Funny meet and greet ideas for family reunion

Fun Family Reunion Games List

funny meet and greet ideas for family reunion

African American Family Reunion Ideas We Are Family, Cousins, African, . years now - and they've got some great ideas to share (along with lots of fun photos!. Sometimes when families first come together, after a year of being apart, they feel a little timid until (Only the people that meet the requirements move to a different chair.) Try some of these “getting to know you” activities. How To Plan A Meet And Greet | The Family Reunion Planners Blog. Discover ideas about Reunion Centerpieces. Family Reunion . Family Fun Blogging.

Open Mic Family Reunion Idea! An open mike or open mic is a live show where audience members may perform at the microphone. Incorporate an Open Mic into your next family reunion by opening the mic for family updates by allowing family members to take the mic and personally share their updates, good news, etc with the family…marriages, anniversaries, births, promotions, graduations, scholarships, honor roll, etc. After all is it not the responsiblility of a family to congratulate and celebrate its own.

A creative way to applaud and celebrate your family members accomplishments! Click here for Family Reunion Decorations Ideas, and corresponding activities for a great time.

funny meet and greet ideas for family reunion

Generational Dance Each generation has had its own unique dances and moves! Have a Generational Dance Night or simply incorporate a Generational Dance into one of your family reunion events.

Family members from each generation simply share the dances they did in their generation and teach them to the other generations. Also, be sure the DJ mixes slow and fast. This will leave your family members not only laughing and smiling but snapping their fingers and humming their favorite tunes throughout the event and after. Fingerprint Tree Everyone is raving about Fingerprint Trees.

This is a very unique idea and alternate to the traditional guest book. They are most popular for weddings. However, they are perfect for any special event with friends and family, including milestone birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, corporate events, etc, but especially a family reunion.

Fun with Family Reunion Themes

You basically make a leaf with your finger print. What an awesome and terrific way to preserve not only memories but family history as well. All of the leaves are the actual fingerprints of family members. Family members will literally leave their mark.

This is truly something that can be passed down from generation to generation.

funny meet and greet ideas for family reunion

Additionally, this would be a great post reunion fundraiser. Be sure to include some wet wipes and a cute little trash can next to the tree. You can use colorbox ink as it does not stain your fingers or washable ink is another option. You can instantly create, personalize, and instantly download fingerprint trees yourself by clicking this link.

Roll Out the Red Carpet! Besides, red carpets are no longer for your highest, celebrities or the rich and famous.

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Today red carpets are used at many non-royalty or celebrity events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, grand openings, etc…any celebration you can name. Why not for a family reunion?

funny meet and greet ideas for family reunion

So go ahead, treat your family to a red carpet experience where they have their pictures taken like real celebrities. Set the stage, turns the lights on, and let your family members flash their smiles, style, and profile on a step and repeat. Let them become celebrated celebrities, at least within the confines of their family. This is a great idea and will serve as interactive station for your family members.

Click here to check out this unique and creative Family Tree Art!!! Will definitely add a creative twist to your family reunion. I hope you got value and inspiration from this post. Your feedback is welcome. Please leave it in the comments below. Pass the Hoop This great game requires tactical thinking and encourages team work.

Instruct the group to form a circle with a inch space between each participant. Once everyone is in place, add a Hula Hoop to the circle and instruct everyone to pass the hoop between each other and around the circle without it touching the ground.

funny meet and greet ideas for family reunion

Once it gets to its original position the game is over. To make this game a little trickier add more than one hoop to the circle. I HATE games that leave me feeling embarrassed or like a fool.

Only choose games that help your family members feel welcome and comfortable at your family reunion. License plate is a fun game that family members can work on as they arrive at your reunion and then can come together to share answers.

You can download a copy of the game and the answers by downloading this file license-plate-game. After writing down the state that each license plate comes from family members are given additional points for each state they have visited- 1 point, and 2 points if they were born in one of the states. Participants must tell one thing about themselves for how many candies they have in their hands using the colors as their guide. They may also eat them as they share their information.

Icebreakers are a great way to learn the names and interests of your relatives. Name in the center of your card. In the upper left corner, write one thing that you like to do.

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In the upper right corner, write your favorite color. In the lower left corner, write your favorite hobby. In the lower right corner, write your favorite food.

Make it a fun time, and consider these ideas: Flower pot flower pens: Using ceramic flower pots found in any garden center, paint them to match the theme.

funny meet and greet ideas for family reunion

Take pens and fake flowers, attach the flowers to the pens by wrapping them with green floral tape all the way down so that the pen becomes the stem. Family tree with pictures: Find branches and twigs that are strong, spray paint them or leave them natural color, place in a flower pot or mason jar, and clip pictures to hang from the branches.

Mason jars are one of the most versatile little things ever. They make great and easy centerpieces! Fill with water and fresh flowers, or place some stones inside with a family picture. Betta fish are gorgeous little creatures and make for some wonderful decoration!