Eastern star and mason relationship goals

How to Join the Order of Eastern Star: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

eastern star and mason relationship goals

The emblem of the female Masonic organization, the Order of the Eastern Star. also implies a relationship with the planet Venus, also called the “eastern star. .. feel would be qualities which would benefit the purpose of their organization. star, Masonic Marriage by: WM Steve Grudzinski No man whether mason or . be invited to be present at this meeting for the purpose of answering questions. The Order of the Eastern Star (sometimes shortened to OES) is a Freemason organization with stated goals of charity, fraternity, education, and science. A woman with any of the following relationships to a Master Mason may join the OES.

Haman, a most honored and trusted officer of the king sought to reveal her identity as a Jewess. Throwing herself upon the mercy and favor of the King and by a series of astute and dangerous maneuvers, she prevented the decree of destruction of all the Jews of the Persian Empire, and secured the execution of Haman and his entire family. She represents the fourth point of the Star, had a brother named Lazarus and a sister named Mary.

She lived in the little town of Bethany near Jerusalem, and where Jesus was often a welcome and beloved guest. Lazarus became dangerously ill, and the sisters sent for Jesus to come to their home to heal him. When Jesus arrived at their home, Lazarus had been dead and buried for four days.

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Jesus called him forth from the tomb, restoring him to life. A woman of gifts and devotion who lived near Ephesus represents the fifth point of the Star.

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She represents the glory and benedictions of patience and submission to the will of God under the stress of wrong treatment and deadly persecution. Three different Masonic youth groups are available for members of the Masonic family. Each one of these are international in scope, and are available for the sons and daughters of all Freemasons. Each one of these needs the sponsorship of a Masonic Lodge to exist.

Eastern Star

A fraternal order for young men between 14 to 21 years of age. It was founded on 1 March by Frank S. Land and nine teenage youth, in Kansas City, Missouri with the goal of creating brotherhood among young men during their formative years. Each chapter is sponsored by men who are Master Masons. DeMolay is not a Masonic organization, and all boys within the age limits may be considered for membership. The stated purpose is to build a better citizen and future leaders.

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Its activities are designed to benefit the individual member, the chapter, and the local community. The order has nearlymembers in 2, local chapters, and in seven different countries.

The order was named after Jacques DeMolay, the last grand master of the Knights Templars, who was burned at the stake under orders of the Pope in There is a monthly newsletter, the Cordon. An auxiliary of the Masonic order for girls between the ages of 11 to 20 who are related to a Master Mason. The purpose of the order is to provide the spiritual growth and character development of its members through charitable endeavors and scholarships.

It was founded inand has grown tomembers. The headquarters is at West 6th Street, Papillon, Nebraska International order of Rainbow for Girls. A girl fraternal organization founded in by W. Mark Sexson in McAlester, Oklahoma.

eastern star and mason relationship goals

The purpose of the organization is to instruct girls in an ethical way of life. Membership is open to girls from ages 11 to 20 who are related to members of the Masonic Order, or who are the girl friends of relatives of Masonic members. Members who marry or are 20 years of age or older are called majority members. Oct 31, Just my Comment by: Anonymous It is worth saying that, and with evidence, that many of the folks in the Masonic order use this organization as means to show how giving and helpful they are to the communities, while at the same time they are faces of evil.

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There is one that is currently the head of the Masonic order in Florida and other southern regions, who has a hidden agendas when comes to sleeping with those ladies the are part of the order of eastern stars in Florida.

This individual was recently promoted to a title and known by a title that only God is known by and that is why I will not even mention the title to avoid putting on the same pillar as God. Let us start with the most recent place that is known as acts of adultery that he has committed, in the area of Tampa Florida. This is what happens and he seems to enjoy attending the weekend conferences, in which he arranges to meet with the sisters of the order of the eastern stars in hotel rooms where the conferences are kept, and you can figure what happens there Sincerely, Tim Jan 01, The emblem of OES has a five-pointed upside-down star.

This, of course, represents black magic, the Goat of Mendes, Baphomet, or his most popular name, Satan. They also use the right side up five-pointed star which represents white magic, the Light Bearer, or Lucifer, the other name for Satan. Thor was the Norse god of thunder, lightning, air, and fertility. Thor was lord of the air and the Bible reveals clearly to us who that really is in Ephesians 2: It is used on Eastern Star badges and represents the perfection or divinity of humankind. It is also a phallic symbol of the joining of male and female genitalia.

eastern star and mason relationship goals

These are just a few of the symbols Eastern Star uses. Since they are Masonic, they also use other symbols promoted by Freemasonry. When the whole body of symbols is taken into account, it becomes obvious how corrupt an organization OES really is.

In Song of Solomon the man in chapter 5 was called chiefest among ten thousand and altogether lovely and he represents Christ.

eastern star and mason relationship goals

The phrase was used by Christians of old to express their love for Christ. The OES has given it a bastardized meaning. By reciting the motto, OES believes the initiate achieves salvation. The following statements are used with the five women in each degree mentioned above: