High kick 3 revenge of the short legged ending relationship

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High Kick: Counterattack of the Short Legs High Kick 3: Episodes ( Final). by javabeans. High Kick 3 finally comes to an end! . Aw, the relationship's a little random but they're cute enough. .. Soo-jung is better in small doses, and it's a pleasant surprise that she ended up being so much more. The Revenge of the Short Legged (Korea Drama); 하이킥! 짧은 다리의 역습; 하이킥 시즌3 ; High Kick Season 3; Counterattack of Add Cast. High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short Legged air date: Which is pretty much always my favorite way of ending. My most favorite storyline ( though unfortunately one of the least realized) was the relationship.

Ji-sun rejects him flat, so he changes tack and asks to borrow money, at which point Julien arrives to put him in his place, and here the height difference actually works as a funny sight gag.

Ha-sun and Ji-seok go to Kye-sang to ask him to help dissuade Ji-won from going to Rwanda.

Review: High Kick 3 Revenge of the Short Legged

He cuts her off: Ha-sun, Jong-seok, and Kye-sang. Lee Juck buys musical tickets and tries calling Jin-hee, but finds her number has changed. But on the day of the show, she cancels at the last minute because an urgent matter has popped up. You know what they say about actions speaking louder than words… even though her words are pretty loud as she complains about how annoying he is, even as she chooses him over a free show.

With minutes till showtime Lee Juck tries to return the tickets, just as another patron is being turned away from the sold-out show: They chat while waiting for the curtain to fall, and he admits that he actually bought the tickets for her. When she describes her awesome new job, he says he envies her, because he has no joy for his tiresome work.

high kick 3 revenge of the short legged ending relationship

But today plants an idea in his head, and after he goes home, he starts writing a novel — the novel that the show uses as its framework — about coming out of the depressing, long tunnel in his thirties, of which Jin-hee shines as the light at the end.

Kye-sang packs up his office and readies his departure, just as war breaks out again in Rwanda. Finally he relents, agreeing to redirect his volunteer efforts to rural Korea. He runs into Ji-won in the tunnel, both of them in the same boat now that their Rwanda plans have fallen by the wayside. They reminisce about meeting in this tunnel, which has changed a lot over time and holds a lot of memories.

Kye-sang sees the band-aid stuck on the wall, which she explains was hers from the time she fell and he helped bandage her up. They take a leisurely walk afterward, and Ha-sun pauses to take in the moment.

She gives him a sudden kiss. You almost want Ji-seok to clue in to her behavior — he talks about doing things later, while she insists on doing them now — but you also want their last date to end happily. Ji-won comes upon Kye-sang outside, who sits in contemplative silence after having drinks with a friend. He asks her to play him a song, and she sings as we get a montage of all their moments throughout the series.

Yoo-sun tearfully sends him off, and Kye-sang thanks noona for being his biggest support. They say their emotional goodbyes, waving at each other through tears. Another sad goodbye comes for Ha-sun, who is sent off by Ji-seok. With a smile, he sees the words: She is reasonable and seldom gets angry, unless provoked usually by Nae-sang.

She is a strong, resilient character. Throughout the series, she had thoughts of herself and what happened in her life. He is a doctor at a local community health center after working at a general hospital.

He is cheerful, kind, and selfless, but sometimes obtuse about other people's feelings. He wears a perpetual smile on his face, even when sleeping.

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He demonstrates a strong sense of philanthropy, willing to help the less fortunate during his spare time, and ultimately wants to go to Rwanda on a volunteer trip. He is a gym teacher at the high school which Jongseok and Soo Jung attend, which is why he is called "Yoon-ssaem", which means "Teacher Yoon".

He can be impulsive and hot-tempered, but is generally straightforward and honest when expressing his emotions. He is secretly in love with Ha-sun, but can't muster up the courage to confess. He waited for Ha-sun for two months when Ha-sun's mother was in the hospital fighting cancer, and Ha-sun needs to be in the US.

He was an ice hockey star at his previous school, attending through a sports scholarship. He has trouble adjusting to academics after having been a jock his whole school career. Later, he asks his neighbor and classmate Ji-won to be his tutor.

He slowly develops feelings for her even though she is not his type. He has an antagonistic relationship with his sister. His old fan club called him the "Ice Prince" but Ji-won later changed it to "Ice God", which he liked better. He became bestfriends with Seung-yoon after Seung-yoon saved his life. She was an exchange student in Los Angeles, but suddenly had to stay home because of her father's financial difficulty. She is superficial and shallow at times, but is also capable of showing care and concern to people she loves, especially her dad.

It is implied later through the episodes that she and Kang Seung-yoon may have feelings for one another. She then wrote a song in which the opening lines were: Both her parents died at different points in her life.

high kick 3 revenge of the short legged ending relationship

She uses an obsolete cell phone because it contains all of the messages and photos her father sent her. Academically and socially gifted, she is also sensitive to other people's feelings, and will find ways to cheer them up.

She loves to ride her scooter even though her elders disapprove because of her narcolepsy. She is very fond of Kye Sang and vows to follow him to Rwanda, though in the series she later on decided not to go, and in the last episode, it was implied that she "then went out of the classroom to do what really makes her happy".

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But their story also had a delightful sweetness that made me smile happily at their happiness. But it pulled out at the end, so I was happy over-all.

하이킥 3 - High Kick 3!, 57회, EP057, #01

So it was kind of fun to see him as the dumb high-school jock here From his slow realization that he needed to become something more than a has-been high-school hockey star, to his crush on his classmate and neighbor, Kim Ji-wonI think he may have changed the most over the course of the show. His journey was sweet and funny and bittersweet and painful and so, so real. I feel like I have the clearest sense of where he might go in the future.

Law school and then Prosecutor is my head-canon. And his was one of the harder ones to let go of. My most favorite storyline though unfortunately one of the least realized was the relationship between Kim Ji-won and Yoon Kye-sang. They were both such ancient souls, and very much outside looking in. They both wore a mask of contentment that hid an underlying dissatisfaction or unhappiness with their lives.

And they both seemed the most comfortable with each other and surprised by that comfort.