Grey and shepherd relationship questions

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grey and shepherd relationship questions

questions and answers about 'Grey's Anatomy' in our 'Television D-G' category. In the interns called Derek Dr. McDreamy. . They began their relationship on the first episode when Derek met Meredith sitting at Joe's Bar before the first. When she met Derek Shepherd everything changed. he decided to work on his relationship with her over starting anew with Meredith Grey. If you're upset about the death of Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy, to Seattle, thereby threatening his relationship with young intern Meredith Grey. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video.

Medical plotlines were completely secondary to the relationships, and Meredith and Derek were the primary couple. Here are Derek and Meredith in the Season 3 finale. She uses her relationship with Cristina Yang Sandra Oh to evade the issue instead. After three season of MerDer drama — which of course would persist for many more episodes — we were all as emotionally exhausted as Derek was in that scene.

For all of the rapidly shifting relationships — Izzie had approximately 8, suitors rough estimate by the end of Season 3 — MerDer was tired. The rising importance of CrisMer saved us from a poorly plotted romance arc while reinforcing the female-charged tenor of the show. Meredith and Derek finally got married at the end of Season 5. We thought we were in the clear. Their marriage was born out of life! This happy, vivacious Meredith was far more likable than the intern we first met.

We were told from the beginning that she was a gifted surgeon, but only a few seasons in did Meredith get story lines that reinforced this notion. Whenever they would fight or have a serious issue with one another, which happened fairly often for a couple as in love as they were, they would call "Post-It" and that would effectively stop the argument.

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Calling "Post-It" made the other person recall what was written on their note, especially the first part, which was, "Love each other even when we hate each other. Reading the rest of the note, you can see it says that they will "Take care when old senile and smelly and it's forever.

grey and shepherd relationship questions

Even until the very end, they both relied on the note whenever they were fighting. When Derek moved away for a job in D. In a lot of ways, the Post-It Note was the physical embodiment of their marriage.

Instead, he begins to show increased disregard for his own safety in what can only be described as a search for more adrenaline in his life. At this point in their relationship, Derek and Meredith are married via Post-It Note and they are about as serious a couple as they can be, but Meredith is constantly worried about him. His behavior is so destructive, she doesn't know how to handle it and when it lands him in police lock-up, she has two options: Meredith opts to keep Derek in jail for the simple fact that she will know where he is, he is safe, and isn't "wrapped around a telephone pole somewhere.

For the most part, this wasn't a big problem for the couple in their jobs or their personal lives. Their friends respected their rather unorthodox "wedding" and they certainly didn't have any problems at work, but there came a time when they decided it would be a good idea to really get married. A requirement to trot on over to City Hall and make their marriage official arose when it came time to adopt their first child, Zola.

Zola had been a patient at the hospital who was flown to the States for treatment in a program at the hospital. Meredith and Derek fell in love with the little girl and decided to adopt her, but without a legal marriage, the State wouldn't entertain the idea. Everything was going just as planned until Burke walked out on Cristina at the altar, leaving her heartbroken and confused as to what went wrong. Question 22 Where does Derek live when he first moves to Seattle?

On a house boat In a trailer in the woods In a hotel In a log cabin Derek is a world famous Nuerosurgeon who could probably live anywhere in the world that he so pleased. He came to Seattle when his old friend, Richard Webber, offered him a job. He ended up liking it way better then he ever expected and decided to set down some roots.

grey and shepherd relationship questions

When his wife came to town she was not happy with where he was staying and was not shy about showing this. Meredith was a bit more understanding but still questioned it.

Question 23 What is the name of the surgical method that Ellis invented? She was able to solve things and work out problems in her mind that no other doctors could. She developed a specific surgical method that she created a name for. This method is what she became known for and what the main part of her legacy was. Do you remember what she decided to call this method? Question 24 What is the name of Richard's first wife? Amelia Alexis Adele Richard had a bit of a complicated life when he was younger.

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He was married to a wonderful woman who loved him more than anything and was even willing to give up having children so that he could better his career. However he cheated on her with Ellis Grey. Despite his infidelities his wife stayed with him and eventually he became the man that she thought he always was.

They reconnect and fall in love all over again before tragedy strikes. Question 25 What do Richard and Amelia have in common? They are both nuero surgeons They are both recovering addicts They are both close to Derek They are both adopted Richard is a seasoned surgeon who has been at this a long time.

Amelia is very experienced for her age however she is still pretty young and still figuring somethings out. These two doctors have something in common that not too many people know about. As a result, they look for one another when things get a bit hectic and crazy. Do you remember what the two of them have in common?

Is it their close relationship with Derek or something else? Question 26 Why does Riggs leave Seattle? They served in the army together and Rigg's was engaged to Owen's sister until her disappearance. When Rigg's first came to Seattle Owne was not happy because he felt that he moved on too fast from his sister and also heard that he cheated on her. Rigg's begins a relationship with Meredith Grey which is not an easy thing to do but right when things are getting serious he leaves town.

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Question 27 Why does Owen cheat on Cristina? She cheats on him She aborts their baby without his consent She pulls away from him He is drunk and doesn't realize what he is doing Owen and Cristina seem like the perfect couple.

grey and shepherd relationship questions