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How can you be so sure? Refering someone by their first name is a big deal in Japan. You don't call anyone by their first name there unless. May saw the brother-sister relationship Misty had with Ash and she saw .. Sycamore with his Garchomp, the current Kalos Champion, Diantha along The said boy was an Assistant of Professor Sycamore, gathering all the. At that moment, one of his assistant's came in and handed him his phone, cause there was a call for him. "Hello, Professor Sycamore speaking.

Still, she had a bad feeling in the back of her mind, like something bad was about to happen. Meanwhile, Professor Sycamore went over to his desk, which had a Holo Caster. He activated the Holo Caster and Dexio's face appeared on the screen. Dexio shook his head. This is a different threat, but one that is no less dangerous.

She's here with me right now," Sycamore answered, wondering where Dexio was going with this line of questioning. There are outstanding warrants for her arrest from Kanto. Whatever you do, you can't let her escape.

She seems nice enough to me. She did not seem to be the person that Dexio was describing. Check your computer and have a your printer ready. His face went white as he saw the evidence that had been gathered against Leaf. It all looked legitimate. There was no denying it. It seemed as if this Leaf was a criminal, and a very dangerous one at that. He then went back to the Holo Caster and said, "I've received everything.

What do you want me to do? They're sending over some agents that were already tracking her as we speak. Just keep her in the lab. Whatever you do, don't let her leave. We may never get another chance to neutralize her threat. His eyes went wide. How could the girl in the back room with Meyer, Clemont, and Bonnie be a criminal, possibly even a murderer?

First thing was first, though; he had to confine Leaf, while getting Meyer Clemont and Bonnie away from her she could not use them as hostages. We're gonna need them. He stood next to a computer monitor and looked into it. He saw the interior of Professor Sycamore's lab, the professor looking nervous as he went to go back and talk to Leaf and keep her in place so that the 'authorities' could pick her up.

He then touched his wrist and the image of Dexio vanished, being replaced by a man in a black suit with a helmet that had an orange faceplate with a faint E on it. He put his hands to his helmet and removed it, revealing a man with orange hair and orange sunglasses. He then took out his cell phone and dialed Lysandre's number. After a few rings, the Team Flare Boss picked up and asked, "What is it? I have just finished talking with him. He's going to keep her confined inside the lab until the authorities come to apprehend her.

Once the line was terminated, the Team Flare operative continued to look through the monitor and grin. Soon, the greatest remaining threat to Team Flare would be eliminated.

And once she was eliminated, they would have no further meaningful resistance. Inside Team Flare's Headquarters, Lysandre stood in the command center, a large screen framing the wall in front of him.

He grinned as he received the information from the grunt in Lumiose City. He then hung up his phone and took out the little black book, looking for a certain number. When he found it, he dialed the number and waited for a few rings before the phone was answered. After a gruff greeting, Lysandre answered, "Greetings.

You don't know me, and I've only heard of you in passing. Her capture would most certainly enhance your reputation in your organization, would it not? He then continued, "Well, I just so happen to know where she is, and that she is contained in a certain lab in the Kalos Region of France. Back inside Professor Sycamore's lab, a bead of sweat formed on the Professor brow as he opened the door to the back room and saw Leaf standing calmly in a corner while Meyer conversed with his children, Ash, and Serena.

When he entered, Leaf took one look at him and noticed that something was wrong. If something concerned the professor, she did not want to cause him more anxiety. Once they were in the main room, Meyer asked, "What is it? That drew a gasp from Meyer. He then produced the papers that showed the evidence against Leaf. She's a criminal, a con artist, and possibly, even likely, a murderer. Dexio's already contacted the authorities.

We just have to keep her here until they arrive to take her back to Kanto. They looked over at Leaf and saw that she was standing back, listening to them but not participating in the conversation, itself. When they saw her, they did their best to smile. Professor Sycamore then turned to face Serena and said, "Serena, may we see you for a second?

Had they seen her and Ash kissing in his hotel room? She then rose to join Professor Sycamore and Meyer as they led her out into the main lab. Out in the main lab, Serena looked at Professor Sycamore and Meyer quizzically. Serena's heart sank as she dreaded that they were about to either admonish her for her visit with Ash, or tell her that the whole world now knew of that visit, or both. She was incredibly relieved when Professor Sycamore said, "Leaf is a criminal from Kanto.

She let out a gasp when she finally comprehended what the professor had actually told her. Anyway, the authorities are on their way and they should be here within a few minutes. Serena then took a deep breath before alerting Delphox to the situation. She went by the name Asuka Makinami, the Trainer we fought at Hotel Richissime; the same one who clobbered us," she chagrined. Our friends are in there alone with her. Fortunately, she is keeping them inside. When we go back into that room, you have to use Psychic to keep those balls closed and lock them in the process.

Also, try to freeze Leaf's body as well the moment we go in. That's the only surefire way we'll be able to neutralize her threat until the authorities come to pick her up.

Serena took a deep breath as she went to follow the men into the room, hoping that Leaf did not suspect that anything was wrong.

When they entered, they looked around and saw Leaf standing in the corner of the room while Ash was talking with Clemont and Bonnie. Serena saw Leaf focusing her gaze on Ash and she became alarmed, everything that she had heard from Professor Sycamore coming to the forefront of her mind.

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No longer was her concern about Leaf due to any potential romantic interest in Ash, now it was for his safety. He then cast a surreptitious glance at Leaf before continuing, "But we have to keep all options open. When she tossed them into the air and called, "Starmie, Chandelure, come on out," though, the balls flew into the air but did not open. When she did so, she scowled, for she saw that the locks were activated.

The group looked over at Delphox and saw that she was using Psychic on Leaf. Ash gasped while Clemont and Bonnie looked on in curiosity and concern. And why aren't you letting me unlock them? I'm trying to help you guys. Ash looked over at Leaf quizzically. She scowled at Professor Sycamore and then gave a quizzical look over at Ash, indicating that she was as in the dark as to why they would betray her as he was.

She then cast her gaze back at the professor. They then looked back at Leaf. I should have seen it the moment I heard your name was Asuka Makinami. Now I know, and now I must go. He looked over at Leaf, his mouth agape. It was clear that Professor Sycamore's line of questioning was getting to her.

Why are you not letting me leave? Professor Sycamore looked her in the eyes in return and his gut told him that she was, indeed, telling the truth and that she was, indeed, one of the good guys.

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However, Dexio was no liar and he had provided evidence showing that Leaf was a criminal and that she was wanted in Kanto in connection with those crimes. To that end, he went against his gut and told Leaf, "Sadly, that is no longer important. You are a criminal. And you will return to Kanto to face justice. Since this will be my first time writing, it would be great if you guys help me out.

The updates will be slow sometimes very slow because of my college and all. Now, onward with the story! Italicized font when mentioned directly indicates thoughts and will indicate flashbacks. He had done it!

He had actually won the Kalos league! His Charizard, stood out there in the field, proud of having helped his master — no, his friend — win the league.

His friends, Clemont and Bonnie, who were siblings, and Serena were cheering for him loudly. They were all really happy that he had won. They had seen him train hard for every gym match as well as the league, had seen him struggle and come out on top of the gym leaders he challenged — Clemont being one of them — and had helped him train and all that had paid off. His partner and best friend, Pikachu, was ecstatic that they had won the league.

Everything they had done so far had contributed to the win in the league. Their opponent was looking on in shock at what had happened. He was sure he had won the league. The stadium was silent as everyone waited for the dust to settle down. As the dust settled down, they saw Blastoise fainting while Charizard, who had reverted back from its mega evolved form after the final attack, was still standing on its knee, tired out after the whole ordeal.

The silence was shattered as the whole stadium erupted in cheers for the new winner. Charizard turned around and faced his trainer who had helped him learn many things and had stood by him, no matter what. He flew towards him and seeing that he was still shocked, burnt him. Ash snapped out of his shock as he felt himself being burnt.

It took some time for him to realize that he had actually won the league. As soon as he realized that, he was overjoyed. He stared at Ash for a while, and then admitted grudgingly that he really deserved the victory. They shook hands and he walked away. Suddenly, Ash felt a pair of arms wrapping around him as someone tackled him.

The force was too much for him so he lost his balance and fell on the ground with the person on top of him. Serena was quite glad that Ash had won. She couldn't believe it. She, along with her friends, Clemont and Bonnie, started running towards him, wanting to congratulate him for his win in the Kalos league. Serena ran ahead of the siblings but she tripped on her own foot, tackling Ash into a hug, which made them both fall on the ground with Serena on top of him.

She soon realized the position they were in and blushed hard, trying to cover it with her hands. She got up from her position on top of Ash but couldn't look around due to the fact that her face was still red from what had happened. She had accidentally hugged her crush from behind and hadn't even been thinking while doing it.

It was true that she had tripped but she couldn't help being flustered. Meanwhile, Ash was still getting his bearings since he got hit on his head when falling. He saw both, Pikachu and Serena, looking at him in concern. But he never got up because he was tackled into another hug, this time by Bonnie, who was really excited to see her friend win the league.

But before she could make Ash go deaf, her brother came up behind her and pulled her away from him with his Aipom arm. You used such great unpredictable strategies to overcome your opponent. All this while, Serena had been listening to everything but she still was too embarrassed to join in the conversation.

She didn't know that Bonnie had seen her hugging Ash and had kept quiet about it. Serena had also forgotten that the Kalos league, being one of the strongest leagues, is broadcasted all over the world.

So, it didn't occur to her that many people other than Bonnie had seen what she had done. As soon as the winner was announced, a great resounding cheer was heard throughout the town. The whole town was delighted that a trainer from there had actually won a league. But no one was happier than a certain light-brown haired woman. She had seen him grow up from a kind, caring yet reckless kid to a great persevering, determined trainer that he was now.

Delia, Ash's mother, was on cloud nine. Her son had won the league!

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She had always been optimistic and had always supported him in everything he had done. And she couldn't have been happier. Mime, was just as happy. The next thing she saw surprised her. She saw a honey-blonde haired girl running and hugging Ash from behind. From what she could see, it didn't look like she had tripped, making the hug quite cute.

The girl looked quite familiar, almost as if she had seen her somewhere before, but she couldn't remember.

She thought mischievously that she had got a reason to tease her son other than under-wears, of course when he comes home - a girlfriend. They were elated because they knew how many times Ash had tried his hand at the league and failed.

But this time Ash had managed to win the league proving that if you are determined, no one can stop you from achieving your dreams. They soon saw Serena hug Ash. Everyone was shocked to see that Ash actually had a girlfriend! As the camera zoomed in to their position, they saw the girl's head bent down towards the ground as though she was embarrassed. That told them that even she hadn't been expecting this.

Professor Oak thought she seemed vaguely familiar. Maybe he had seen her somewhere but being old as he was; his memory had become somewhat weak so he couldn't recognize her. She was rooting for Ash with whom she had travelled throughout Kanto and Johto. She hadn't known travelling with him would change her life so much. Ever since she had started travelling with him, she learned many things for her to become the toughest water-type gym leader in Kanto.

She thought of him as her little brother, a brother she never had. Misty reflected on her life so far and compared it before and after her journey. She knew that her life after the journey has been way better than before it.

Even her sisters now respect her for the great trainer she is, something they could never be. But some things never change. Misty still hadn't gotten over her fear of bug-types and it was still difficult for her to control her temper. She watched the finals in anticipation. This was the farthest Ash had ever reached in a league; he can't lose now.

She watched as the announcer declared the winner. For a moment she thought she had misheard, but she hadn't. He had actually won! This showed just how far he had come from the reckless and stupid boy she knew. She decided to go to his hometown, Pallet town, and wait for him there. Of course, she could go to Professor Oak's lab and meet him and Gary.

She couldn't help but blush as she thought about Gary. She didn't know or remember when she had fallen for him but she had. She had a feeling that he might like her back as well but she wasn't so sure. As she watched the post-battle celebration where Ash would be awarded the trophy, what she saw left her dumbfounded. She saw this girl hug Ash. She didn't expect that the densest boy on earth would actually have a girlfriend!

She soon saw the awkwardness of the situation the girl was in because soon after the hug she got up and looked quite red. They were soon joined by two blondes, probably siblings, as one of them jumped on Ash. Misty switched off the TV and decided to head to Pallet at once. She decided to ask Ash about his girlfriend while she would spend some time with Gary, she thought, blushing about the last part.

They were all watching Kalos league and all of them were rooting for Ash. Norman had known him for a short time but he knew he had the potential to win. Max was watching every move he made and he knew that he had come far from when he had known him. Ash had promised him a battle as soon as he became a trainer and Max was going to make sure he fulfilled that promise. Ash was like a brother to him and he wanted to see him win. Caroline had also seen Ash's determination and was thankful that her daughter had such a best friend.

The brunette herself was quite excited to see him win. May thought about how much Ash had changed from when she last saw him in Sinnoh, travelling with another coordinator named Dawn. She never thought that travelling with him, after his Pikachu burnt her bike, would change her life to such an extent. Travelling with Ash and his friend, Brock, opened up a whole new world for her. She discovered her dream of becoming the top coordinator in the world.

Even her brother, Max, with whom she would always quarrel, had supported her to follow her dream. In short, travelling with Ash and Brock had changed her view of the world. She also remembered how Ash ate food; the only person who could challenge her in an eating race and win.

She had huge appetite for food, quite like Ash and both of them loved to eat. Brock, she thought, made the best food ever. She and Ash would finish eating in minutes while Max and Brock had only finished half of their first helping, a thing never ceasing to amaze them.

She chuckled at that thought. She also remembered the time when Brock would start flirting with any pretty girl they came across. She never understood why he did that. Whenever he would flirt, Max would go near him and would pull his shirt or his ear, a thing he picked after they met Misty, Ash and Brock's first travelling companion.

May saw the brother-sister relationship Misty had with Ash and she saw her develop the same kind of relationship with Max. No wonder Max trusted her. Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard the announcer announce the winner. And boy was she thrilled! Her best friend had won the Kalos league, one of the toughest leagues in history! They saw how shocked Ash looked as if he was never expecting to win the league. Everyone was excited at the win. It seemed quite a few times that Ash was going to lose, but being Ash, he turned the tables around and won.

Soon, a girl hugged Ash from behind, stunning the family. They weren't expecting that. It took some time for them to realize that Ash might have got a girlfriend. May recovered from her shock first and squealed excitedly, thinking Ash had actually got a girlfriend. She was the type of girl who was interested in romantic stuff and she had known, after travelling with Ash, that he was dense and oblivious to that.

So this 'accidental' hug excited her. Her squeal brought the rest of the family out of their stupor, as they continued watching the celebrations. Soon after the hug, two blonde-haired people, probably Ash's travelling companions joined the two teens. One of them jumped on Ash before he could get up. She looked like a small child, around Max's age.

As the camera zoomed in, the family except Max saw the girl who had hugged Ash, staring at the ground, embarrassed while Max was focused on the girl who had later jumped on Ash.

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She looks quite cute, he thought, Wait, did I really think that? While Max was confused about his own thoughts, he hadn't averted his gaze from the girl and May, who turned to him to talk about something, caught him staring at the girl. Well, it looks like dear Max is going to get a girlfriend. She thought grinning secretly. They all headed to their rooms, quite tired due to all the excitement of the finals while Norman decided to book plane tickets to Kanto and headed out towards the airport.

Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh A blue-haired girl was eating breakfast with her mother, sitting and watching TV. She was awaiting the result of the Kalos league finals. Her close friend, more like a brother, was battling in the finals, the farthest he had ever reached in any league so far. The girl's name was Dawn. Dawn had travelled with Ash through Sinnoh to achieve her goal of becoming the best coordinator in Sinnoh, just like her mother.

She had always wanted to prove to her mother that she had it in her to become a coordinator. Meanwhile, Ash had met up with Brock once again and followed the instructions of Professor Rowan. He finally found Pikachu and Dawn and helped them get rid of Team Rocket. Dawn remembered how they decided to travel together to her first contest and later throughout Sinnoh region. But they soon got used to each other's ways and supported each other through whatever they did, many-a-times exchanging hi-fis.

She remembered the rivals she made on her journey — Zoey, Kenny and a few more. He would afterwards reminisce on his time working with Sycamore alongside Charizard before reiterating his desire to get stronger and protect those that he cares most for. The conversation with Ash had apparently inspired Alain to enter the Kalos League and collect Badges.

The result of that battle was shown at the end of A Diamond in the Rough! When asked by Korrina if he was going to enter the League, he confirmed, saying that he was planning on entering in order to battle Ash, whom he did not mention by name to her. During the opening ceremony, Alain reunited with Sycamore, who was hosting the tournament together with Dianthabut Alain refused to talk with his former mentor.

He also met up with Ash, and explained that he entered the tournament to battle him again and told him to keep advancing. The next day, he battled Trevorwith both Trainers using their Mega Charizard.

In the next episodeit was revealed that Alain had won his second round, third round, and quarterfinal matches, qualifying him for the semi-finals. Following the conclusion of the fourth quarterfinal battle between Sawyer and Tiernoit was revealed he would once again face Remo for a spot in the finals.

His rematch with Remo was seen in the following episode. Using only his Charizard and his Metagrosshe was able to easily defeat Remo and qualify for the finals. Alain had a cold, serious demeanor throughout the battle, which worried Professor Sycamore. Afterwards, Alain observed the battle between Ash and Sawyer and continued to do so in the following episodeeven showing a smile after Ash was named as the victor of the battle.

She expressed her congratulations at Alain being able to make it to the finals so easily, adding that winning in the finals should be easy for someone like him. Alain replied by telling her to go away so that he could focus on training for his match.

Malva shrugged off his comment, saying that since Alain's goal was to become the strongest, entering and winning the Kalos League was common sense.

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Alain replied by telling her that being the strongest didn't matter to him for his battle, saying that he just wanted to battle Ash. Malva commented that she thought Ash must be happy that Alain was being so mindful about him, with Alain asking what she was insinuating, adding that he was suspicious about her "true colors".

Malva merely commented on how Alain was nearly finished gathering the remaining amount of Mega Evolution energy, asking him what he would do after Chespie had recovered, to which Alain replied that it was none of her business. Later that night, he was seen training with Charizard, expressing on how eager he was to battle Ash and how close they were to meeting the quota for the needed Mega Evolution energy.

He was then approached by Professor Sycamore, who despite the awkwardness of their meeting, expressed that there were many things that he had wished to talk about with Alain, but that it was hard for him to remain collected while doing so.

Alain questioned if Sycamore was mad at him for not coming back to the lab, which Sycamore denied, saying that he had heard about Alain's work with Lysandre. Alain admitted that he didn't want to expose his former mentor to any possible danger, telling the Professor about his goal to gather the power produced by Mega Evolution, but that there were also many people who would seek to twist that power for evil purposes, with Sycamore asking Alain if he backed away from him for his own safety, to which Alain confirmed.

Alain told his former mentor that he couldn't turn back, not while there were even more things that he had lost compared to when he first started his journey, and until he could get those lost things back, he said that he could only continue to become even more powerful.

Sycamore, smiling in understanding, told his former assistant to do as he wished. The next day, Alain was seen entering the battlefield for his final battle with Ash. In Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted! Alain and Ash started a back and forth battle that eventually came down to Alain's Charizard against Ash's Greninja. During the closing ceremony, after Diantha had handed Alain the championship trophy, the Kalos League stadium was attacked by massive roots unleashed by Z2, which Team Flare had placed under their control.

In the following episodehe and Ash made their way through the root-infested Kalos League stadium in order to find Mairin.

After finding her, the two were ambushed by Celosia and some Team Flare Grunts, who informed Alain that Lysandre had ordered Ash to be captured and brought to him. Alain was then transported via helicopter to Prism Tower, where he angrily questioned Xerosic as to why Team Flare needed Ash. He then went to the top of the tower, where he asked Lysandre what he was doing, and why he was destroying Kalos if he wanted to protect it.

Lysandre revealed his true goal of returning Kalos to a beautiful state, and his belief that in order to do so, Kalos needed to be destroyed and rebuilt from scratch.

When Ash and Pikachu regained consciousness he made no movement when Ash asked him what was going on. Upon hearing about Lysandre's true motivation for gathering Mega Evolution energy in the next episodeAlain collapsed in anger and frustration towards himself for being used by Lysandre for his scheme, no longer knowing what he had been fighting for all that time. He then watched in horror as Lysandre attempted to control Ash and Greninja with Mega Evolution Energy so he could be in control of their Bond Phenomenon power.

Luckily, the two were able to trigger the transformation on their own and break free of their confinement. Alain then grabbed Ash when he was about to collapse from using his energy, as well as thanking him for the words he said that brought him into his senses.

The two then began a battle against Lysandre's Pyroar and Mega Gyaradosand thanks to the efforts of Ash's HawluchaNoivern, and Pikachu, they were able to knock out Pyroar. Alain and Ash were eventually assisted by Malva. Alongside Malva, Alain was impressed by the dedication and wisdom Ash displayed when he lectured Lysandre on why the current world is worth fighting for.

The three were finally able to defeat Lysandre in the next episodebut left in shock when Lysandre appeared to commit suicide by stepping off Prism Tower.

Upon reaching the creature, Alain, along with everyone else, began fighting the creature and were eventually aided by Diantha and the Gym Leaders of Kalos as well. In the following episodeAlain and Ash were able to reach the Giant Rock's core, where Alain helped rescue Chespie, taking out the creature.

After Lysandre returned and controlled the Giant Rock, Alain used his Charizard to continue fighting and was able to destroy Lysandre's control device, allowing Squishy and Z2 to destroy the Giant Rock and stop Lysandre's wicked plan. Relieved to see that Chespie finally awoke from its coma, Alain apologized to Mairin for all he did and asked for her forgiveness, but Mairin told him that as long as he was safe, then everything was alright.

He reappeared in Battling With a Clean Slate! He listened as Ash revealed his intent to return home to Pallet Townlater admitting to Ash that he was not sure of what he wanted to do now that everything he wanted to do had been accomplished. Feeling depressed and unsure, Alain said that despite not knowing Lysandre's plot, he still felt that he needed to atone for his mistakes. Ash suggested that they have another battle someday, as battling always helped him to find the answers to questions that he had.

Although Alain was hesitant since Ash had already done so much for him, he agreed noting to himself that in every way that was important Ash was his superior. However, their conversation was interrupted when Team Rocket started attacking the lab in order to steal Pikachu. Later on, he and the others received medals from Sycamore for their efforts against Team Flare, before posing for a group photograph and watching the reopening of Prism Tower that night.

Professor Sycamore also asked Alain if he would like to return to his post as research assistant and Alain happily agreed.