Jace wayland and clary fray relationship trust

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jace wayland and clary fray relationship trust

With Season 2 just around the corner, let's talk about 8 relationships we want I can't deny that Jace and Clary's relationship is a core part of the show. The love between the Lightwood Siblings is probably the purest and most It's no secret that Alec and Jace would go to hell and back for each other. Jace Herondale, previously and widely known as Jace Wayland, is a lethal and a member of the Circle arrived and called her "Clary Fairchild" with intent to take her. . on accompanying Clary and whom the Queen expected, trust and alliance . . In addition, Clary's blood relation to Jonathan Morgenstern gives Jace an. In a world where men of trust are hard to find, and where one could kill another . Clary Fray, boarding school student, and Jace Herondale, Teenage prince of . They take the next step in their relationship and deal with upcoming changes to.

Can she resist the temptation? Some strong language Mortal Instruments - Rated: He wasn't what she was expecting. She certainly isn't what he wished for a first boss. Will she leave or can she stick it out?

‘Shadowhunters’: 8 relationships we want to see more of in Season 2

Reckless Flames by Beach50 reviews After Clary's parents passed away, her brother Jonathan was ready for her to get married. He gave her away to a man named Stephen Herondale to marry his son. She will have to move to a completely new environment, and she will be forced to adapt to more savage traditions. Tensions are high, as she sneaks around the camp to potentially turn them over to her brother for treason.

They play pranks on her and vandalise her drawings. He's used to keeping secrets, but this tiny, fiery stranger has a way of getting behind his defenses. Little does he know that her secrets are far more dangerous than he could ever predict. Until her father wound up in the hospital and was suddenly in critical need of a liver transplant. Now, the only person she can call on for help is her half-brother, Jonathan.

Unfortunately, he comes with a real jerk of a best friend too. Terrible Love by mermaid reviews Nothing ever goes right when you're drunk. Clary Fray, boarding school student, and Jace Herondale, Teenage prince of London, find this out after one unforgettable drunken night.

They also find out there are consequences for everything. They want to forget it. But soon, something forces them closer. It's Christmas by PurpleAi reviews Clary is having a bad time this holiday season.

jace wayland and clary fray relationship trust

She's recently broken up with her boyfriend and running late for work. A chance run in with workplace legend and ladies man Jace Wayland one morning starts an interesting week for Clary.

Christmas is around the corner. Will Clary and Jace get their happy ending?

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Rating will change to 'M' for smuttiness in later chapters. Flashback by PurpleAi reviews Clary is sick and tired of being the good girl. Sometimes your needs outweigh everything else. One night stand or something more? What happens when reality comes crashing down?

Previously a Oneshot soon to be a chaptered story. Riot by asm13 reviews Jonathan and Jace are opposing gang leader. What happens when Jace steals something Jonathan wants back? How will Clary be affected? She's living her dream job and working for a brilliant CEO at a global corporation. When Celine falls ill she calls her son over from London to help Clary look after the business in her absence.

Jace and Clary have to work together but they don't exactly hit it off very well. M in later chapters Mortal Instruments - Rated: How are you supposed to win back someone who was never yours to begin with? Outside by PurpleAi reviews Clary has just moved back to New York to work as a writer having picked up a contract with a major magazine. Jace Lightwood is trouble with a capital T.

He may be her brother's best friend but he has a terrible reputation. One fateful night causes them to cross paths.

jace wayland and clary fray relationship trust

But what has Clary left behind in London. When her two worlds collide there is sure to be lots of drama. Her roommate is Isabelle. Clary comes face to face with Jace, helping his sister move in. It's apparent the semester would be tough, when Jace recalls Clary's high school nickname, Dumpster Girl, a name he gave her when he bullied her.

Unsurprisingly, Clary is stubborn to forget their past, but Jace is looking to move forward. Bound to you by kristiliz reviews The Herondales and Fairchilds have always hated each other since anyone can remember. Clarissa Fairchild, a regular teenager girl, whose passion for the art is as big as her bad attitude, is forced to marry the Herondale's son, the arrogant Jace Herondale, to save a company none of them care about.

Clary and Jace can't keep their hands OFF each other's neck. The Somewhat Chance Encounter by katethewriter reviews Random strangers seldom burst into my apartment unannounced.

So when two of them do within the span of twenty minutes—one to yell at me about salty dicks and the other to apologize for the first—it catches me slightly off-guard. But I will not go as far as to say that it was a bad thing, for what transpires afterward I never would have expected. But Clary refuses to give in… until one particular night happens. Clary always thought he would be her biggest nightmare, but it gets a little more complicated than that. Sometimes people are exactly what you expect them to be.

But sometimes they are not. M - English - Romance - Chapters: Clary, spiraling downwards and looking desperately for a trace of the boy she fell in love with, tries to grin and bear the pain. Jace, trying to find the much too blurred line between his life and job, knows he isn't deserving of someone so beautiful and fragile, yet he loves her with a fierce, selfish passion anyways.

He gives in to his passion and love and offers to start a clandestine relationship with Clary. Jace is horrified that she would think what he feels for her could be sick, creating quite an irony at the situation. Later, Jace and Clary share a platonic night together and Jace leaves her a letter admitting that he loves her with all his heart and goes to find Valentine. When Angel Raziel grants a wish to Clary, she asks for Jace to live again. The two are finally freed of this complicated situation now that they know that they are, indeed, not siblings.

They officially begin a relationship and are happy with each other. However, their happiness is short-lived when Jace begins to have nightmares about killing Clary. He starts avoiding her and is almost completely closed off, leaving Clary confused and hurt. He, himself, spends time with Simon who notices that Jace is physically showing signs of deep distress. When the cause of the dreams come to light via the Silent Brothers, he is asked to spend a night at the cellars in the City of Bones.

While Clary goes away to meet the Shadowhunter team that had arrived at the scene, Jonathan Morgenstern, who was risen by Lilith as a balance to the rebirth of Jace, forces Jace into another kind of possession where they become one. Jace and Jonathan go missing, and Clary is left at the New York Institute with her friends and family trying to find him.

She learns their names are Jace Alec and Isabelle. They reveal that the man was truly a demon and hint themselves to be a part of a Supernatural community called the 'Shadowhunters'. She thinks that they are all mad at first but stalls when she sees when the'human' the Shadowhunters were stalking suddenly grows claws and strange eyes and disappears when killed.

She had called the security of the place before, and when they come, she soon realizes that she is the only person able to see them. After the battle, Clary is introduced to the group of teens, who identify themselves as Shadowhunters, a race of humans who are physically enhanced with angel blood, who secretly protect humanity from demons.

When her mother Jocelyn goes missing, Clary learns that the event is connected to the conflict between the Shadowhunters and their enemies.

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She then enters the Shadowhunter fold, ther she finds that she also is a Shadowhunter. Her mother had paid the warlock Magnus Bane to put a block in her head so she could not remember parts of the Shadow World even moments after she sees it.

She and the group of Shadowhunters try to find hints to find her mother. Clary learns that Valentine Morgenstern, who is supposed to be long dead, but truly is not,the main antagonist of the series, is her biological father and her mother's husband.

At the end of City of Bones, Valentine tells them that Clary and Jace are siblings — which, they discover later in the series, is a lie. In the second book of the series, City of AshesClary dates her best friend Simon, who has for a long time had a crush on her, in order to forget Jace during the torturous time of believing him to be her brother.

She is told by the Seelie Queen that she and Jace are Valentine's experiments but mysteriously does not explain further. She finds out later that she was exposed to powdered Angel blood through her mother who consumed it unknowingly by Valentine when she was pregnant with Clary.

This angelic blood granted her the ability to create runes that do not exist; and amplify the power of existing runes for herself. In the end of the second novel, Clary finds that an old friend of her mother, Madeleine, knows how to wake her mother, who has been in a magical coma since the first book.

In City of Glassit is discovered that Jocelyn had taken a potion, made by a warlock named Ragnor Fell, to induce a comatose state and prevent her from being interrogated by Valentine.

Before she dies, Madeleine tells Clary she needs to find Fell, who will help her cure her mother. Clary, using her power to create runes, creates a rune with the ability to create a Portal a magic and conveys herself and Luke to Idris, and falls into Lake Lyn and drinks some of the water by accident; this causes her to hallucinate and then to become lucid, because the lake's water is poisonous to Shadowhunters.

Luke then takes her to his sister Amatis for healing. During her stay in Alicante, Clary ventures to find Ragnor Fell, who will be able to help her with the potion. She is escorted there by Sebastian Verlac, whom she recently met, in an attempt to make contact with Fell. Instead she finds Magnus Bane. He tells her of Ragnor's death and how he was called as a replacement, and requests that she find him the Book of White in return for his help.

She returns to Alicante, where Sebastian kisses her. She rejects him after having feelings of "wrong" while he kissed her, and they continue back to Alicante. She then learns that something called the Book of White has been hidden in Wayland Manor, and travels with Jace to retrieve it.

Inside the Manor, they find the angel Ithuriel tied up and left for dead in the basement.