Grojband corey and laney relationship counseling

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grojband corey and laney relationship counseling

This article focuses on the relationship between Corey Riffin and Laney Penn. In addition to being bandmates, Corey and Laney are also childhood best friends. Take my relationship with Trent for example. I take her advice and pull my phone out. We arrive at Corey's house to find Kin, Kon, Jake, and Jessica the videos I took of Corey and Laney didn't really serve a purpose. This page talks about the relationship between Corey Riffin and Trina Riffin. and so she acted bossy toward Corey, Kin, Kon, and Laney and immediately told . encourages her to "ask someone for a dance", to which she needs his advice.

Edit Corey is going to lie to Cake Barney about being in love so they can play at his daughters wedding. When Corey is unsure who to say he is in love with to Barney, Laney sees this as a perfect opportunity and tells Barney that Corey was in love with her.

Corey and Laney

Corey is very shocked to hear her say this but then when he sees Kin and Kon motioning to him that if he plays along with this, they'll get to play at the wedding and eat cake, he quickly acts very excited about being in love with Laney and they both pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Barney tells them that they have to prove that they're in love, so Corey and Laney both go on a picnic together to prove to Barney that they knew what love felt like.

grojband corey and laney relationship counseling

When Corey asks about why they chose a picnic, Laney flutters her eyes and has hearts over her head. After Kin and Kon spray water in her eye, thinking they would wash a bug out, Laney yells "Beat it, so Corey can love me", but quickly follows up by saying "so we can fool Barney and cake can happen. They ordered a chocolate smoothie and drink from the same smoothie. Laney lovingly looks at Corey, who seems completely unaware.

Laney proclaims that sharing a milkshake is super cute, Corey complains that he wanted banana.

Grojband - Teaching Corey to Love

Laney replies that "Chocolate is cuter". When Kin and Kon blow bubbles in their smoothie, making it explode, Laney gets angry, but it makes Corey laugh. Corey and Laney then go for a walk on the beach. Laney's eyes are shimmering and she has hearts over her head when looking at Corey.

Corey, unaware of Laney's feelings, makes a funny face at her and laughs. Corey and Laney then go into the ocean and start splashing each other with water and laughing. Being mad at both of them, Laney buries them in the sand and conties on her date with Corey. Corey and Laney then go into the tunnel of love together.

Laney says that "when you're in love, even doing nothing at all is wonderful". Corey replies by saying that it "felt kind of boring", but Laney shushes him and says that it is wonderful. Kin and Kon ruin the date once again by ramming their swan in Corey and Laney. Corey seems to enjoy this, wanting to ram them back, but Laney tells him that it is not romantic. He tries to motivate Laney by saying that they'll be doing it "together. Laney then smiles and hugs a sad Corey After their date, Corey and Laney return to the garage laughing.

grojband corey and laney relationship counseling

Laney explains to them that Corey and her would sing a duet at the wedding. He punches her down to her floor. Back in the video, Corey starts shouting at his sister.

You've ruined so many things in my life but this crosses the line. He doesn't come out for another few minutes but he goes and turns off the camera switch. After which the screen kicks back in, I guess he didn't even know the cameras were on.

He walks to a different camera and Kin changes the angle to that specific one. Tears start coming down his face. If you're watching this, I want you to know that. I never meant to hurt you. I never wanted anything like this to happen.

I know you'll never believe me but I wrote a song, back when we first kissed. I never knew when I wanted you to hear it.

Bryan Adams - I Do It For You Look into your heart, you will find There's nothin' there to hide Take me as I am, take my life I would give it all, I would sacrifice Don't tell me, it's not worth fightin' for I can't help it, there's nothin' I want more You know it's true I do it for you There's no love, like your love And no other, could give more love There's nowhere, unless you're there All the time, all the way Instrumental Look into your heart babe Instrumental Oh you can't tell me it's not worth tryin' for I can't help it, there's nothin' I want more Ya I would fight for you I'd lie for you Walk the wire for you Ya I'd die for you You know it's true Everything I do - ooohhh I do it for you Tears fill my eyes and they drop once there's so much.

Corey looks into the camera. Kin shuts the video off and we walk over to the rest of our group. Depending on the note, he either ran away or worse. He could've killed himself.

grojband corey and laney relationship counseling

Jake stands up while Jessica and Gwen helps Kin over to the couch. I run back over to the computer screen and open the video back up.

Corey and Trina

I tell the rest of the group and we each split up with the exception of Kin and Kon. Jake, Jessica, and Gwen haven't texted me about anything. I hope he hasn't left us yet. Though it's still pouring like a wildfire out here, I won't quit until I find him. I ride the bike out of town to the edge of Peaceville bridge to see Corey's bike hidden in the forested area.

I throw my bike down and run up to it hoping I can find him. I pull my phone out and I text everybody my location. When all the texts have been sent, I stand up and look around to find nothing until I see something on the bridge that gets my attention.

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I see a teenager, in a red hoodie with an orange beanie standing straight up on the edge of the bridge. I abandon the bike and I run towards the middle of the bridge calling his name.

But right as I get to him his body falls off of the bridge. His eyes closed and I try to reach him but I can't. He slowly starts to sink and I run to the end of the bridge. I try to make my way down as quickly and safely as possible. Lightning strikes a tree which starts moving. I fall when it got struck and I notice that it's coming my way. I quickly move out of the way before it kills me when I feel a giant pain shoot up my arm. I try to push the tree off it but it doesn't budge so I try pulling my arm out.

After a few strong tugs, my arm shoots out from under the tree and is even more pain than before. I refuse to let anything stand in my way though. I stand up and make my way over the tree. But when my feet touch the ground, I land in slippery mud which causes me to fall and tumble down the hill. I finally stop at the riverbank and realize that the rain must be flooding it. That's when i throw my jacket off and dive into the water. I quickly swim down to the floor of the river and I drag his body as much as I can to the top.

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Once I can finally breath, I pull him to the grass. I flip him over so he's lying on his back and I notice some blood on his head. I start to feel woozy and I notice blood has been coming out of my arm through tons of scratches.

Out of nowhere, I hear ambulances and police cars in the distance and I look down at Corey and give him a kiss before I say "I forgive you. I think this is the biggest event I've ever written. Tell me what you guys think and Thank you so much for the reviews. Chapter 12 will be up sometime tomorrow. Thanks For Coming Out Everyone!

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