Divyanka and vivek relationship questions

Telly's favourite couple Divyanka and Vivek Dahiya finally REVEAL their baby plan!

divyanka and vivek relationship questions

Trollers have often been raising questions on their relationship with Divyanka and Vivek, but every time Divyanka has responded to them. Divyanka Tripathi finally shared her simple yet practical pregnancy plan. So it's no surprise that they are often bombed by questions about. Divyanka Tripathi and husband Vivek Dahiya are safe as of now but they had They were supposed to answer questions as husband and wife.

Divek recently graced Rajeev Khandelwal's chat show Juzz Baatt wherein they opened up about things close to their hearts. While Divyanka talked at length about her debut project, breakup, and obsession for cleanliness, Vivek opened up about how he feels when society judges him for being less successful than his wife.

  • Telly's favourite couple Divyanka and Vivek Dahiya finally REVEAL their baby plan!
  • Divyanka Tripathi's Big Revelation on her relationship with husband Vivek Dahiya। FilmiBeat
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Highlights from the episode: She revealed that while she was still in Bhopal, she got a call from the makers and how she dismissed it as a prank call at first.

When the calls kept coming, and her family thought there was no harm in going to Mumbai and seeing if it is true.

divyanka and vivek relationship questions

The actress said that even when she shot for the initial portions and her hoardings were up, it didn't really sink in that she has become a TV actress. Divyanka's mother revealed that she was always a tomboy and a very hardworking girl. She was part of NCC camp, rifle shooting, parasailing, and paragliding. In fact, Divyanka wanted to become an army officer. Her mother shared an interesting anecdote from Divyanka's earlier days when she was in Class 9 and the family went to watch a movie.

divyanka and vivek relationship questions

Divyanka was in a queue to buy tickets when somebody tried to touch her indecently. Divyanka at first thought it might be a mistake so she waited till he touched her another time. Divyanka held his hand tightly, dragged him and refused to leave him till the police arrived and beat him up.

divyanka and vivek relationship questions

Divyanka revealed how she recovered from her heartbreak in Juzz Baatt 3. Divyanka said that she might look like a fragile, flexible being, but if somebody messes with her, she turns into kaali maata. Divyanka says that she does not hold anybody responsible for her heartbreak and it was a life lesson that she learnt for her future relationship. I became superstitious and went to people asking if anybody has done something on him because how can it happen after eight years.

Divyanka Tripathi tears up as she talks about her break-up. Watch video | tv | Hindustan Times

Then there came a point when I felt that it can't be love if you had to do such things for someone and it's better to stay alone than staying in that relationship.

I took some time but I understood that it was not meant to be. Divyanka says that after her breakup, she suffered a fracture and that helped her recover from the heartbreak. However, we feel with a few basic things to remember you can check if you are ready to become a parent, regardless of your career. Are you psychologically ready?

Divyanka Tripathi's Big Revelation on her relationship with husband Vivek Dahiya। FilmiBeat

It doesn't matter what your financial situation is or how all your friends are having babies. What matters most is if you are ready to become a parent. If you feel it from within then everything else will automatically fall into place.

Divyanka Tripathi - Vivek Dahiya celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary - Pinkvilla - Interview

Are you financially ready? As gorgeous as maternity shots look and the excitement to flaunt a baby bump seems, a baby comes not only with huge emotional responsibility, but also financial.

Juzz Baatt: 9 surprising revelations made by Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya on the show

And that would mean major investment. So if you have decided to become a parent, work on your financials, do some savings and move on from there. Are you physically ready?

divyanka and vivek relationship questions

A baby is a huge commitment for your body as well and so it needs to be prepared for what's coming. This means getting yourself tested and checked. This also means leaves all your vices behind, so quit smoking, and binge drinking and prepare your body to be healthy and able to carry another human.