Hope and lightning relationship goals

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hope and lightning relationship goals

Lightning and Hope's relationship stems from loss; Lightning believes Because their goals arent focused on making money, they're focused. As you can imagine, this is hell on relationships. It's always Maybe he tried first with mid's Hope, found Lightning bent over the Ark's console by day three, and had to try again. The whole .. What purpose does it serve?. Why do so many people ship Hope and Lightning? I'm not trying to start Couple , because quite honestly, I don't see anything. Nothing at all.

Orphan's true form is vanquished and Cocoon begins to fall. Lightning and the others enter crystal stasis, but are restored and find they are no longer l'Cie.

Hope Estheim

Lightning is reunited with Serah and begins apologizing to her, but is cut short when Snow reminds they "have a wedding to plan". Snow reassures Lightning he will make Serah happy, and Lightning congratulates them. Skills and Abilities Lightning is an exceptional combatant with many years worth of fighting experience and extensive training, having been one of the Guardian Corps best soldiers to the point of earning a Gunblade, a weapon reserved to be the most skilled soldiers.

During her time as a renagade, she was able to easily take out several members of the PSICOM soldiers with or without aid on different occasions. Final Fantasy XIII, her physical parameters far exceed that of a normal human, in the finale, she had fought against the creator Bhuniveze himself, before recieving aid from her friends.

Her weapon called the Blazefire Saber: In addition, she could also fight skillfully in hand-to-hand combat. Her ultimate attack is the the Army of One. Her stats are balanced, provided her versatility and her greatest trait is her speed, since she attacks faster that the other characters.

However Lightning has low HP gain compared to the other characters, and when her stats are maxed out, she has the second lowest health behind Hope Estheim. In battle, just like her stats, she is able to retain a decent amount of ability in all roles. She majors particularly in Commando, where she learns most of the abilities of the role and coupled with her remarkable magic and attack, she can cast the spells of a Commando and attack with greater intensity and rapidness than most, Ravager, due to her fast casting speed, great magic and learning all of the second highest level elemental magic as well as the physical strikes, and Medic, as although she may lack the higher levels of curative spells, her good magic and knowledge of the necessary spells allows her to compensate.

Despite her low HP, Lightning can be a good Sentinel, as she learns all of the role's passive abilities, and when pairing the Elude ability with the Nimbletoe Boots, she can avoid a large amount of damage from enemies. She learns all the debuffing abilities as Saboteur.

In the Requiem of the Goddess, Lightning displays enhanced versions of many roles available to Serah and Noel: Paladin inflicts status ailments to staggered enemies and she also has access to the abilities learned by Serah and Noel as Commandos except for Meteor Javelin, while also having two new devastating attacks, Smite and Scourge. Mage and Shaman grant Lightning increased physical or magical damage using the element of either Wind or Thunder. The Knight's unique ability allows her to mitigate damage and resist status ailments.

Conjurer grants Lightning several status enhancements, although it makes the ATB charge much slower and removes any previously placed buffs on her. Finally, Sorcerer allows her to inflict numerous status ailments at an opponent with a single attack. As a chosen l'Cie, Lightning has the ability to summon her personal Eidolon Odin, using the Eidolith. In Gestalt Mode he transforms into the horse of Slephnir, with her able to mount on top of him, and wield his two blades.

Odin deals lightning elemental damage to enemies. Although no longer a l'Cie, after becoming Etro's champion, she regains the ability to control Odin and has also gained control over the other Eidolons. Lightning displays utilitarian appitude with Magic, able to perform the second highest elemental magic attacks, with her having the highest level of Thunder, as well as all the physical elemental strikes. In terms of healing spells, although she does not learn high-rank medical spells, she still learns Cure, Cura, Esuna and Raise, allowing her to heal HP and ailments as well as revive.

When it comes to buffing, Lightning is more inclined to the offensive but still holds average ability in the defensive, learning all the basic defensive buffs while acquiring the highest level of offensive buffs.

She knows all the debuffing spells.

hope and lightning relationship goals

Although losing the ability to use Magic after losing her status as L'Cie, Lightning regains it as Etro's Champion and she displays more advanced magical prowess than even her sister despite her magically inclined nature. She is given back the use of Magic as the Savior. As Etro's champion, she potentially has the Eyes of Etro just like her sister and Yeul had, allowing her to see visions of the future but apparently due to Etro's blessing and also possibly due to death not existing in Valhalla, she does not suffer from any threat of death.

She can also send messages via dreams to those residing in the mortal realm.

hope and lightning relationship goals

As the Savior, Lightning can collect Eradia from those who find peace and yield it to the magical tree Yggdrasil. She even stated how Hope was her equal during one of the loading screens. He now knows she loves Behemoth Steak. And taking Lightning shopping for clothes would be one of his favorite things to do.

If someone wrote a fanfic about this it would make my day. Hope quoted Lightning and she finished it off. I literally had dreams about this of course when I imagined it I imagined it was Adult Hope saying it. Do you remember what you said to me long ago? Because of you, because I always believed you were with me, I was never afraid of the future.

For Hope Lightning was a major driving force in his life. He expresses his gratitude towards her before bidding farewell. At first, I was slightly disappointed at the English translation of the goodbye scene, but then when I saw this specific line it suddenly clicked.

The survival knife makes it triumphant return towards the end and is what helped Hope to awaken. At long last he was able to finally fulfill his promise to protect her. She reached for his hand without any hesitation. Personally, for me in this moment I felt like this was the exact moment when it clicked for Lightning and she saw Hope as something more than just a close friend; she saw a future with him.

I liked how in the English ver. The Farron sisters welcoming their men with open arms. The final push by Snow of Hope towards Lightning and I just knew. Actions speak louder than words. Hope and Lightning are truly partners for life. Lightning Returns provided more than enough fuel for me, and I can proudly say that Hopurai was heavily implied canon. One journey is ending while another one is just beginning and the future looks bright for the two of them.

Without hope there is no light and without light there is no hope. Which country did they each decide to live in, and why? Is existence low key, or are they still finding trouble? They all needed each other to change themselves. It was nothing but a couple hundred pages of what happened during those first thirteen days after Fang and Vanille woke up.

A realistic expectation for an unrealistic hope. For some reason in the summer of I decided to play through again. I guess that my feeling at the time was that it was a pretty good game, I wanted an RPG, and I wanted to run through it now that I knew how the weapon upgrading system worked mostly…. I loved the hell out of it. How I feel during a depression cycle. Also too cute not to link I had never been big into fandoms, nor had I ever actually read fanfiction before.

Best twenty bucks I ever spent.

It was a love story after all :: FINAL FANTASY XIII General Discussions

But perfect is never beautiful. It taught me about healthy friendships and relationships. I love it not in spite of its flaws, but the package as a whole. Even if the sequels never fully understood the magic of the original.

If the Order gave it to her, then why is it designed so differently from the rest of their gear? It seems to play no role in anything, so why would they give it to her? What purpose does it serve?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - 022: Meeting Hope Again, For the First Time?!

Why does it have horns?! Why does she have the rest of her clothing at the end, but not the hat? Is it not a part of her? Did Bhunivelze remove it when he took her soul?

If they gave it to her to cover up her hair, as some sorta religious thing, then why is it translucent? Did Vanille decide to wear it? Why is she the only returning character with only a partial wardrobe change? Did she just decide to wear it around that one day? And every other day, as Light never sees Vanille without it until she defeats Bhunivelze. For that matter, why are Fang, Sazh, Hope, and Noel still wearing the same clothes besides pre-existing art assets and character models?

Did Light just happen to catch them on the day they wore old stuff? Why would Vanille decide to elabourate on her dress?

Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)

Did she make it? Did Lumina think it up?

hope and lightning relationship goals

Was Claire Farron a fashion designer? Even if you wanted to make one, where in that tiny world would you get all those unique materials? Is there a demand for translucent tangerine cloth and golden medallions? Is it cold in Luxerion? If so, then why not change out the rest of her clothes for something warmer? Why does she remind me of a reindeer? Why the hell am I so fixated on this hat?!