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ivy and rufus relationship gossip girl

Ivy Dickens is a fictional character who exclusively appears in the Gossip Girl television The two then begin an awkward relationship which concludes in the . After this revelation, Ivy kicks Lily and Rufus out of the apartment as it had been. Apr 21, 12 Times Gossip Girl Was The Most Unrealistic Show On Television Oh, and then Ivy goes and hooks up with Rufus to top it all off. 2. Jun 29, That's why their relationship felt like something Gossip Girl had to get out . Instead, it seemed like the only point of Rufus and Ivy's relationship.

When Serena learns what happened, she tells Dan and attempts to fix it herself.

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Worried for his future, he tells Lily, who orders Serena to stay out of it. She plans to pay everyone back herself except for Rufus; who she plans to give money to monthly secretly.

While planning to propose in the apartment, Rufus stumbles upon her list of people to pay back and realizes what she was going to do. Embarrassed, he cancels the proposal and goes home, especially after he sees her have Serena arrested The Wrath of Con. When the three return to Manhattan and meet up with Serena, she asks them to hide her antics from the summer; including when she steals a horse from the annual van der Bilt polo match.

Gossip Girl 6x10 - Ivy/Lily/William/Jack/Georgina "You're the devil, I loved you William"

Rufus pays off the photographers so that Lily won't see the photos. While he doesn't reveal his identity at first, he does to her eventually. She encourages him to tell Rufus and he almost does, until his adoptive mother comes to New York.

Upon seeing her, he instead introduces himself as Rufus and Lily's son's brother. He then leaves town and refuses to promise Vanessa that he'll reveal his true identity one day The Lost Boy. This causes a rift between the two of them and they plan to postpone their wedding. When Serena learns that they're fighting, she enlists Dan, Jenny, and Eric to help parent trap them into talking. After an argument, they realize how much they love each other and plan to get married the next day. While preparing for the wedding, Lily finds herself unable to write her own vows.

Before the ceremony, she takes Rufus aside and confesses that she couldn't write her vows. She also admits that she's scared of their future together and Rufus tries to coax her into going through with the wedding.

Unbeknownst to the two of them, Scott overhears their argument and confronts them about not getting married. Lily berates him for his rudeness and he leaves the venue. Georgina then emerges and reveals who he really is to Lily and Rufus. Shocked, they flee the wedding to track him down.

They find him at the bus back to Boston and the three share a hug. Lily and Rufus end up marrying that night at the loft Rufus Getting Married. During the meal, he discovers that Lily lied about her whereabouts during the summer. When he confronts her about it, she lies that CeCe's illness had turned her into a kind and loving person she wanted to spend time with.

Rufus accepts this and apologizes for doubting her story. Lily strongly disapproves of their relationship and orders Serena to end up.

ivy and rufus relationship gossip girl

Serena is prepared to do so until she discovers a letter Lily hid from her father, William van der Woodsen. She then leaves with Tripp and Lily hides the letter in a jacket pocket.

However, the letter is discovered by Tripp's wife, Maureen van der Biltand she plans to use it as leverage to end the affair The Treasure of Serena Madre.

When Lily discovers the letter is missing, she cleans the closet several times but doesn't find it. As a way to distract Rufus, she sends him to a rooftop garden committee meeting and he befriends a neighbor named Holland Kemble.

Later that day, Serena and Tripp get into a terrible car accident which leaves Serena hospitalized. While Lily goes to see Serena, Maureen goes to the penthouse and gives Rufus the letter from William; which reveals that he was with Lily over the summer. When he realizes Lily lied to him, Rufus leaves town to go on a skip trip The Debarted. However, they briefly reunite when Jenny begins dating Damien Dalgaardthe drug dealing son of the Belgian ambassador The Lady Vanished.

They later decide to forgive each other for all their wrongdoings and start with a clean slate. Meanwhile, Carter Baizen tracks down William and tells Serena, who agrees to go with him and force her father to see her. However, when she arrives in Florida, she finds Lily inside her father's hotel room The Unblairable Lightness of Being.

ivy and rufus relationship gossip girl

She then learns that CeCe was never sick and Lily is the one with cancer. The two travel back to Manhattan together and discover William has beaten them to the apartment and is waiting with Rufus there. Lily then reveals her secret to Rufus, who encourages her to find a new doctor.

Serena suggests they stay with William and Lily agrees Dr. Soon after, William invites them all to a benefit where he is being honored. While there, he gives a speech and alludes to his desire to win Lily back. If nothing had come from it, there would have always been that question of "what if? Dan and Blaire's relationship may not have been considered "end-game", but it was happy to see the two characters bond over their love of movies and art. Their dynamic was entertaining enough that even though they weren't at their best together, it didn't ruin the series.

It was never a relationship that was going to last because they were both really in love with other people. Their endgames were obvious long before a romance was even a possibility.

Lily–Rufus relationship

It wouldn't have been entirely unbelievable for them to give a relationship another try. What was crazy was that they apparently ended up together, given the flashforward to Dan and Serena's wedding. That happened after, in an attempt to win his ex-wife's heart, he used her health against her. He faked her cancer after she'd gotten better because he'd fallen in love with her again. Rather than face any real consequences for that, everyone forgave him.

Oh, and who could forget the fact that he had an affair with Lily's sister? William should have ended up alone, not with the woman he manipulated.

Jack and Georgina Who would've thought that a bright spot in the mess of the series finale would be a new couple? The last episode of the show featured a time jump to Dan and Serena's wedding. At some point during the five years, Jack and Georgina apparently got together. Surprisingly, it wasn't the worst thing to happen.

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Really, of the new or reunited couples shown gathered for the wedding, they were easily the best. Lily and William back together made no sense, nor did Rufus and Lisa Loeb dating. Neither Jack nor Georgina would ever be called a good person, even by Gossip Girl standards, but maybe they worked together.

ivy and rufus relationship gossip girl

It's too bad there wasn't more of their relationship on the show. Dan and Serena Lonely Boy and S. The fact that they got together isn't the problem. In the earlier seasons, it wasn't hard to root for them. However, as the series went on, it became increasingly difficult to do so. That was not just because they had other relationships, other love interests are the norm on teen dramas.

Even if Dan and Serena were meant to be together, they shouldn't have got together after Dan revealed he was Gossip Girl. Instead, it all built up to the finale, in which Dan revealed he was Gossip Girl. While everyone, especially Serena, should have been mad at Dan, they all got over it in a few moments.

Serena even called what he did a "love letter" and married him.

ivy and rufus relationship gossip girl

She married the person who posted horrible things about her online. Dan and Serena could have been a couple that saved the series. Instead, because he was Gossip Girl, they never should have ended up together. Chuck and Blair Chuck and Blair's on-again-off-again relationship had its ups and its downs. It was never the healthiest of the relationships on Gossip Girl.

Because she -- along with everyone else in the world -- has decided it's cool to hate Lily, possibly? And William just loves sleeping with a psychotic something who, within the last two years, has assumed the identity of one of his daughters and become totally obsessed with the other, because that's a healthy and rational thing for a middle-aged doctor guy to do?

At this point there are too many illegitimate love-children and identity thieves on the Upper East Side to keep track of, and with only three episodes to go, the lights in the penthouse suite are on, but it's obvious that no one's home. Don't these millionaires all have better things to do with their time and money than pursue their convoluted Revengendas?

Couldn't they all just team up with Emily Thorne instead, since the Hamptons are just across the water? Where did I put my red marker, anyway? Sadly, don't count on any answers, because "Gossip Girl" is content to twist itself into ever-dizzying circles of deceit, coincidence and binge-drinking like the cannibalistic ouroboros of myth.

Unless the writers decide to steal my "rocks fall, everybody dies" suggestion, my new bet is that Dan sets fire to the entire island of Manhattan and drives away on his vespa, cackling madly, with the wind ruffling his curly locks and an advance on his next novel tucked into his too-tight hipster pants. In case took too many shots of tequila as a result of all of the terrible lines and blacked out before the end of the episode, the biggest newsflash of the night was that Dan doesn't really care about Serena, he's gone full sociopath and is only pretending to like her to gather intel for his Serena chapter, because So William and Ivy were in cahoots; Serena and Blair finally buried the hatchet which was the one good part of the episode ; Rufus and Lily reconciled, kinda; and Lily decided to trust Bart over Chuck, tossing the prized microfilm into the fire and sending all of Chuck's dreams of payback up in literal smoke.