Ghost hunt mai and naru relationship help

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ghost hunt mai and naru relationship help

As the SPR team goes overseas to help with the case, Naru and Mai's relationship is put to the test when an old friend of Naru's comes back. Could Mai and Naru ever have a normal relationship? She had finally opened her relationship counselling practice, her Ghost Hunting?". Naru always acts like he doesn't care or Mai's annoying but I she's ever in Ghost Hunt Photo: Naru and Mai Kazuya Shibuya and Mai Taniyama anime; So.

ghost hunt mai and naru relationship help

No one knew exactly when it started, but Yasuhara was sure it started in the bar when Mai was in England. They just couldn't admit it to anyone because they publicly said there was no way they would date each other. Naru frowned at Mai. It was one thing to admit to a relationship, and another to admit to being sexually active with each other.

Naru could tease Lin about his nightly activities with Madoka but there was no way he would want to hear how Lin and Madoka really did it. And judging by the snickers in the reception room, Naru knew he wasn't the only one thinking that Ayako spilled too much information. Mai's question seemed to have sunk some sense into Ayako. She looked away, her cheeks as red as her hair. Takigawa was shyly scratching his head. Naru rolled his eyes. Mai and Masako gasped. Masako, like Mai, had become close to Ayako.

But they still threw insults at each other once in a while, mostly about age and credibility. Besides, he and I haven't been together that long. Takigawa frowned at Yasuhara. You can pick which room you want, and you can decorate it too. But since Mai pursued a college degree, the date of the wedding had to be pushed farther than what Naru's parents wanted. They had a lengthy debate on when they should do the wedding.

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In the end, Naru's suggestion that they do the wedding once Mai was ready won. How they were going to know if she was ready was something only Mai and Naru would know. They would most likely just have to wait until Naru "formally" proposed to her. Until then, their friends and family would just have to cross their fingers and hope they don't break up again.

If ever it did happen though, Ayako and Takigawa had expressed their intention of taking Mai under their wing.

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So hearing the couple offering Mai a room in their new home wasn't new to Naru. Lin glanced at Naru. He just sipped his tea. After all, there was just no way he and Mai would break up again. She adores tea biscuits. I know they also make biscuits by purchase orders.

I'll give you their contact number. These cookies are used to raise funds for the orphanage, right? They love these kinds of cookies. Lin nodded at John. John stood up and bowed gratefully at all of them. This will really help the orphanage. Masako tried to invite John in her TV show as a guest.

ghost hunt mai and naru relationship help

Yasuhara was wondering how much he can earn in selling the cookies from the orphanage. Ayako and Takigawa were being bombarded with questions about when they were going to tie the knot, which led to asking Lin about he and Madoka's wedding that was scheduled in the coming month.

They also discussed the news about Emi's upcoming wedding, Shiro-kun's dream of working for SPR someday, and pregnant Florence's invitation for all of them to visit their expanding restaurant in England. The group dispersed at the usual time that SPR closed its office. They walked out of the building together. Mai, Lin and Naru did their usual office closing rituals and decided to leave several minutes after the others walked out the door.

Naru walked into the kitchen while Mai was putting the clean tea cups back into the cupboard. Before he could walk to the lobby, Mai pulled the end of his white shirt's long sleeve. He turned around, raising a brow at him. Mai shyly looked away. Mai looked surprised at Naru. I've been fully aware that we can be ourselves with one another when we met again here in Japan, and I've also been quite aware that there's no one else I'd rather be with. Mai smiled but realized something and quickly followed him out.

She remembered how Naru held her hand, how he embraced her tightly at night, how he walked her to school, and fetched her from work in the first months that he lived with her. According to the author of the series, she considered Naru and Mai to be canon and expected them to be together as a couple eventually. However, she did not want to write that story because it doesn't interest her as a writer.

Edit Monk and Mai have a very close, friendly relationship, and they are often compared to brother and sister. Monk appears to be very protective of Mai. When she attempted to exorcise powerful spirits by herself in Volume 5, it was he who came running to save her, and then gave her a stern lecture about safety. Earlier, he had been the one to teach her the incantations, although only for self-defense. In fact, Monk is usually the one who explains complex terms and theories to Mai when Naru doesn't want to be bothered.

ghost hunt mai and naru relationship help

When Monk finds out that Mai is an orphan, he jokingly offered to marry her, although Mai replies with a good-natured insult. Monk made a similar offer earlier in the series; Mai was upset when she found out that Masako and Naru saw each other outside of work, so Monk took her on a "double date" with Ayako and John, to cheer her up.

Both instances were used by Monk to lighten Mai's mood with platonic intentions.

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Edit Masako and Mai are often at odds throughout the series. They have very different personalities Masako is quiet and elegant while Mai is expressive and simpleand are both competing for Naru's affections. This causes occasional disputes between the two. Their relationship begins to improve in Volume 7, when Masako finally vocalizes her jealousy; ironically, at that time she also says "Because I hate you," when she asks Mai to give her a moment alone.

When Masako is kidnapped in The Bloodstained Labyrinth, Mai has an out-of-body experience, and gives Masako the key to Mai's old house, in order to lift her spirits and to help Masako know that they will find her.

Although there is occasional jealousy between the two after that, they are able to work closely together and begin to behave in a more friendly manner. They both declare their intentions to keep pursuing Naru, but the difficulty of doing so actually serves as a factor in their friendship.

Edit In direct contrast to Masako, Ayako and Mai have very similar personalities, in that they are both loud and opinionated.

The two often bicker, with Mai teasing Ayako about her age and lack of talent, and Ayako mocking Mai for her inexperience and coarse behavior. Mai comes to look up to Ayako as an older sister or mother figure, similar to how she views Bou-san. Ayako also teaches her how to defend herself, in the form of the Nine cuts.

ghost hunt mai and naru relationship help

She is often shown taking care of Mai after Mai goes though incidents. I seriously think not. Which is why they need couples therapy. This indicates Kaori's thoughts. I own nothing but Kaori Minami. Kaori Minami had just finished organizing her desk. Today was the her life long dream became true. She had finally opened her relationship counselling practice, her leaflets had been distributed, and she was staring anxiously at the phone, waiting for the couples to come flocking.

Where were all the troubled couples?

Ghost hunt - mai and naru (all I want)

She stared sadly at her 3 foot high tower of cards, the one she had spent the last three hours building. Resigned to the fact that she probably wouldn't be making any money today she started to pack up her stuff, when suddenly, the phone rang. She grabbed it urgently, knocking over her card tower. You want to book and appointment for tomorrow at 10am, hmm let me see if anything's available" She put the receiver next to some papers she was rustling "Oh your in luck, we've had a cancellation, we'll see you tomorrow at 10 then, Bye!

She was about to have a swig of her coffee when the door to her office opened, and in walked a petite brown haired girl around The girl was the epitome of cuteness, she had to admit, with slightly wavy hair to her shoulders and massive brown eyes.

You must be Miss Taniyama! Nice to meet you! However as soon as Mai sat down, Naru jumped up again but before he could get far, Mai had grabbed the back of his shirt. At Mai's cough, Kaori quickly let go and smiled.