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Eric and Sookie Relationship Information Status Shared Blood, Made Love, Lived In Season 2, Eric enlists the help of Sookie to find his maker, Godric. Godric/ Eric & Godric's relationship brought the heroine to tears. What can we Eric trust Pam to handle "buisness" matters as a partner. During their talk, Pam is . She may have been relieved that clearly Eric and Godric had It made her question whether jumping into a relationship with said vampire had his life after all so he must trust her enough to reassess his decision, but Eric.

In they tracked a werewolf down to a house in AugsburgGermany. The werewolf attacked and killed an American soldier before turning on Eric, but Godric stabbed her in the arm with a bayonet, pinning her to the wall.

Eric demanded to know who her master was, but the werewolf said she'd only tell them if he let her drink some of his blood. Godric was deeply offended by the idea, as vampire blood is sacred.

Eric, however, didn't care. He bit himself and allowed the werewolf to feed from his wrist. She then revealed that her master was a vampire. The werewolf took advantage of his distraction by pushing Eric to the ground and attempting to stake him. Godric intervened and snapped the werewolf's neck. Godric lectured his progeny about maintaining control of his emotions, before promising to hunt the blasphemous vampire down.

Shortly after this confrontation, Eric and Godric parted ways.

EN: ATS, Chapter 15

They would not meet again for many decades. Season 2 "A human with me at the end, and human tears. Two thousand years and I can still be surprised.

In the chaos, Stan showed up with reinforcements to start a conflict with the "anti-vampire" church, but Godric stopped him. Preaching a message of peaceful co-existence with humans, Godric defused the situation and returned to his nest with the vampires of the area.

Believing that his year existence was a long enough life, Godric chose to meet the sun of his own free will. An emotional Eric tried to stop him, however Godric had evolved to the point where he could no longer exist in a manner that required violence and bloodshed.

Although Eric demanded to stay with his maker to their deaths, Godric commanded Eric to seek shelter from the sun.

It was Sookie Stackhouse who stayed by Godric's side in the end. Godric asked Sookie if she believed in God, she answered confidently, "Yes. She looked at the sea, but saw nothing. His words were ringing loud in her head. She trusted him above everything. She was always proud of their relationship, thinking it was deeper and stronger than any other maker-progeny relationships.

Just like the relationship between Eric and Godric. It wasn't like that though, as it turns out. He lied to her. All these years… he leaded her to believe he was sharing his life with her, telling her his darkest secrets and deepest desires.

In reality, he had told her only what he thought necessary.

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Would have Godric done that to Eric? She highly doubted it. She kept asking herself why did he not trust her. All her life, everything she'd ever done, was obeying his orders and following his lead. She was shocked the night he came to her, demanding she revealed where Russell Edgington was. Accusing her she dug him up. He threatened her and pressed her into the table, his hand tight on her throat, snarling at her.

There surely were times when he lost his temper with her. She was no sweetie, after all. But he never ever treated her like that. He'd ask her what he wanted with a voice like honey, threatening a punishment if she lied. But telling him the truth seemed like a second nature to her. The only times she lied were when she wanted to tease him, or when the promised punishment seemed especially… sinful. But that night when he came after the long disappearance was the first time he actually used physical power.

It was also the first time she was actually afraid of him. She thought then that it was because of the time he spent within the Authority.

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What Jessica had told her was pretty much sounding like a nest. So she hoped he changed because of that. Because of the blood that was making him stronger, but at the same time more aggressive and sadistic. Now, however, that was no longer the option. A better theory was that, now that he found Nora again, no doubt after he hadn't seen her in a long time, he felt sort of nostalgic about the past. And Pam was not part of his past. She was his present.

She stepped through the sand, closer to the seashore, and sat down, not caring about her designer clothes right now. They were already ruined by blood. Tara was right beside her.

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Was it that obvious? That she loved him with everything she had? That she lived for him? She felt uncomfortable at the thought of someone else knowing her emotions.

The only one with whom she always could share her every emotion was Eric. But then again, Eric was her 'only one' in many many senses. When she understood Tara wasn't going anywhere, she added, a little harsher — "I mean it. You just don't want me to see you crying. Then, only after a few seconds, added — "Well, I'm crying!

But it's because I'm fucking pissed! She kept wondering if it would be the same with them as is it was with her and Eric. What if they spend a century together, maybe more, and then one day Tara learns it had all been a lie? What if she makes the same mistake as Eric? What if she'd be forced to witness the relationship they'd built crumble in front of her eyes? Will she hate her progeny then? Will she hate her maker? Did Eric hate her? She could not stand the thought of it.

Tara's touch was comforting, and soon she found she was feeling better. At least she knew if she had to leave Eric she wouldn't be alone. Yet, the thought was still liquid pain for her. When she finally calmed down and washed away the tears, they headed towards the others, wondering what were they doing in their absence.

However, what they found was surely not what they have been expecting. Nora was on the bridge, her back to Pam, her hands up in surrender. Jason was right in front of her, pointing a gun at Nora and throwing a tantrum about vampires "brainraping" him against his will. Pam glanced at Eric. He stood some distance away behind Nora, confident as ever, fangs drawn, ready to defend her, if necessary. Pam watched him, a look of pure possession on his face.

The message it held was clear: Do so and it will be the last thing you do. She used to be jealous of Sookie. Now that seemed childish to her. Sookie, while important to Eric, was still a human, even if not entirely human. The fact was, she shared nothing with Eric. A few blood exchanges were not enough to build a connection time was able to. Time was Sookie's disadvantage, because, while Sookie knew Eric for a few years, Pam did for a hundred. There was a lot they've been through, together, a lot of things that bound them.

Nora, however, was entirely different. She could see she was important to Eric, and she assumed they've been through a lot together, too.

Nora was a far better reason to be jealous. The conflict ended when Sookie stepped in, protecting Nora from Jason with her body. The two women who could take him from me are getting along. What else could I have dreamed of? Finally, Sookie said she'd get her to Bill. Tara wanted to go, too, but before Pam could stop her, Eric did. He caught her arm, and returned her to Pam's side, gentler than he would if she would have not been Pam's progeny.

She didn't notice it, however, as he spoke. We'll come right behind. A wave of fear swept through her, along with a little bit of hurt, because he trusted Nora, and not her, to go with him. She pushed it aside, however. It was dangerous for him to go. His safety was the priority. Her jealousy would have to wait.

But he cut her off, before she could even finish her sentence. She obeyed immediately, stepping aside, her heart breaking into tiny pieces. No one spoke for a few minutes, than Tara broke the silence. You don't have to do as he says, you know. Of course he had to. Whatever happened, however he changed, no matter how much times he released her and told her to get out of his sight, she would still obey his orders.

Her blood called her to do so. But so did her soul. They ran to Fangtasia with vampire speed and got there in 40 minutes. But, sometimes, it takes losing some shit to make room for something new. It's just you and me now, right? Pam turned around, putting a finger to her progeny's lips, speaking with a determined voice.

Pam raised her hand, ready to slap her child, but she didn't get to, as Tara raised her own hand to catch her maker's. Of course Pam allowed it. She was physically stronger, there was no doubt. But it was the action in itself that had Pam filling with indignation. That's up to you. But I didn't sign up for that shit! Pam felt her rage, so sharp it practically dripped from her words as she spoke. You have no idea what it means to be someone's partner for a hundred years!

What's your longest relationship, Tara? That's what you think? You cannot replace him…" — she spoke, not a bit disappointed, as if she didn't want him to be replaced. Tara stayed glued to the floor, thinking her maker's words over.