Guru and solar relationship test

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guru and solar relationship test

Hot97 Test Page; menu-icon Jarren Benton Fans and former associates of Guru were outraged, but Solar answered with this Picture 18 Guru's sister Patricia Elam sent out this Elam family statement: The Elam Video: Solar speaks on Guru's alleged last words, and the nature of their relationship. With allegations of physical abuse, forgery and fraud surrounding the death of rapper Guru, Toronto jazz trumpeter Brownman is speaking out. Guru Partner Solar gave notice that year-old Guru had died yesterday (April ), from cancer.

Solar Was Guru's Abusive Gay Lover?

Get well Gifted Universal Rhymes Unlimited. March 6, at We need you out here. I know now's probably not the best time, but let's be honest: You could drop 'em from your hospital bed using sign language.

I know Gangstarr and been in the rap game for a while. A had a ex-boyfriend who was crazy about the group and as I surprise I purchased a couple of their Cd's for him. March 6, at 9: Get well soon, HOPE to hear you on the mic again!! God Bless March 6, at 8: You made some ninjas enroll in classes and pursue degrees without even seeing them or touching them? Ninja listen to Gangstarr and start looking and the jail cell kinda strange.

Jay Z and Wayne would never sacrifice the fame and lyrics to be that for us. March 6, at 7: Bro Guru;you will be made whole in Jesus Christ name. Thy brother when youre out and has rested enough now go back into the sterio and bless thy fans with thy truth of spiritual Hip-Hop that will last until the return of the King Jesus Christ.

Thy servant bro Guru,this to shall past and remember what you saw and dont forget thy promise. It is time to show thy world whats in thy heart and thy spirit that will change the world forever in Jesus Christ name.

guru and solar relationship test

Has it been a challenge as far as being artists while at the same time having to manage things on the business end? One of the rewards of it is the creative control, because obviously we have cutting edge intelligent creative ideas that would probably get stifled, and actually, not even probably, they would get stifled in another scenario. You can certainly nominate us for even a BS Grammy, and I really hope that you put this out there because, again, the fans are being shortchanged! How often does something like this happen, when you hear David Sanborn, a Grammy winner with Damian Marley [who is also] a Grammy winner?

When are they going to hear this?

guru and solar relationship test

Are they going to wait for somebody to steal it from us and then nominate it for a Grammy? Shame on these people! The music industry has been in decline for some time now and the Grammys have also largely gone in a similar direction; but how have we managed to deteriorate to such a low level?

Interview Guru and Solar - 2007 - part 2

So they kinda have their own hang-ups and their own grudges that they hold against the real creative geniuses too.

What would you say God?

Guru & Solar Interview: Corner Prophecies - RiotSound

What, in your opinion, is the state of New York Hip-Hop? Is New York Hip-Hop ever coming back to prominence or is it basically a dead issue at this point?

You can try to change history ultimately, but, I would say this, many have tried and they all failed. But 7 Grand [are] reasonable generals. You have to have balance. Hip-Hop was born out of goodness, fairness, Black people loving each other and building something that the world came to admire, and then the young white kids wanted to join in and the Puerto Ricans and Latinos joined in.

And then we saw something that the whole world wanted to be a part of and we let them be a part of it. We opened ourselves to them and said — here, be a part of this. You also have to remember, Hip-Hop started without any money involved. You guys have been touring a lot lately with shows overseas as well as stateside. How would you describe a Guru and Solar concert?

The youth is loving it when they come to see our concerts. I call them the young innovative Hip-Hop heads. » Travesty: Guru’s family contradicts Solar’s claims about Guru’s final words (Updated)

But these young cats who are 15, 16, with a little bit of change in their pocket, they come and drop that 30 bucks to come see us. And that may be one of the kindest things said about Solar, friend and confidant of the rap legend since Beloved rap figures such as? Solar maintains his intentions are pure and sat down with MTV's Sway for an extensive discussion about his relationship with Guru and all the controversy surrounding his role in Guru's life and tragic death.

I wasn't interested in him as Guru. Me and him just hit it off as men. I got to know him as a man, he got to know me as a man.

guru and solar relationship test

We were both going through tricky periods in our lives. I was working with homeless children at the time. It's a heavy problem Guru was dealing with certain situations. We started hanging out, hitting the clubs in New York. We needed to lighten it up a little bit.

guru and solar relationship test

I just listened and became a friend.