Did david cassidy and susan dey have a relationship

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did david cassidy and susan dey have a relationship

What really happened between David Cassidy and Susan Dey? Cassidy did find his own way to rebel against the squeaky-clean image created by the studio. Fans with a keen eye might have noticed that “The Partridge Family” Her success made Jack very jealous and caused their relationship to go. david cassidy - looks like susan dey is having quite a day! Keith's girlfriend, assessing the aesthetic worth of The Partridge Family music. .. Cassidy as saying he was still drinking in the last years of his life and he did not have dementia. David Cassidy was a major teen heartthrob for countless American teenage girls. Susan Dey was a beautiful brunette who had the attention of all the teenage That being the case, he could have had any girl he wanted and so he did! She often told Dey that a relationship was not likely to be in their.

From the outside, looking in, she had it made. She had what would appear to be unlimited access to and attention from him. Truth be told, David Cassidy had become accustomed to a less proper and more promiscuous type of girl. That is what he was attracted to. Time after time, Dey watched Cassidy flaunt romantic relationships right under her nose without any regard for her feelings.

Cassidy admitted in his memoir that he was never attracted to Dey, despite the fact that she was one of the hottest female stars of the '70sbut finally relented and gave into her pursuit.

After The Partridge Family had stopped taping, they ended up sleeping together for a one-night stand and he ended up regretting it. After Dey had gotten her way and got Cassidy out of her system, they remained friendly. Of course, it was all scripted, but they playfully went back and forth with a little friendly banter which made America smile.

did david cassidy and susan dey have a relationship

It was not something she ever intended to share with the public and that put a strain on their friendship. He reportedly attempted to apologize to Dey but she never responded.

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The producers were caught up in the Jackson Five effect, and originally wanted an African-American child to be put on the show, but they ultimately decided to go with cute little Ricky. They had some competition. One of the individuals who was crushed was a young 14 year old girl named, Bernadette Whelan. Bernadette never recovered from her injuries and passed away four days later in the hospital, from cardiac arrest.

Cassidy would later be asked about this incident and has stated that this specific situation will always haunt him. At eleven, he started smoking.

Facts about The Partridge Family

There a lot of temptations when you are a child actor. As we mentioned, Danny grew up in an abusive home, which must have been a contributor to his wild behavior on-set. Oh, you may also remember the house from the film, Pleasantville, with Reese Witherspoon. Some time between season one and season two, the dog just vanishes and is nowhere to be seen and never heard from again.

David Cassidy Wanted To Leave The Show Like many young stars, David Cassidy quick propelled to fame and fortune, but the reality of life in the limelight took its toll on him.

Years of a hectic filming and concert schedule left him exhausted and disenchanted with the bubblegum pop persona he was associated with.

did david cassidy and susan dey have a relationship

We pray that this day will come. We love a happy ending. There Were Famous Guest Stars Galore While the show itself was very popular, we wonder if you remember all the incredible guest stars that appeared on the show. The list can go on and on, for the fact that the show was on the air only four years, the amount of famous guests is very impressive. However, after many years of lack of care and weather conditions, the bus was officially out of commission and was placed in a dump.

We would think that something as iconic as The Partridge Family bus would be considered a relic and would be preserved in a museum or something! It was truly part of the show and faced such a sad end to its life.


The Partridge Family Inspired A Board Game Partridge family paraphernalia ranged from lunchboxes, cereal box covers, toys and even you best believe it a board game. Shirley Was the Only One Meant to Sing Originally, the idea was that Shirley was supposed to be the only cast member to actually sing on the show. Rick Springfield Playing Keith Partridge When the fourth season was drawing to a close and producers needed to decide if there was going to be a fifth, which of course they very much wanted, they decided that if there was going to be fifth season they would have to replace David Cassidy with Rick Springfield.

It just was not the same. The only thing that saved him was the fact that extraordinarily enough, he also had photographic memory! Danny had no problem with the actual process of remembering his lines, but sometimes they would come out wrong due to his dyslexia.

did david cassidy and susan dey have a relationship

Other cast members had an issue with Danny actually correcting them when they would say their lines wrong! As with every character who would sing on the show, they were also pre-recorded in a studio. This happens a lot in Hollywood among young actors. David entered rehab in for his addictions and has gone through three divorces. Such a sad downward spiral! That is an achievement an a half we must say.

The only cast members that she thought was good enough to sing was her step-son David Cassidy. She was known to be opinionated. Fans thought that The Partridge Family actors could actually play the instruments that they were seen playing on set. In fact, the only person out of every actor on set that could actually play an instrument would be David Cassidy. They did a very good job at pretending. After becoming well known on the show, Dey then went on to reprise roles in dramas such as L.

Law, and has even won a Golden Globe for her performance. Dey has also allegedly never shown up to a single Partridge Family reunion. To this day she is still beautiful and has not seemed to age.

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He has also come out as saying that he is suffering from dementia. Hollywood can really affect actors. Before her stint as Laurie, Dey was a model. This fast ascension of fame in Hollywood made Dey struggle with body image issues and she began restricting her eating. This is the dar side of the industry and happens sadly to many young girls. The singer-actor had recently been admitted to the intensive care unit of a Florida hospital.

He was reportedly in critical condition and suffering from organ failure before he died. Admittedly they had their ups and downs. The Arrow actress shared a heartbreaking tweet honoring the late star, who died of organ failure. Katie was raised by her mother, former model Sherry Williams, and her stepfather, Richard Benedon, but David did still play a role in her life growing up. Drifted Apart Sadly over time, the pair drifted apart.

The Partridge Family Cast Finally Speaks Out

During the battle, he would regale me with hysterical stories of our father, often culminating in his taking a giant leap off my top bunk.

I tried to catch him of course. I always tried to catch him. But I never could.