Eren and annie relationship goals

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eren and annie relationship goals

Mar 30, Yet somehow Eren and Annie find a way to make it work. . They wrestled together for a good couple of minutes, Annie actually struggling to take She had achieved her goal of getting Eren's annoying as off her back and. Jul 22, Here is my attempt to analyze the relationship and friendship between Eren and Mikasa as depicted an. Jun 15, Reiner's primary goal from then on was to complete his mission on Paradis and Much of Annie's relationships with the others come from how the other MY POINT IS- Eren and Annie did have some sort of connection with.

He also considered Eren to be one of his closest friends along with Armin. I'm sure there are other examples, but these are the main ones that come into mind. In addition, I also think Reiner, of the three, was the most conflicted about his position and his current situation as a warrior.


I think this is mainly due in part to the fact that the Eldians that live inside the walls are not the demons he expected to encounter.

Chapter 94 revealed a bit of his past in regards to his life in Marley and his training to become a warrior.

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He's practically brainwashed by his mother to believe that those Eldians on the island are demons who need to be destroyed in order for their family to become honorary Marleyans and live a better life.

He struggled during his training, but it's obvious he was selected to inherit the armor titan.

eren and annie relationship goals

Reiner's primary goal from then on was to complete his mission on Paradis and return home to his mother. Reiner tried to suppress his emotions and the reality of the atrocity he committed against people-who are essential the same ethnicity as he is-and failed to do so in a way as evident by his mental state of well-being.

I think his split personality shows that there is a big part of him that wishes he was not the person tasked with the role he was tasked with. However, we know he managed to regain some sense of reality when he returned to Marley, but I still think he's struggling with his feelings. At his family dinner when he's recalling his memories of his teammates, Reiner describes them all in a rather unpleasant way.

eren and annie relationship goals

But I think Reiner is lying to himself when he is saying those things. I don't think he truly feels like his comrades are actually demons and that's the main factor of what's causing his mental instability. I'm thinking that Reiner believes that if he says these things enough times then maybe they will eventually become those demons he wishes they were because that would then make it easier for his mind to accept that what he did was actually good and that there is nothing to be guilty about.

I could also be misinterpreting his emotions, so we'll see how things end up with Reiner. In conclusion, Reiner's mental instability is the main reason why I truly think that Reiner cared for his teammates within the walls. Possibly in a different reality, he would be fighting alongside with them against the enemy of humanity, whoever that ends up truly being. She is such a strong, mysterious girl and I give her the second amount of sympathy after Reiner.

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Annie is a hard character to read, but I think overall she too hesitated a lot when it came to fulfilling her role as a warrior for Marley, but she was much more in touch with reality than Reiner and much more keen on fulfilling her role to the end.

Then again, the reasoning for Reiner and Bert could be because Eren was already betrayed in the past thus made it easier to accept, but whatever. MY POINT IS- Eren and Annie did have some sort of connection with each other, probably through the sparring sessions they shared during their training years where she taught him how to fight.

In addition, when Annie goes on about "righteous people", one person she thinks of is Eren and how people like that are "special".

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I think this is significant in some way. The second person Annie most likely had feelings for is Armin. Possibly, if their situation was any different than it is in canon, their feelings may have developed into something more. But alas, that is not the case. That is why in the end I think Annie knew she was making a big mistake when she decided to develop any feelings for Eren and Armin and thus added to the guilt of being a failure as a Warrior.

On a side note, I think it's rather ironic that it was Mikasa who caused Annie to "fall" to her end considering the relationship Mikasa has with both Eren and Armin.

eren and annie relationship goals

Bertholdt Unlike Reiner and Annie, Bertl seemed like the most distant of the three. I honestly do not think that Bertl grew serious attachments to anyone in the th squad, but he is the only one to actually admit that all that time they all spent together as comrades was not a complete lie.

During their second hand to hand titan battle, Annie once again has the upper hand against Eren. However, with the help of Mikasa, Eren is able to pin her down and rip her titan's nape off. At this point Eren freezes at the sight of Annie's crying face and this hesitation is what gives Annie the opportunity to crystallise herself.

eren and annie relationship goals

Eren notably displays far less anger towards Annie after learning her identity in contrast with Reiner and Bertolt, suggesting he has somewhat of a soft spot for her. In the Junior High anime it is heavily implied that Annie has a crush on Eren and the two of them bond over their shared love for cheese burger steak.

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Fanon Post time-skip, Eren and Annie are arguably just as villainous as each other. Both have killed hundreds of innocent people - both directly and indirectly. However, both did so against their will and with the intention of helping humanity. When they speak again it is likely they will have a deeper understanding of each other due to their shared experience, and this may lead to something more over time. Due to her resentment towards Marley, there is a high chance that Annie will switch sides and fight for the Eldians when she is broken out of her crystal, which would make her and Eren allies.