Haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship goals

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haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship goals

Our goal is to support the love between these 2. Nothing more. relationship in Accel World is that of Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime, it is a ground with her, sharing in each other's secrets, dreams and goals. Haruyuki tells her reaching for that goal is only normal. .. Give Geeks a Chance: The relationship between Haru and Kuroyukihime is that of the School Idol and.

haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship goals

For his part Haruyuki loves the idea of being close to her, wanting to stick by this girl who he idolises and considers her a goddess in human form. Their relationship is held back by their own personal problems, along with the attitudes that they hold towards the world around them and how they fit into it. Haruyuki for example has a massive inferiority complex, and while he wants to stand besides Kuroyukihime, he believes that he does not deserve this honour.

Throughout the series so far we have seen Haruyuki second-guessing himself and also her feelings, questioning whether she can truly love someone like him, or whether she is merely playing with him. And yet he also wants to become strong enough to protect her, believing that by doing so he will perhaps be worthy of that place by her side. Through all this we see the notion that he has to support her, in effect Haruyuki has not, and cannot accept the idea that someone as beautiful and powerful as Kuroyukihime can possibly be in love with the pathetic person that he sees himself as.

Kuroyukihime is a character that is hated and reviled in Accel World, the great betrayer who broke the truce and attempted to gain even more power. Her sole goal, her drive is that of achieving the mystical level 10 and discovering the truth behind this dark and foreboding world inside the game. She appears to hate and despise herself, suggesting that while she has a beautiful exterior her heart and soul are as black as the knight.

This attitude has worked its way into her avatar, a spectacular, but also fierce looking being with blades for hands and feet, something that was built to kill, to annihilate, to rule. Kuroyukihime views this avatar as the representation of her ugly soul, something that she never wished for Haruyuki to see, something that she still tries to hide away from everyone else. The drive for Kuroyukihime is to discover the truth behind Accel World, uncovering the mysteries of this game and why it exists.

To her this takes president above all else, thus her betrayal of the truce and beheading of the Red King. Her love for Haruyuki is in some respects tainted by this drive, going so far as to suggest that he should turn back, despite being the person to introduce him to the Accelerated World. She wants him to be her equal, and yet is constantly in fear of her own drive to succeed, worrying that this will force her to betray him and thus make him hate and revile her as a disgusting existence.

We are constantly reminded of her guilt at bringing Haruyuki into this sordid world of backstabbing and constant challenge; she worries that he will come to hate her once he has learned of her true nature, as she perceives it. Kuroyukihime is far from free as her butterfly avatar may suggest, she is in fact chained to the game, constantly pushing forward into the darkness to discover what lies on the other side.

This motif has been used specifically in the ending sequences, with Kuroyukihime literally chained up, unable to move while her butterfly avatar disappears with Haruyuki in her arms. In this respect the game has consumed her, and the draw of the virtual world has in many respects overridden the life she currently lives, taking over every waking hour and her fear is that the same will happen to Haruyuki, and worse, she will be the person responsible.

There is a sense of helplessness about her character, partly shown through her desperate attempts to conceal certain horrible truths about what she has done from Haruyuki. In many respects Kuroyukihime has become a prisoner of the Accel World, constantly pushing towards achieving her goals or die trying. Her fear therefore is that such a goal will break up her relationship with Haruyuki, and that his goal of supporting her will utterly consume and destroy him as well.

The Accel World and the relationship that Kuroyukihime and Haruyuki share within it greatly affect how they interact in reality as well.

Kuroyukihime x Haruyuki

While in the Accel World Haruyuki is this beautifully sleek silver avatar with the rare flying ability, an unheard of fighter who is unique and special. However in the real world he is a short and chubby middle schooler who was constantly bullied and has a significant inferiority complex when it comes to Kuroyukihime and his friends, who are all beautiful or spectacular in what they do.

By making his character so very different from everyone else in the series this juxtaposition between sleek, brilliant and unique as opposed to short and chubby becomes even more marked. His normal inferiority complex and attitudes become even more powerful in the real world, with Haruyuki constantly worrying about what others would think if they saw him with Kuroyukihime.

He cannot accept that someone as beautiful and strong as Kuroyukihime loves him, and thus seems to feel that in order to justify her love he has to become as strong, and perhaps as merciless as she once was. Furthermore, in recent episodes when we see Haruyuki apparently lose his flying ability for good, he automatically believes that this now makes him useless and less than the dirt of the floor.

The amount of faith that he has placed upon his Silver Crow avatar is ultimately one of his weaknesses, since without this power and uniqueness he believes that his existence means absolutely nothing.

For her part, Kuroyukihime seems to want to get close to Haruyuki, using every opportunity to use a direct link and eat lunch together. And yet, despite being so close there is also a significant distance between them. This gap is in part artificially created by both characters using terms such as parent and child, legionmaster and her subordinate that are used to skirt around the issue of their relationship. Kawahara takes full advantage of those opposing character archetypes and thus caters to a wide range of needs of his audience.

Another difference is how while the characters of SAO slip into the world of online games, in AW it is the Brain Burst program itself that invades the everyday lives of its players. This in turn lets him give the stories longevity through constant exploration of the settings. The novels maintain their continuity not through their conflicts, but the characters and the worlds they live in. Another case where Kawahara shows his understanding of the workings of a contemporary light novel is his treatment of female characters.

Accel World (Light Novel) - TV Tropes

One of the main reasons why recent light novel series are so alike is that most of them follow a tried-and-true formula of introducing a new potential love interest in every volume. This lets authors keep things fresh even without breaking new ground, takes advantage of the illustrations that go along with a light novel, fits right in with the semi-episodic nature of the genre and is an easy way to just go through most of the common character archetypes while maintaining a decent level of popularity.

While this might be the perfect recipe to write a mediocre light novel, there is no denying how potent the pattern is. But even with an established main couple and a faithful protagonist, Kawahara does not turn a blind eye to the potential of the golden pattern, finding ways to create tender if not necessarily romantic moments between the hero and an ever-expanding cast of female characters.

Which is not to say that Kawahara mistreats his female fans.

haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship goals