Het huis anubis nina and fabian relationship

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het huis anubis nina and fabian relationship

Amber in Het Huis Anubis had many Eureka moments when it comes to solving At the end of season 2 you see that Noa's connection got his dad of out prison. Amber does make-up, hair, and fashion tips. My friend Patricia writes about music , Mara writes about smarts, and Joy writes about relationship. TV ShowsHet Huis Anubis/House of Anubis. Follow/Fav "Hey Mick," Nina smiles sadly, "Is Fabian he- Are you alright?" She noticed that Mick.

He inherently know that he would, and has, given his life for Nina. Eddie knows that whatever ties they have with Patricia and Fabian don't amount to anything compared to the huge, cosmic connection he and Nina share.

Looking into Nina's eyes, crinkled at the corners with a soft smile, he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that she understands him, completely, more than he does himself, and that she feels exactly the same way looking at him. Eddie leans in again, eyes closing, to kiss Nina again. This time it is less chaste, their tongues meeting in familiar need and desire. Since Eddie came into his duty as the Osirian, he and Nina have been drawn to one another.

It began as deep friendship and researching to understand their responsibilities, but quickly, so quickly, became much more.

Within a week two days of the Mask Incident's end they had kissed.

Differences between House of Anubis and Het Huis Anubis

They had been shocked that they didn't feel guilty because it felt right, above all else. Within two weeks 8 days they had sex. They had made love, right here in the library.

Eddie had been showing Nina some old book about Egyptian priestesses when he had looked up from the book to see Nina staring back at him. Their eyes had locked and the next thing either of them knew, he had pressed Nina against the wall, her legs wrapped around his waist. She hoisted her uniform skirt while he unzipped his fly. Almost before he had gotten his cock between her legs, she was bearing down on him, wet heat enveloping the quickest erection he had ever gotten. The entire time, their lips were locked and their eyes stayed open, trained on one another.

Eddie's hands worked on autopilot, unbuttoning Nina's shirt and sliding his hand under her bra. They came, together, with Nina's tongue in Eddie's mouth, catching his groans, Eddie's cock in Nina's soaked pussy and Eddie's fingers pinching Nina's nipples playfully. After that, every study session ended the same way. They'd had sex on every flat surface, horizontal and vertical, in the Frobisher Library. They'd done it in the Nina's bed four timesEddies bed six timesFabian's bed once, on accidentAmber's bed twice and in most of the school's bathrooms.

Whether it was their teenage libidos or an aspect of their connection as the Chosen One and her Osirian or some combination of the two, they were insatiable. They split their time with one another between talking, researching and fucking. Fucking took up a disproportionate amount of their time together. Eddie's hand slid up Nina's skirt, under her panties and inside of her. They'd done it twice in this particular aisle already.

het huis anubis nina and fabian relationship

Nina bites his lip, working her hips down onto his hand, "The tunnels are dirty, and anyone could come in. Fabia, Amber, eurgh, Victor. His thumb trails down to toy with her clit. Nina's hand quickly and efficiently undoes his jeans zipper and button, slipping her small hand around his cock, "Yeah right, Victor could walk in right now, sit down and watch us and you would still fuck me. He leans down to suck at her nipple, "Well, yeah, but I wouldn't enjoy it as much.

He shoots her a quick grin, before burying his face between her thighs. Fabian looks up from his laptop, "No. He's probably with Nina at the library though. Patricia sits down at the foot of Fabian's bed. They're just trying to figure out what the whole Chosen One-Osirian thing means.

It's important to them. Nina is dating me and Eddie is crazy about you. So, nothing to worry about then? Wow first House of Anubis and first het fic? What has the world come to? I really loved the finale and even though it only lasted like two minutes, I adored the interaction between Eddie the Osirian and Nina the Chosen One. God, I have a serious protective kink. She wanted to admit to him that she was jealous of him and Joy.

She overheard Joy telling Patricia about some poem Fabian wrote her. She wanted to let him know that she's okay with him dating her and is happy for them both. She knocks on their door and hears Mick's voice, "Come in. She comes in and sits on the edge of his bed, "It's Mara isn't it? It doesn't get any worse than that. The amazing sports school and her. I told my dad I'd go. But I'm starting to rethink it. Mara or the sports school.

Make a list of the pros and cons of both. One for the going and one for not going. Cons would be leaving Mara, leaving Fabian, leaving this school, forgetting all my friends, losing touch, and that list goes on and one. But not going, the pros are staying with Mara and all my friends, not having to pack up and move to a whole new country- not that there's anything wrong with that! In Het Huis Anubis, Nienke found the first riddle in the attic, then after the riddles Sibuna found the secret wall and to open the secret wall you need to say the words; "Open je hart voor mij Open your heart for me.

The tasks seems similar. In Belguim, they also had theater tours and 3 movies. Two of the movies were a big hit.

het huis anubis nina and fabian relationship

In the Return, you see the characters having jobs, but we never saw them graduate. Also in Belguim and in the Netherlands had a lot of games; Het Huis Anubis and a rollercoaster of it Popsaland de panne. In House of Anubis, they have games on nick. Nienke wasn't The Chosen One, but if you watch the whole series, you can see why Sarah chose her, not because she lived in the house.

Nienke sang all the theme songs of Het Huis Anubis unlike Nina, who didn't sing at all. Nienke's grandmother was also cursed like Nina's grandmother. She also played in the 3 movies and in the theater shows. She also noticed from the first episode that there is something wrong with Mick. With Amber in House of Anubis, it takes much more time to solve the tasks. Amber left the show to go to fashion school, unlike Amber in Het Huis Anubis, who stayed for the whole series.

Coincidental Chapter 1: Fabian and Nina, a het huis anubis/house of anubis fanfic | FanFiction

Fabian "died" when he was trying to save Noa he landed in a coma. After a few days, Amber and Nienke were going to visit him but the doctor said that he died, they thought that for awhile but Fabian wasn't dead. The doctor needed to convince them that he was because one of the enemies who needed the Tear of Isis.

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Fabian played in the 3 movies and in all the theater shows. The Chosen One was the one who needed to touch the rock. Appie was the fourth one to join the club of The Old Willow. Also, the uncle of Appie came into the house. Trudy later married his uncle in season 4. Trudie ended up leaving with him to Maroc, Appie was their wedding dancer. He played in the 3 movies and in the theater shows, but the first one was played by Achmed Akkabi.