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Love match compatibility between Gemini and Cancer zodiac signs. Read about the Gemini love relationship with Cancer zodiac sign. I am a Gemini woman that was with a cancer man and I loved but in bed he was so missionary and . Dear cancer woman I am a Gemini girl that is also an addict and unfortunately when. I am a Cancer woman in a relationship with an Aries man years now. . chart, it's mainly Aries, Virgo, Gemini, Aquarius but somehow it worked all fine. .. years he got addicted to internet porn. was sneaky. very insecure watch what you . Cancer man and Gemini woman compatibility. this site I recommend reading my Cancer and Gemini compatibility article on this relationship first. But he is the only man that I'm addicted to WHY sex is amazing he is so thoughtful its like I .

They are naturally compatible and like to spend their time the same way around people, having fun. They are a social couple who other couples aspire to be like. Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility: They each can be really stubborn and cold.

They never think they are wrong and struggle in owning up to it when they are. Their fights are always very intense. While they each have an acid tongue they tend to say things they later regret.

Gemini and Sagittarius Compatibility: This pair fall very hard for each other. While it starts off as a healthy relationship where everything is balanced and reciprocated, a Sag begins to emotional rely too heavily on a Gemini that a Gemini ends up resenting them and calling it off. Gemini and Capricorn Compatibility: Gemini can draw Capricorn out of their conservative shell, and Capricorn can provide the structure Gemini needs in order to truly thrive.

As long as they are patient with each other and their differences, they can make a great couple. Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility: These two make better friends than lovers, but they get along swimmingly. They are both exciting people who love to explore new ideas. They have non-stop conversation and keep each other interested in what can be a very passionate relationship. Gemini and Pisces Compatibility: While a Pisces is very emotional and deep a Gemini is very compassionate and understanding of their needs.

A Pisces has no shame in being exactly who they are and following how they feel while a Gemini tends to play the role of what someone needs them to be and makes the choices that seem logical. What each side needs the other seems to be. They love a sharp fashion sense and are always checking out those who take care of themselves physically. Their own physical appearances say a lot about them, so they are often attracted to a partner that cares just as much about what image they are projecting.

They will ask questions, make conversation, and keep the momentum going. It is often said that a Gemini tells you that they like you with their eyes — they will be absorbed by you, and will stare deeply at you.

Though they will try to play it cool, if a Gemini is paying more attention to you than others, you can be sure that they like you. They will be touchy, and will often whisk you off of your feet when you least expect it. However, you must be wary of the Gemini. They are known players, often leading people on for the fun and adventure of it all. They are full of fun, and always up for learning and gaining the most out of every situation. They are natural born flirts, and the banter with them will keep you on your toes and laughing for the duration of your relationship.

However, when they do choose you, know that they have chosen you for a reason. A Gemini does not get into a relationship until they have met their match intellectually and energetically. They have had plenty of practice, and they are known to get around, so when they do settle down, they are very self assured and absolutely compelled by their choice.

In order to stay happy in a relationship, a Gemini needs change, stimulation and excitement. If you can give that to one, they will be yours for life. Gemini Ideal Date A Gemini is thirsty for knowledge. They always want to learn new things. An ideal date would stimulate this aspect of their personality. Take them out to watch the premiere of a new documentary, and then afterwards plan to go for drinks so you can chat about everything you noticed and absorbed from the film.

They will be stimulated the whole night. I can see that he is subjected tosevere mood swing. He is reserve but his smile can kill me. I see it is just pointless becausehe doesn't know how I feel towards him. If only he can fathom my heart. And I have a message for the lotof you. Stop dating these poor excusesfor men. I've read the complaints and all I can think is, "Are these womendating 16 year olds? If that's the case, then that will explain thepossessiveness, jealousy, and USELESS mood swings some moods can be useful, sothe swings should stay.

A real Cancerian male should be able to keep the sugary coated stuff upevery time he sees his lover unless he's with the wrong woman, then he needs torun far away. I have a Gemini lover. Sure, I piss her off attimes. But I squash it as quickly as possible. If it seems to be developing into anargument, I walk away. And I saw the complaint about the walking away. It'sgood when a Cancerian male walks away. We become ridiculously harsh when youbring us into an argument.

Let us walkoff and collect ourselves When we become non-communicative. Well,that's our way of being. Sometimes it's better to say nothing at all, if youhave nothing of value to say. Better than being a smothering fool anotherthing that REAL Cancer men don't do, for we hate being smothered ourselves. So why would we smother? That makes nooo sense. I've received jealousy from womenon all signs. Jealousy is a waste of time and energy.

Real Cancerian men giveplenty of freedom, for we are big fans of freedom ourselves. Doesn't matter what sign. Just do it I'm a Gemini girl in a 7 year relationship with a Cancer he is very loving and will do anything for me he loves family meaning only our household he rather keep his distant from extended family he is very generous but also very whiney it is like having another child they want you all to their self and whine all the time when they don't get their way but he is also loyal but doesn't hesitate to let you know when he feeling unappreciated All these comments are starting to really freak me out Never felt this way before, but I am terrified that everything I am reading here will happen to me as well.

I can tell already that he has a huge temper but a great heart. Already talking about moving in!!! He's also very insecure when it comes to my feelings for him.

Always needs reassurance, which is kind of cute now, but is probably going to get old very soon. I am so in Love with him but don't want to be stupid. Are there any Gemini girls out there that actually have a happy relationship with a Cancer man??? I am a gem woman married to a Cancer man 25 years. I love that he is everything I'm not. When our children were little he was the one to give them medicine when they were sick. He keeps a steady job and provides well. Our love life is always exciting.

We fight once every 6 months and when we makeup. I wouldn't trade him for some outgoing guy for loyalty is important for me to come home to. He is my home. Hi, I'm a Gemini woman and I have recently started talking to a Cancer man. He's sensitive, thoughtful and loyal so far.

I admit though that some of these comments have given me food for thought. However I am not scared of what the future holds for this relationship because I've been with a Leo for 6 yearswe were compatible in so many ways yet his ego and his selfishness kept us from cementing our friendship.

Meeting this Cancer man is now a breath of fresh air and I look forward to being smothered with care, love, kindness What he requires is not too much for me to give as long as he loves and respects me unconditionally.

And he cares and nurtures me, loves and protects me. But will he commit?! And I got dumped by him. He says I'm ungrateful, a taker and selfish. I'm not at all. He says he loves me more than anyone in his whole life ever, I'm fabulous looking, pretty, and he says he wants to spend his life with me. But doesn't want my kids 6 and 10 even though his son 8 loves them to bits.

He says he cant stand my moods! He is aggressive and wont commit and now he has dumped me! I have done nothing to deserve it. I am totally lost. I'm a 26 year old Gemini woman engaged to a 29 year old Cancer man we've been together for 3 years and I'll agree that this combo is A LOT of work.

All of the previous comments about the Cancer guy being possessive, moody, paranoid, and hypersensitive are true, but then so is the fact that he is the most loyal, caring, attentive, and sensual man I've ever been with. I think are managing to make our relationship work despite our clashing signs is because we have so much in common and because we each share some traits not typical of our sign.

He is super independent and restless like me I am extremely in touch with my feelings and wear my heart on my sleeve like him. Also, I am very good at making him feel like he is the only guy in the world that matters just like he always makes me feel special and taken care of.

Our relationship also works because we make the conscious decision to do what we can to make it work all the time. Sure, there are times when one or both of us don't have the energy to do that, but that's when some discipline comes into play. If he is stressed and wants to retreat in his shell, he'll let me know "baby, I can't do this right now can we talk about it later?

Or if I am stressed and want to go out with my friends 5 out of 7 of my closest friends are guys to relax, he'll allow me that freedom. I show him respect and appreciation for that because I know it's hard for him by not staying out with them for hours and hours and checking in with him every now and then.

We've been very lucky to be able to find a balance for this star-odds-against-us union. It's not always butterflies and cotton candy, but just like any relationship it can be healthy and fulfilling if both of you practice diligence, compassion, and insight and have the key love traits constantly at your core.

Im a Gemini woman I argue w a Cancer man like a cat and dog. There's a better chance for the relationship to last long term and that's if we are nowhere near each other. Cause Ill be up front, I wont walk on eggshells. He'll do just fine without a Gemini as a lover. They can be very close as friends that can relate on certain things. I am a Gemini woman who's been dating a Cancer guy for over a year now.

Honestly I have never been with someone who I've connected with on such a level. We hit it off from the get go, he is funny, sweet, caring, and he deals with MY moodiness.

He understands me, helps and guides me in everything that I do. We have a great relationship, and I can honestly see myself marrying this perfect man. I don't really think it has much to do with the sun signs, he is not jealous, or over bearing in anyway. I'm the one who shows jealousy sometimes, and I can be over bearing and as I said moody. Like I said in over a year, we never really have had a fight. We weigh each other out. I think it's how he was raised though, because he fits certain Cancer traits, and I'm full blown Gemini.

I don't usually get along with cancer's, my mother is a Cancer and we fight non stop. I'm head over heels in love with my guy, and hopefully if I'm the one who doesn't screw it up, we'll be e together for a very long time. After ten years of knowing my Cancer man, I finally gave in and agreed to be his personal Gem. We've been through a lot of life together, almost dated a few times though we both botched that up and it didn't end up happeningand we have always argued like an old married couple.

Now, he is extremely frustrating and for sure he gets under my skin quicker and more thoroughly than anyone else Its worth it, and it keeps things interesting.

I've read about all of the Cancer men issues we Gemini dames have, but we need to realize that we aren't so perfect either! Our tempers are quick to flare though its the strangest of buttons to push to get us to that point, and boy does the Cancer male have a knack for finding them! My Cancer has always been there for me, he's patient and supportive and I'm not afraid to be vulnerable in front of him which speaks volumes.

He is compassionate but checks me when my inner crazy seeps out, snapping me out of what's flailing around in my head and grounding me back into reality. There's a balance there that's vital to any breezy Gemini female that I've found with him. He embraces both of my personalities and marvels at the inner well of strength, he isn't afraid of it and takes pride that I'm his oddball Gemini. If you want to enjoy the unique relationship that a Cancer man has to offer, you have to really sit back and assess yourself first.

Are you able to commit? Can you fully admit when you are being an arse and apologize? Can you allow yourself to relinquish some of the control and let your heart be tended to by another?

They can be frustrating, yes, but we can be just as bad, if not worse! Let me tell ya, it'll never be boring with a Cancer man Several months ago, I met and fell for a very attractive Gemini lady in her mid-thirties. She's quite self-aware of her typical Gemini traits. We always joke about how she's a total princess. But it's true, she loves being treated like a 12 year-old girl at a her own princess-themed birthday party.

I have no problem with that. In fact, I love it. The trouble comes when I have a rough day, or am genuinely too busy to talk, shower her with affection, answer her calls or emails right away.

I know she doesn't mean to be so passive-aggressive I missed her call last night while I was working in my restaurant, and she non-challantly decided to go stay at her sister's instead of coming to my place. It just seems like she can't control her need to always get her way or go somewhere else to get her needs met. And even though I am way less insecure than I was when I was younger, she has difficulty being next to me when, for example, I have a little headache or express feeling off my best.

It's like it annoys her even though she knows it is completely human to not always be on my A game. My theory is that there is something melancholy and lonely inside her--and a lot of Gemini girls--that needs to be filled up with playful, unconditional attention in order to feel better. We are both working hard on making it work, cuz we're nuts about each other and there's a ton of physical chemistry.

And by work, I mean each person working on their own crap and not just expecting the other person to be magically awesome. He's sweet, loving, caring, understands me, and does annoy me a bit.

But I just can't help loving him still, when I get bored, I usually ask him what's on his mind. To me, I think Cancer Men are mysterious at points or just himand well he keeps me intrigue by his actions and the way he thinks.

He trusts me, and doesn't get jealous like barely. While I had good times, there are bad times. I get into fights with him about repeating stuff over and over again, and other stuff.

Though overall, it's hard work, but if you're willing to work at it, good things will happen. Also composition plays a HUGE part in this relationship. I understand that not every Gemini Woman is cut out for a Cancer Man.

Everyone is different I am a 23 yr old Gemini woman in love with a 36 yr old Cancer man. I love everyone's way of explaining it.

I hope I can manage. I like being a Gemini. I also hate it when people go to him and tell him im cheating.

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Im a Cancer guy dated a Gemini woman for a month only. We seemed a match made in heaven and we really connected and took care of each other, but eventually we found she has no time for an imperfect guy with mood swings at her age. Unfortunately, when we ended things that was it for good, so far it seems. I'm a Gemini girl 23been with my Cancer boyfriend 22 for 3 months.

I've read all of these comments and I am truly amazed at all of the similarities! The first month was amazing, he was caring and passionate and very loving. I felt like I had finally found 'the one' but over the last two months he's been distant and moody and yesterday we made the joint decision to be friends for a while. He said he has issues to sort out but he still wants to take me out on dates like normal and that he doesn't want to be with anyone else!

Honestly, I welcome the break as I've really resented him this last month. He's made me feel very rejected and I also need time to figure out how I feel. I have been on a relationship with a Cancer male for about a year now, I'm Gemini 30 years old, and he is He has all the Cancer traits. He is very loving, caring, supportive drives me nuts in a good way.

He is not jealous at all I'm very honest and very expressive so I don't take crap from nobody including him. When he decides to disappear for day, I do the same thing to him too, when he texts me I don't text him back for days, and he doesn't like it, but a taste of is own medicine will do him good.

So whatever you do give him hell once in a well just to let him know that he can't control you, do the same thing he does to you and see if he likes it. They always come back if they really love you. Good luck gems we really need it for Cancer males Im a Gemini girl. Ive had no experience with a Cancer guy, actually I ain't had much relationship experiences.

The longest relationship I've had lasted only a year. This is due to me being a independent girl who doesn't hate relationships, just dislikes the drama that comes with being in a relationship. After all when I want I can be very dramatic lol. Im also a girl who takes day by day, don't like planning things, specially not my future. I think it doesn't matter what star sign a guy is, your gonna get at least 1 of those traits in every guy. The chemistry is just to strong to ignore and the fact that he is mysterious makes him more interesting and a challenge hehe.

gemini male and cancer female relationship addicts

We only get hurt if we let ourselves get hurt. I also think if you love sum1 so much, Try to have patience every relationship is a piece of work even though I ain't had much experience. Nothing is ever to easy. I've read through a few of these posts and they seem to be just like my story!

I am a Gemini woman that dated a Cancer man for 2. I could handle them for a while, but then it started to get ridiculous It ended up not feeling very fair or nurturing to me and I am a very patient person! Gemini females let me say this He will accuse you of cheating, get jealous and controlling.

Its a good relationship cause sensitive Cancer learns from insensitive Gemini and visa versa, very interesting union also cause most of the time his temper have me laughing and I liked playing mind games on him cause he would get so upset and I just loved making him upset.

It just made me happy to beat his ass on a intellectual level oh and there's another thing we don't think with our hearts but rather our brains Forget it- I'm a Gemini woman and dated a Cancer man. All he ever did was pout. We're communicators and they are not. They expect us to read their minds. They're not mysterious as some have suggested. Boredom kills us Gemini women and they're just that. He is Cancer and I am Gemini.

He began flirting with me at work and I told him I was married. He pursued me anyway, he is almost 20 years younger than me. He said they are not getting along.

Can you tell me why he would be pursuing me he said he thought would it hurt if 2 people hook up once in a while. He asked said to me that he and his girlfriend were getting back together and the question to me was "do you want to continue or stop".

gemini male and cancer female relationship addicts

If he just wants me to be his booty call as I put it, he said seeing me only like a booty would be all he could offer. What is he all about? Also, he said if we were to continue down this road, meaning to see each other while he was getting back together with his GF, we would do so under the table. We hooked up last week over lunch and we were to see each other the next day since she was going to be away but he said he "had a headache". He is either a lying to me or b he is seeing someone else.

What do you think is going on with the Cancer man or should I say Cancer boy? Gemini Woman Gemini I might be in a really good situation.

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I haven't even met this Cancer yet just text so far. I wonder if I ask him if he just wants to lol have the best sex ever I guess if he would go for it.

I can't have the life sucked out of me. I will keep my distance but this sex you all talk about lmao. Just forget about it I'm a Gemini woman and dated a Cancer man. Boy, this was like, "pulling teeth" kind of relationship. Oh, did I mention boring too Cancers will do something insane then you'll get him in trouble. Then you'll regret it in the end becauuse, he's soooo gorgous and now your tied down and you can't find another man and know one else will let you see him and you think,''Why did I get him in trouble!!

Why did I tell anyone!! Hes soooo gorgous but,its just a little to late!! Or maybe its just the begining!! My best friend is a Cancer male and he has to be the guy version of me.

I'd dated another Cancer for 3 years and he was all those things-possessive, jealous, but his problem was he was a double standard Cancer.

HE could do stuff like not tell people we were together, not use "titles", etc but it was like death if I did it. He was nowhere close to my intellectual capacity and everything he did after a while was just irritating me. But this Cancer is the exact opposite in sooo many ways. We have THE best conversations and he genuinely makes me happy. He is very honest and easy to talk to. I think the differences come in how they were raised and age. I'm 31 and he's 33; most of the people on here are young.

I can be way more clingy than he is; but I think we'd be compatible in a relationship because we both require attention, open communication but the freedom to be ourselves. Nobody appreciates me more for just being me than him which, if you know a gemini, is like gold. I am a Gemini female and ive been dating a Cancer man on and off since I was 17 I am now 21,dealing with him has been very difficult, I think ive felt every emotion you can possible think of, theirs times I hate him and times I love him, I feel like im stuck whenever I want to pull away, he always come back in just the nick of time, we have both dated other people while being on and off, but it seems like I cant shake him off no matter how much I try, I just don't know what to do, when I show emotion he pulls away, and when he shows emotion I pull away, because of him pulling away in the first place smh, and it seems like after dating him all ive come across is other Cancer men and Gemini men and all the relationships ended up the same just confusing, reading everyone else experiences I don't feel alone but it seems like no one has an answer what are we going to do ladies????????????

I v never met anyone like him I'm a Cancer man. I've read all the wonderful comments about us Cancer men. Cancers think of the emotions behind anything you do. If you choose to go out with your friends instead of going out to dinner with us, our brain and heart to wonder why it is. Our minds begin to experiance rejection and a sense of failure.

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Don't know why were are like this but we assume you geminis will understand. Every Cancer is a little diffrent but we think we are communicating ourselves well and that you would understand why we start acting like that.

I've dated a Gemini for 3 years and it ended up badddd! We both loved each other to death but just coudnt put up with each other no more and things became complicated when other people become involved in our arguements.

I know I find myself extremely drawn to Gemini women. I read up on anywhere I could set my pair of eyes to improve things for t he next girl that came along and analized my mistakes intensly to never repeat such stupidity. Anyone who's dealt with a really dramatic guy knows this and knows it well. However, there are also guys out there who honestly just appreciate a little attention.

They're not trying to be dramatic, they just want to know that they're being thought of. That's totally normal, whether they have a more dramatic personality or not. While showing your guy attention is appreciated by all guys, it's also much appreciated by guys who have a bit of a dramatic flair, like Leos, who basically need applause to live. This also isn't a bad tack for a Taurus guy, who's often so used to be stubborn and stoic that they appreciate attention a lot.

Libras especially appreciate this because they like spending time with people they like. The best way to do that is to get to know the guy and commiserate with them on a deeper level. This doesn't just mean finding out what they like and trying to get into that yourself. That's actually not as important as learning what makes them tick and allowing them to get to know you. The guys who will appreciate this most are the guys who are generally thinking on another level to begin with, like Scorpios and Capricorns, who are both really ambitious and don't like dealing with shallowness.

This is especially effective on Aquarians, who are generally thinking on several levels regardless of gender. Use body language to say the things you might not be ready to say out loud, and the more perceptive guys will pick up what you're putting down.

Good ways to show that you're interested in him are to use body language that's open, like not crossing your arms, or leaning towards him when he's talking. Also, don't be afraid to innocentlytouch him if the two of you have that kind of relationship.