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The movie depicts the relationship of Evey and V as more a relationship between lovers rather than a father daughter relationship. This in turn. From this relationship, the majority of the film revolves around V influencing Evey and turning her over to V influencing Evey is a major part of V for Vendetta. Pre-made tests on V For Vendetta Final Test - Medium, including multiple choice, short answer, short essay, and Quiz/Test Generator When Evey asks what V is planning, V says that it will all be over by what holiday? What is the nature of Conrad's relationship with Helen, and what does Helen want Conrad to do? 7.

No stops were allowed during the transportation of the tanks, even if one of the drivers really needed to go to the toilet. It all sounds a little over the top but when you take in to consideration the locations and damage a weapon such as a tank can produce it makes sense everyone would be on their toes. Thankfully there were no dramas during filming and everything ran smoothly. What might surprise you was the hardest scene to shoot was in fact the domino scene.

In the film we see shots of V's plan coming together intercut with a visual of him setting up hundreds of red and black dominos that fall down and form his symbol.

V for Vendetta

It took them over hours to set the scene, with the shot being filmed several times to get multiple angles of dominos falling.

Production notes from Warner Brothers detailed how nervous everyone was when the shot was ready to be first filmed. Fortunately, the comb narrowly missed the first piece.

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Watching her being shaved against her will is quite unsettling and Portman does a great job of conveying the humiliation she felt during the process. As there was only one chance at capturing this moment the scene had to be filmed in one take, with director James McTeigue setting up three cameras to capture the event.

Speaking about the scene to USAToday Portman explained, "It was a one-shot deal, and that was the most stressful thing about the experience. Of course Portman isn't the first actress to undergo a radical haircut for a film role, with the likes of Demi Moore G.

Well, this was an intentional ploy by director James McTeigue who filled the flick with subtle references to the letter. Many of them are easy to spot, such as the fireworks exploding in a V sign or the flags set up as Vs behind the elderly people playing chess. But McTeigue hid many other Vs throughout the film you might not have picked up on. When Natalie Portman's Evey wakes up in V's dungeon she has a small cut on her head in the shape of a V.

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When shots of the television host are shown, the hands of the clock in the background always show a time that creates a V. During the final fight scene, V throws two daggers that cross over each other and form a V while Creedy fires five shots at V who leaves a V-shaped bloodstain on the wall.

If these seem obvious then how about these instances concerning characters names. Evey contains the letter E which is the fifth letter of the alphabet, V is the fifth letter if you're counting backward, and Y is the 25th letter five squared. Then there's Finch, whose name contains five letters or Creedy, who happens to have a name containing E and Y and when he's attacked by V, Beethoven's 5th symphony is playing in the background.

There are dozens more hidden throughout the film and I challenge you to find as many as possible as it's bloody hard work. Although the film veers from Alan Moore's original theme of heavy-handed anarchy for a more freedom fighter type narrative, the film is still littered with subtle references to anarchy and similar theories.

The most obvious is the use of the [Redacted] Pistols throughout the film. The s punk band were all about causing anarchy and upsetting the system, with the score to V sampling the band, including their smash hit " Anarchy In The UK.

The film is like a moving homage to great thinkers and speakers over the year's who have stood up for their beliefs and not been shut down by the system. Even if Alan Moore wasn't happy with the way the film turned out you'd hope he would at least acknowledge all the references director James McTeigue put in the film.

Then again, considering how grumpy Moore was when the film was released it's probably not likely. The way V is shot and edited is wonderfully bleak and captures the dystopian future in a mesmerizing and unforgettable way. Oscar-nominated cinematographer Adrian Biddle was the man responsible for the look of the film and did a tremendous job. A talented swimmer as a youth, Biddle first entered the entertainment industry when he was hired as an apprentice by underwater photographer Egil Woxholt and did uncredited work on the James Bond flick On Her Majesty's Secret Service and Murphy's War.

He got his big break in Hollywood when he hooked up with Ridley Scott's advertising company R. V would end up being his final film with Biddle passing away from a heart attack in Decemberwith V being released in the US on March 17, Despite his passing, Biddle had a massive impact on the film industry and was involved with some of the best films of the past four decades and won't be forgotten for his contribution to film. Even the trailer promoted this, with the voiceover reminding us to "remember, remember, the 5th of November.

Despite the advertising, V was pushed back due to problems that arose during post-production. Although these problems were never clarified, many people speculated the film's delay was because of the London bombings that occurred during July that claimed the lives of many civilians.

Patricks weekend in It was also the number one film that same weekend and received mixed reviews from critics, although it went on to gain a cult following when released on DVD and is a favorite amongst Portman fans. There are dozens of examples of music that features in one film and is then used in the trailers of many others. Although V For Vendetta didn't use that particular piece of music it did borrow instrumental music that was also heard in the Batman Begins trailer.

V For Vendetta - Evey Reborn

The director uses flashbacks to achieve this. In the end, Evey is stronger and is not afraid to die, uttering "I'd rather die behind the chemical shed", showing that she'd rather keep her ideals and die than give in. Essentially in his scene, she is brainwashed, or at least converted to the cause in a strange way. This follows through with an important talking point the director included, which is "is V a good or bad character", and the means justifying the end.

Certainly his way of doing his work is villainous, he kills dozens of innocents, but his goal is rather heroic, in bringing down the government. Brainwashing, is an important fact to consider, or at least the director has. The line "is that what you want to think, or is that what they want you to think? However, throughout out the rest of the film V is regarded as a good character. The director shows this by using the soundtrack.

The soundtrack is contrasted between V's heroic, brassy action pieces and the government's moody, brooding slow pieces, using major chords for V and minor chords for the government, generally speaking. This makes the audience relate V to heroes, and the government to villains even if their actions do not match up. The use of the torture scene showed how V influenced Evey in V for Vendetta. The third example of V influencing Evey is the final scene of the film.

In this scene, Evey now fully turned to the cause shows up to help V finally blow up parliament. He goes off to kill Chancellor Sutler and Parity Chairman Creedy and ends up dying, and it is left to Evey to send the train off carrying the bombs. Despite Inspector Finch showing up at the last second to stop her, she pulls the lever under threat of being shot and the train goes off and blows up parliament. As she is fully on V's side at this point in the film, it is obvious that he has influenced her greatly.

Despite being under threat of death "stop or I'll shoot", she pulls the lever anyway. This brings back to the torture scene, where "you have no fear anymore" is uttered.

V and Evey Essay revised

Evey has no fear of the government because it couldn't be any worse than torture, because of V. This also links back to the "does the means justify the ends" theme, as V torturing her did make her a stronger person. The director shows this by the use of facial features by the actors. By the end of the film her face is constantly blank, showing she is emotionally empty and simply doesn't care what happens to her. This is another one of V's traits which again shows how he influenced her.

She also does a lengthy, cryptic monologue by the end of the film. This links strongly to the first scene in the film, where V blows up the Old Bailey with Evey watching. However, it is changed so Evey takes V's place and Finch takes Evey's place.

This shows how Evey has supplanted V and his ideals, now that V is dead. The line "do you like music? The director has the actors stand in similar position to this earlier scene to again link it. He also uses the same camera angles.