Derek fisher and kobe bryant relationship with michael

derek fisher and kobe bryant relationship with michael

Kobe Bryant's relationships with his Laker teammates weren't always rosy. Eleven slots later, the Lakers drafted a year-old Derek Fisher. Lakers star Kobe Bryant, right, speaks with Coach Phil Jackson in Jackson was the only coach to lead Michael Jordan and Bryant to NBA three- pointers — Rick Fox, Brian Shaw, Robert Horry, Derek Fisher would be out there. We had had a relationship prior to that with me being an assistant. Listen to Ep 47 - Matt Barnes On Kobe Bryant & Derek Fisher Feud + Plus, Jim details his relationship with Michael Jordan and discusses.

I said, 'Why don't you ever play that three-point shooting game with these guys? I want to work on other things.

derek fisher and kobe bryant relationship with michael

Fourteen stops in a row against Portland? It was incredible, the defensive stops. We just shut the door on them. That was pretty impressive with Kobe. I'd been cajoling him all year about, 'You've got to be a playmaker too.

You're not just a scorer. The thing with Kobe was he saw himself locked into a limited role with Shaq and all the talented players we had. He still works with the Lakers as an analytics consultant. All the things that you've heard — working hard, practicing hard, setting the standard. He liked to talk basketball, called me in the off-season, asking about what kind of sets [I'd run] and things like that.

derek fisher and kobe bryant relationship with michael

Really a pleasure to be around the guy. It doesn't happen by magic. They work their asses off to get where they are. The Lakers finished that season with a record. He was a longtime assistant coach under Jackson, both with Chicago and the Lakers.

Hamblen, who is retired and lives in the San Diego area, recalled that season. We had a lot of injuries. Lamar [Odom] tore his labrum, Kobe had the high ankle sprain. It was a tough second half of the season.

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We didn't have any fights or beat each other up," Hamblen said with a laugh. He knew he could get his shot from several different positions. Instead of standing up and calling plays, which is the way Rudy coached, it was ball movement. We had had a relationship prior to that with me being an assistant.

He was really good. He was very easy to coach. He knew what the coaching staff was going through. Kobe was very hardworking during the season and in the off-season. He didn't take practices off, wanted to win every drill.

Derek Fisher is an intensely proud man. He plays with a well-earned chip on his shoulder, coming from a small college, never quite possessing the athleticism or speed of his contemporaries. For the last few years, he's fought criticism about his performance sometimes deserved, sometimes not and age. As much as fans loved him during those moments of the playoffs when Fisher came up big, during the regular season for every positive e-mail we received about him, at least six or seven were negative.

He knows people follow him with shovels, ready to bury him at the drop of a hat. He doesn't like it, and relishes the opportunity to prove people wrong. At his exit interview, Fisher said his starting gig will have to be taken from him. His role on the floor during crunch time? Ripped from his hands. Which you'd expect from a guy who competes as hard as he does. Fisher believes he still has a great deal to offer as a player, and could produce much more if not for the limitations placed on him in L.

We wonder how he'll produce until nearly 39 years of age, he sees a guy ready to provide value through the length of his new contract. For the Lakers to "low ball" says he's getting too old to be paid not just a presence, but a player, too. When he arrived for his second go round in L. Fish is one of the few guys around who gets the benefit of the doubt from 24, but increasingly he's forced to defend his space from the rest of us. No question Fisher could bounce back from a poor ''10 season -- nobody takes better care of himself or works harder, and he's never been reliant on a high-flying act for success-- but if he starts slowly it won't be long before his triumphs in the last two Finals are forgotten and calls are issued for Steve Blake to eat more minutes.

A few years ago, the Dodgers filled the clubhouse with savvy vets brought in to provide leadership.

derek fisher and kobe bryant relationship with michael

Which they did, until their collective performances slipped and their names weren't in the lineup quite as often. Positive vibes grew sour, and the locker room collapsed along with it.

derek fisher and kobe bryant relationship with michael

I remember playing with Kobe, the sacrifices he made, playing hard, making unbelievable shots and showing unbelievable fundamentals. We're talking Jason Kidd," said a year-old Bryant. That's why we're in this [messed up] position. Perhaps more surprisingly, Bryant decided to mentor and even flatter Bynum.

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Just giving me confidence. In all likelihood, Bryant would not have earned another crown without Bynum in the middle. Shockingly, the 6-foot, pound Odom and 5-foot-9, pound Kardashian divorced in December With Odom on life support, Bryant rushed to the Sin City hospital where his former teammate was being treated. I'll be watching a movie, he'll tap me like, 'Come here. The 6-foot, pound Brown was the first overall pick in