visit. There is no doubt that our countryside has provided wealth, health and happiness for generations of people in this country and for tourists who visit. This is why if we want our rural communities to thrive, we have to support them in keeping their vital local services and community facilities running, from schools, to public transport, local shops, post offices and pubs.

Moments later, as they were entering No 10, they went through a virtual replay, with Cameron patting Clegg on the back twice, Clegg reciprocating, and Cameron doing another pat as they disappeared into the building. Once again, Cameron was exercising his newfound prerogative to get in the last pat, using touch as a "status reminder".

The body language during the afternoon press conference was equally revealing. Cameron and Clegg were relaxed, looking at times more like stand-up comedians than the guardians of the country's future.

David Cameron admits 'fundamental differences' with Nick Clegg - BBC News

Both made frequent references to the other, demonstrating their mutual regard by gazing intently as the other was speaking. The fact that their gaze patterns were so similar made it look as though they were on an equal footing. But there were other, more subtle signs that gave the lie to this impression.

david cameron and nick clegg relationship quiz

Clegg generated a number of deferential signals. When Cameron was speaking he could be seen nodding his head in approval, and when he mentioned Cameron he was much more likely to behave inclusively, orienting his body towards him and fixing his eyes on him. Cameron's performance included very few of these signals — when referring to Clegg he was more likely just to gesticulate towards him. I can't recall a single instance where he nodded in agreement while Clegg was talking.