Gildarts and cana relationship goals

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gildarts and cana relationship goals

Gildarts Clive (ギルダーツ ・クライヴ Girudātsu Kuraivu) is one of the Fairy Tail He is the father of Cana Alberona. As Natsu arrives at his house, he instantly asks about his relationship with .. After the rest of Fairy Tail come in the scene, they hear Lapointe revealing his ultimate goal, which was to destroy Zentopia. Laxus Dreyar (ラクサス・ドレアー Rakusasu Doreā) is an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild. About Laxus and Cana death and to annihilate not only Fairy Tail, but also all of the inhabitants of Magnolia, for his goals. . Relationship . The Fairy Tail manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by Hiro . He has said that his father's death influenced the relationship between Natsu and the dragon Igneel. .. Gildarts discovers the truth from Cana twelve years later after Fairy Tail's battle with Grimoire Heart on Sirius Island, and .

Natsu's mind drifted into his subconscious while there Natsu met with Zeref. Natsu immediately attacked what he thought to be Zeref but was told that he is not the real Zeref instead a projection who informs Natsu his death will come very soon and it is for that reason he has come to guide Natsu through some of his lost memories. Zeref requests Natsu calls him "big brother" while they are together for the time being but Natsu refuses and demands answers.

Zeref then shows Natsu their time together as children before showing him their parents and reveals that the family lived in a small peaceful village which later got destroyed by a dragon. A surprised Natsu soon sees the death of his parents and that of himself as well as his subsequent revival as E.

D before Zeref recalls already telling Natsu about this as he later entrusted him in the care of Igneel. Zeref further explains that Natsu had later met the other dragon slayers and states that their lack of recollection on these matters is most likely due to the Dragon Soul Seal and their awakening in X This likely explains why Natsu didn't recognize Zeref on Tenrou Island or his recalling Wendy's name in their meeting.

Zeref soon disappears and is replaced by Sting who explains to the confused Natsu that his subconscious erased Zeref's presence and that if Natsu follows him he'll arrive at his answer. Natsu questions this as Sting states he'll find out the true identity of what it is that lurks inside his body.

In reality, the real Sting saves Yukino and the others from Larcade and angrily comments on how he smells similar to Natsu as Larcade smirks at this. Sting questions Larcade, as Lector and Yukino both inform Sting of Larcade's relation to Natsu and Zeref as the latter is confused about the stench being too similar until Larcade informs him that Natsu is also essentially Zeref's child because he is a demon from Zeref's book before attacking Sting.

Afterwards, Larcade overpowers Sting and when questioning him as to why he was fighting for the sake of guild that wasn't his own; Sting informed Larcade it was for the sake of his friends and that of Natsu's.

Larcade then tells Sting that he will be the one to kill Natsu having decided on that for years. After Sting achieves White Shadow Dragon Mode, he tells Larcade that he's been following Natsu for years and right now he is standing in his way as the latter states he will kill Natsu while calling Sting a weakling who can't stand up to him.

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With that Sting strikes Larcade engages in a fierce battle with the Shield of Spriggan who performs a powerful spell while stating none can resist it which is why his father has entrusted him with the task of defeating Acnologia. However, after a long time passes Sting manages to overpower Larcade with a powerful attack as disbelieving Larcade can only weakly call out for his father before losing consciousness.

Inside the Fairy Tail Guild, Zeref having sensed Larcade's helplessness can sit only with a solemn look on his face. Elsewhere in Natsu's subconscious, Sting is replaced by Rogue who tells Natsu the truth about his scarf as he learns Lucy's ancestor Anna who Natsu confuses for Lucy made it out of Igneel's fallen scales which changed colors. Zeref reappears to tell his younger brother that his "death" has drawn near stating the answers lay ahead for Natsu.

In reality, as everyone is worried for Natsu's well-being the latter mutters he will defeat Zeref in his sleep as Happy breaks down in tears while accidentally revealing to all that if Zeref were to be killed then Natsu will die along with him. In his subconscious, Wendy appears and tells Natsu about the creation of Dragon Slayer magic as he expresses his anger about the guide in his mind constantly changing. Gajeel soon appears and berates Natsu as this was his subconscious' way to restore his lost memories and he along with Wendy proceed to tell an annoyed Natsu that he is getting closer to his answer.

Natsu continues his mental journey but Wendy and Gajeel are no longer present but a projection of Igneel appears to tell Natsu about the dragon seed. He reveals that is what causes dragon slayers to transform into dragons but because he entered Natsu's body by using the dragon soul, he managed to stop its growth. He states it shouldn't be growing anymore as Natsu states it probably because Igneel left his body but the dragon states that's not the case due to their being one more seed in Natsu's body which is called the demon seed which is the proof of natsu's demon status.

Igneel states the two seeds are trying to merge together which is what is happening to Natsu's body right now. A shocked Natsu asks Igneel is this the reason of why he's dying, to which his foster father solemnly confirms as Natsu gives off a sad look.

Natsu begins to lament his impending death before Igneel hits on the head telling him he would die if the seeds fuse but if he chooses one of them he'll either become a demon or a dragon. He then asks Natsu his choice as the latter states he won't become neither as no matter what he is human as Igneel compliments his choice stating that though Natsu was revived as a demon and raised as a dragon he was human.

With this choice, the seeds in Natsu's body break as Igneel tells Natsu to rise on his feet as the latter thanks his foster father.

Natsu wakes up to find himself with Happy and Lucy the latter being naked to warm up Natsu's bodyhe partially informs them of his journey and how he believes he is human though it is unknown whether this is fully true.

The group is interrupted when a light engulfs them. After Universe One wears off, Natsu and the others are sent to Lucy's apartment where Natsu states they will begin their journey to their guild. Natsu and his group soon meet Brandish and shrunken Dimaria who expresses her fear of Natsu as he states his lack recollection on the beating he gave her. When Porlyusica, Evergreen and an unconscious Juvia arrive they question if the group on where Gray is before they all feel the might of August's power before the Shield of Spriggan fights against Gildarts.

With that being settled, Natsu starts to run telling Lucy that he knows where Gray is. Meanwhile at the Fairy Tail Guild, Zeref tells an unidentified person that he never expected to see them arrive mentioning he expected Jellal or Laxus to show up calling his anticipation a disappointment.

The person turns out to be a wounded Gray who tells Zeref to leave the Guild as he is sitting in his spot.

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Zeref muses out an apology to his brother for what is about to occur. As Zeref and Gray stare each other down, the black mage revealed that he is fully aware of Gray being best friends with his brother and of his tragic past caused by one of his demons. Gray is surprised that Zeref knows of him as Zeref reveals that he also knows of Lucy, Happy, Erza, Wendy and Gajeel stating one must know of their enemies.

Gray skips to the point by asking Zeref what his goal was as Zeref answered it was to procure Fairy Heart.

Rebuking this, Gray mentions Zeref's massive army and his immortality questioning why he wanted more power as Zeref states with Fairy Heart he will be able to defeat Acnologia causing Gray to express shock. Zeref states with that in mind he wouldn't mind help if Gray would offer as Gray became annoyed with this.

Zeref then tells Gray that his full goal isn't something as insignificant as that and off-screen divulges his plan to Gray as the latter becomes terrified at the unknown plan.

Zeref then tells Gray that not even his subordinates know of his intentions before stating he will kill Gray so as to cause the final trigger in Natsu to awaken his full abilities. However, Gray tells Zeref he will defeat him but Zeref states it is impossible as he is immortal though does state if he does then Natsu will die.

D for the pain he went through but realized it was pointless stating no matter what Natsu was his friend. Amused Zeref tells Gray that he will lose his friend either way if he dies or if Gray dies but he is told there is another way to defeat Zeref without killing him before using a powerful spell called Iced Shell which he combines with a lost type of magic which will erase the existence and memories of the caster from those who know them.

Zeref is surprised Gray would use this spell but states it will only freeze him as Gray states killing him would mean Natsu's death so he came up with a strategy that won't endanger his friend.

Zeref states that Gray would die from the use and it would be in vain as the ice will melt one day and he would be released but Gray states by that time peace would've return and its his guild's victory.

Natsu soon arrives and stops Gray from using his spell as Zeref smiles at his brother's arrival. Natsu berates Gray for his second attempt at the Iced Shell as Gray says his recent actions state he doesn't belong in the guild as Natsu states his own actions are no better while asking Gray if they are friends. Grays says that if Natsu defeats Zeref he would die which Zeref confirms by saying victory or defeat; either way Natsu will die which is his destiny.

In response, Natsu tells his brother that he doesn't intend on dying and that he will burn his destiny if he has to. Amused by his brother's words, Zeref informs him that he had to accept his destiny as a cursed being as he removes his emperor's robes and prepares for his second fight with Natsu.

Natsu and Zeref face off with one another again only this time Natsu is overwhelmed due to not having the power to keep up with Zeref. The Black Mage taunts his younger brother for his lack of Igneel's power while Natsu tells Zeref that he still has his own power but before the fight can continue everyone senses an incredible magical presence Acnologia. Zeref remarks that Irene's attempts to buy time have run out and tells his brother that he must die for the sake of humanity and for his plans to succeed.

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As the fight between the two brothers continue, Natsu begins to improve and gets an equal footing with Zeref who expresses excitement at his brother's power. Meanwhile, a wounded Larcade travels through Magnolia determined to protect his father.

Eventually Natsu's friends leave at the behest of Mavis Vermillion who telepathically says his fate depends on them. Natsu assures his friends that he won't lose in the fight. After Natsu lands a decisive blow against him, the affects of the latter's curse begin to emerge Zeref remarks that while he must finish their fight he cannot help but express his excitement as Natsu grows irritated at Zeref's words.

As this was happening, Natsu was overcome by a sudden sensation and turns to see Larcade for the first time who has made his way to the guild and has placed a slumber spell on the dragon slayer. Natsu questions Larcade's identity as Zeref is surprised at larcade's arrival while an excited Larcade calls out to his father relieved that he made in time to protect him. Natsu is shocked to hear Larcade call Zeref his father but struggles to keep himself awake from the spell.

He let obscenely loud heavy metal lull him off to sleep. Until a tap on the shoulder woke him up. Growling, he opened one eye. We aren't even done yet," Gray said. The little Dragonslayer moaned, and looked at Laxus pleadingly.

gildarts and cana relationship goals

That expression had no effect on the older boy, though he was too lazy to deal with any shit at the moment. He shooed them away, and the two ran outside to fight some more.

Laxus slouched more comfortably into his chair, resting up for another mission he planned to take later, when the scratchy sound of pencil on paper disturbed him. The brunette shook her head. This part is just kinda tricky.

Out of the kids, Cana was the one he spoke most often to yelling at Natsu didn't count. She didn't mind the cursing, and was pretty open about things. Except for the days where she moped despondently —which he noticed were timed according to Gildart's visits —Cana was an okay little girl. Laxus managed to show her the answer without doing so directly, and she figured most of it out on her own. He admired the way this plucky kid would stubbornly refuse to move on to the next problem if she hadn't figured out the one she was on.

She was clever, and resolute. Those were good qualities to have as an adult. After checking her work —just a few points away from a perfect score —he told her that she could go. He shook his head, gesturing to the three well, two, since Natsu's was burnt to a crisp books he still had to check.

She nodded, and set out the door. Half-way to the door, she turned around and beamed at him.

Laxus will lie in his bed, and wonder if sixteen year old him had any idea that one day, he would fall desperately, madly in love with that scrawny brunette kid who needed help solving her math problems. Family Gildarts Clive will stand five feet away from his arch nemesis, Ivan Dreyar.

His mouth will go dry, his eye will twitch, and he will raise an accusing finger at the criminal. Around his wrists will be bands supressing his magic power, ensuring that he won't try anything suspicious. The setting will be at Cana and Laxus's apartment, with the two standing in the living room across both ends of the coffee table as Makarov sits on the couch, highly amused.

gildarts and cana relationship goals

The rivalry these two have predates to before Gildarts was Fairy Tail's most powerful, before Ivan turned to the shadows. The brunette will touch her father's forearm to placate him. Let's just go eat, m'kay? He'll give Ivan one last menacing growl before allowing himself to be lead to the dining area. The blond will come up behind his father and place a firm hand on his back.

Ivan will shrug his shoulder away and feign a disgusted look at his son, before following after Gildarts alone. Laxus will sigh in annoyance, before beckoning his grandfather with a nod of his head. Fairy Tail's master, soon to be retiring, will hobble over to the Lightning Dragonslayer. Laxus will reach a hand out to his elbow to steady him, and Makarov will accept this, because he's just getting older by the second.

Makarov will sit at the head of the table, with Laxus on his right and Cana sitting across her boyfriend. Gildarts and Ivan will be placed beside their respective child, meaning that they will have to sit across each other.

If looks could kill, both the lovers would be orphans. It is after dinner, after dessert, and after everyone's had a little to drink that Cana will decide to just go out and say it. Gildarts will keep chewing and chewing, and when the words final register in his brain, he will stop chewing, and drop his fork. His eyes will widen as if the concept of a child is so foreign to him, and Laxus will be grateful he wore a groin guard in anticipation.

Ivan's face will be half delight at Gildart's incredulous expression, half horror because his spawn spawned with his spawn.

I'll bet she'll be a girl, she'll be so gorgeous like you, Cana cakes! And I'll teach her everything I know, this little girl is going to die a virgin if I have anything to say about it —" "Hold on," Ivan will cut in. And who says you're going to be the one teaching it?

gildarts and cana relationship goals

Why, it will be all me, and I'm going to teach him to be the most powerful, destructive force in the world! Of course he'll be used for evil, working for me.

Why would I be mad —" the wheels will start to turn in Gildart's head, and then he will arrive at that dreadful epiphany. Cana will have spoken too soon. Ivan will be dragged into the scuffle, and there they'll have a full blown brawl, with Makarov roaring with laughter and cheers on the side lines.

Cana will place a gentle hand on her stomach. Look how messed up your family tree is going to be. Magic Laxus has devoted his entire life to finding, harnessing, mastering the most powerful form of magic that could possibly exist. That's what all the travels, and training, and reading —and Laxus positively hates reading —have been for. Because he can admit, he is a greedy, self-righteous, power hungry bastard. Tell him that, and all he'll do is question why that's such a bad thing.

Becoming guild master has been his goal since he could comprehend the simplest of things, could walk and talk. His quest for power was innocent in nature, at least when he was starting out. He wanted to be strong to be good enough to lead Fairy Tail. He wanted to be strong enough to protect the people he cared for, namely everyone in the guild.

But first and foremost, what he wanted was to be acknowledged by his father. He could remember a time when things were alright, when Ivan would let him ride on his shoulders to watch frivolities like parades and such, and the three of them plus his grandfather would go on picnics along the banks of the river. He was happy then. But then his mother died, and his father was never the same after that. Laxus couldn't understand what was happening, why mommy wasn't coming back anymore, and why daddy started to shout mean words to everyone, most commonly directed at him.

Cana has large brown eyes, with long eyelashes. Cana's face is noticeably sharper in the manga compared to her appearance in the anime. She possesses a very voluptuous figure, with large breasts and curvy hips, which slowly become more and more defined in later stages of the series. Her black Fairy Tail stamp is located on the lower left part of her abdomen, right above her hips. Cana's fingernails, while usually shown to be cut back and uncolored, are sometimes kept long and adorned by nail polish of different colors: Cana's shapely upper body is usually left largely exposed, with most of her attires being distinctively scanty.

Her standard outfit consists of a light blue bikini top which features a camouflage pattern, a pair of calf-length brown pants, with two bands hanging from each leg and a light belt covered in heart motifs loosely tied around the waist, and high-heeled sandals.

She also had a pair of metal bracelets adorning her biceps, bearing an incision composed of many "A"s, and three simple, round metal bracelets on her right wrist.

Around the time of the S-Class Trial, Cana wore a new outfit, very similar to her standard one, but slightly more concealing: Her black, calves-long pants were held up by a tighter-fitting, pinkish purple belt adorned by red hearts, and her high-heeled sandals were replaced by short-heeled ones, secured to her feet by many striped bands, going up to her middle calves.

While in this outfit, she had no visible jewelry. During the first stages of the arc, she wore a revealing, dark bikini paired with light-colored flip-flops. After the war with Grimoire Heart was over, Cana once again changed her outfit, with the new one being noticeably different, consisting of a short-sleeved light shirt with dark inner edges, revealing much of her neckline, a dark, pleated miniskirt, distinctive tights covered in a leopard pattern, and dark boots.

After the return from Tenrou Island, Cana is shown donning an outfit highly reminiscent of her standard ones, with subtle differences: She also added three more metal bracelets, circling her left wrist, to her standard jewelry. Cana always carries around a shoulder bag, with the plain brown strap passing over her left shoulder and diagonally crossing her chest, which is covered and completely obscured by a mass of very long and massive feathers, which are pinkish purple and occasionally a light blue in color.

Cana has a great love, bordering on addiction, for alcoholic drinks, so much so that she is often seen drinking directly from a large beer barrel. She started drinking from the age of thirteen, two years before the legal age, and her drinking amount has grown to the point that thirty percent of Fairy Tail's liquor budget goes down her throat.

One of the more serious members of the guild, she hardly ever goofs off except when she's drinkingunlike other members. She seems to harbor some romantic feelings for Macao Conbolt, her drinking buddy, as when he suggested she cut down a bit she did so.

But when she discovered he had a new girlfriend she redoubled her drinking. In the guild itself, Cana often assumes leadership positions in a pinch, such as in the fight against the Phantom Lord Guild, and assesses situations in a logical manner.

She is extremely loyal to the guild and its members, regardless of how new they are or their background. Cana's loyalty towards her fellow guild members is shown when she angrily attacks Freed Justine when he forced Juvia Lockser to render herself unconscious and derided her as "the Phantom girl". In addition, Cana always stands up for her dreams to become an S Class Mage and never goes down without a fight, as shown when she attacks Freed, despite being unable to defeat him in the past, without hesitation during their S-Class Qualification Exam battle.

However, the S-Class exam shows another side of her, one who is willing to betray her teammates to become an S-Class Mage.