George sand and frederic chopin relationship

Clef Notes: Chopin's Relationship with George Sand

george sand and frederic chopin relationship

This article discusses the relationship between Frederic Chopin and George Sand. It focuses on the idea that there are many contradictory accounts of this affair. Chopin's Relationship with George Sand. Some are sweet while Frederic Chopin was known to be a very proper man. It's likely that this is the. The Portrait of Frédéric Chopin and George Sand was an unfinished oil-on- canvas She met Chopin in and from conducted a relationship with him for ten years, until two years before he died. Much of the composer's best.

What a brave man she was, and what a good woman! She was buried in the private graveyard behind the chapel at Nohant-Vic. She has a unique place in our age. Others are great men… she was a great woman. Early in her career, her work was in high demand and already bythe first of several compendia of her writings was published in 24 volumes.

george sand and frederic chopin relationship

Victor Hugoin the eulogy he gave at her funeral, said "the lyre was within her. It was necessary to prove that a woman could have all the manly gifts without losing any of her angelic qualities, be strong without ceasing to be tender… George Sand proved it. He also noted that her treatment of imagery in her works showed that her writing had an exceptional subtlety, having the ability to "virtually put the image in the word.

Her ideas on morals have the same depth of judgment and delicacy of feeling as those of janitresses and kept women The fact that there are men who could become enamoured of this slut is indeed a proof of the abasement of the men of this generation.

Inthe police issued an order requiring women to apply for a permit in order to wear male clothing.

Some women applied for health, occupational, or recreational reasons i. In addition to being comfortable, Sand's male dress enabled her to circulate more freely in Paris than most of her female contemporaries, and gave her increased access to venues from which women were often barred, even women of her social standing.

george sand and frederic chopin relationship

Also scandalous was Sand's smoking tobacco in public; neither peerage nor gentry had yet sanctioned the free indulgence of women in such a habit, especially in public though Franz Liszt 's paramour Marie d'Agoult affected this as well, smoking large cigars. While there were many contemporary critics of her comportment, many people accepted her behavior until they became shocked with the subversive tone of her novels.

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I entertain a high regard for all my colleagues, but it is not my place to decide whether she is my sister or my brother. As a consequence of many unorthodox aspects of her lifestyle, Sand was obliged to relinquish some of the privileges appertaining to a baroness,[ citation needed ] though the mores of the period did permit upper-class wives to live physically separate from their husbands, without losing face, provided the estranged couple exhibited no blatant irregularity to the outside world.

Was she his vampire or his guardian angel? There is so much conjecture about who did what to whom in the dramatic story of their break-up that blame is almost impossible to apportion. Solange, Sand's daughter, undoubtedly stirred up a hornets' nest with her poisonous tongue.

But she was a product of an overprotective mother who she felt never loved her.

George Sand

I didn't need a horse or fancy clothes, I needed affection," she claimed after Chopin's death. Indeed Chopin was one of the few people who always stood by George Sand's daughter, and be paid a terrible price for his loyalty.

Maurice, the son, grew increasingly resentful of Chopin's influence on his mother and, now an adult himself, saw Chopin as a rival rather than a fatherly friend in these last years. And then there is poor Augustine Brault.

Brought into the family by George as a 'sister' for Solange, she ended up as everyone's scapegoat, the catalyst for all those simmering family resentments that boiled over during the dramatic summer of Sand's biographers often see Chopin as a millstone around the neck of an extraordinary and diversely-talented woman.

george sand and frederic chopin relationship

Chopin's biographers are more likely to depict Sand as responsible, in some way at least, for the early death of the composer by relinquishing her care for him in his last years. This is also, of course, a tacit admission that we have her to thank for keeping him alive for so long and well enough to compose.

As she had discovered early on in their relationship, on a trip to Majorca inChopin was peculiarly vulnerable to illness, his constitution undermined by tuberculosis.