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Glee: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Finn And Rachel’s Relationship

Rachel finally discovered the truth about her boyfriend Brody on the latest out that he was a male prostitute, she broke off their relationship. Glee's Dean Geyer on Brody's Relationship with Rachel — and event on October 20, and we asked him all of our burning questions. Both Kurt and Rachel express a borderline obsession with the musical Glee features all kinds of romantic relationship combinations, thus Glee often takes on issues that are sore subjects but common . Rachel and Brody.

Want to know what would have been a better decision? Talking to each other like adults to determine what would have been best. Finn did not need to dramatically send her away-- they could have worked something out together.

Instead, they threw their relationship away and never recovered. In fact, it is possible that Finn is her first serious boyfriend.

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This could be the explanation for why her attraction tactics are not very good. In an effort to attract Finn, Rachel is desperate to have him notice her over Quinn. In a scene which is often forgotten about, Rachel attempts to force herself to vomit in order to lose weight and appear more attractive to Finn. Thankfully, Emma Pillsbury stops her and informs her of other ways to be noticed.

Considering Rachel's status as a role model during the later seasons, this uncomfortable moment is likely something showrunners would like to forget.

While her fashion sense in high-school is described as being dressed by a "blind Sunday school teacher," it is a part of her personality. Her journey of personal growth is commendable, however it causes her to fully forget about her relationship with Finn.

Her new style of dress gives her more confidence, but things go too far when she kisses Brody. Unfortunately, this would be the last time they are together.

What makes this moment even more crushing is that Rachel did not even stay with him afterwards. Before Finn wakes up, she sneaks out of the room quietly. However, it seems that all fans of the show wish that this was the moment they would have decided to stay together.

Following the events of "I Do", Rachel is seen frantically calculating dates on a calendar before taking a pregnancy test. While they are both consenting adults before getting together and the timeframe suggests that she was worried about it being Brody's child, she does not inform Finn.

With their relationship in a state of fluctuation, a pregnancy would have caused a serious issue-- particularly if it was not his child. While it is unlikely that the baby would have been his anyway, it is strange that he would not be aware what she was going through.

A very strange thing about Finn and Rachel is that they each had a level of romance with a staff member of McKinley. Early on in the series, Rachel develops a crush on Will Schuester, and is infatuated with how he performs. This even gets to the point of them awkwardly singing a duet of "Endless Love" together. While the relationship does not for any further than that, it is very cringeworthy. Furthermore, Finn also kisses Emma at one point.

While he does this in an effort to calm her down, it was very awkward as she was engaged to Will at the time. While entirely an accident which stemmed from Finn's miserable dancing ability, he winds up breaking Rachel's nose in "Born This Way". Finn's dancing has never been pretty to look at, but this is the first time it resulted in bodily harm. Anytime that there is something which may affect Rachel's singing ability, it becomes the end of the world.

Ultimately, she decides against the surgery and heals fine, but surely she was afraid of Finn's dancing anytime they were on stage together. Despite being in a relationship, they did not attend their senior prom as a couple.

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Once during season 2 as an upbeat and fun number, and again as a slowed down piano version during season 4. The second performance was such an emotional rendition it raised questions from other characters as to what the motivation behind the sad song was, and what was wrong.

Both times this song was used on Glee it was performed by the same character. Rachel Santana Kurt Defying Gravity is one of the most, if not the most, famous song from the smash musical hit Wicked. Both Kurt and Rachel express a borderline obsession with the musical hit over the course of the show. There are jokes made throughout the show that apparently Defying Gravity is the only song that can be performed in what is known as a "Diva Off", during which singers perform the same song and the remainder of the glee club votes on which singer performed the song the best.

Question 4 Which group performed Bohemian Rhapsody? This song is iconic in its own right, and would be incredibly difficult for any singer or singing group to tackle successfully. With that being said, one of these glee clubs decided to attempt to master the number for their regionals performance. This number mainly focused around one main vocalist, but due to the many vocal layers of the song, there were moments for other singers to shine as well.

Question 5 Which duet pair sang Lucky? Sam and Quinn Santana and Brittany Puck and Quinn As much as some of the glee club members would prefer to have every number be a solo, duets are also a big part of this television show. Glee features all kinds of romantic relationship combinations, thus representing a fairly typical high school hormonal experience.

In the show, duets are often used when representing both good and bad times of romantic relationships. Occasionally throughout the series, duets are used to emote the struggles or joys between two friends, or enemies in the case of Mr. Question 6 Who sang lead on Tik Tok? Santana Brittany Quinn Whenever the New Directions have a performance in front of the school, there is one singer they tend to turn to more than the others. It is arguably strategic that Mr.

Schuester chooses one of the popular girls that has a great voice and a lot of energy to represent the group by singing lead during these school wide performances.

This ensures that the group is less likely to be publicly mocked if the one singing lead is someone other classmates enjoy. Question 7 Which guest star performed Forget You? This special guest star was featured on Glee when Mr. Schuester was sick, and this famous actress stepped in as the substitute teacher.

Once she arrived, she quickly realized that the members of the glee club were not given many opportunities to perform the songs that they wanted to sing, as opposed to what Mr.

Schuester wanted them to sing.