Jethro and moses relationship

What the Gospel Teaches Us through Jethro (Exodus 18)

jethro and moses relationship

Aug 2, As you were reading Exodus 2 and 3 you may have noticed something that appears to be a discrepancy in the naming of Moses' father-in-law. Aug 27, It's clear that Jethro and Moses had a trusted relationship. Moses was married to Jethro's daughter Zipporah long before he had his burning. Oct 5, Thus the Lord used to speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend. ” (Exodus ) “[Jethro said to Moses,] What you are doing.

Because Yahweh had objectively defeated the Egyptians and their gods to redeem Israel out of their bondage. He converts to worshiping Yahweh because of what Yahweh had done.

jethro and moses relationship

This is so important. The gospel is about God and what God has objectively done in history. In history, God actually redeemed and rescued his people Israel out of Egypt, and in history, God actually sent his Son into this world to take on human nature, suffer, die on a cross for our sins, rise from the dead, and ascend to reign with him at his right hand. The gospel is about what God has done for his people through his Son Jesus Christ, of which the exodus out of Egypt was merely an early foreshadowing.

The Gospel Teaches Us About Someone Greater Than Moses But this story of Jethro in Exodus 18 teaches us not only what we ought to look back to the work of God in the worldbut also what we ought to look forward to from this story.

Jethro was a foreign priest of Midian Ex. Melchizedek was a foreign priest of Salem Gen.

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The purpose of these parallels appears to be to cast Jethro as another Melchizedek, the paradigm of the righteous Gentile. We see this all the way through the Bible.

Noah gets drunk and sleeps naked in his tent. Abram humbles himself to be blessed by Melchizedek. David gets confronted by the prophet Nathan to rebuke him for his sin.

Peter denies his Master three times before the rooster crows.

jethro and moses relationship

And Moses takes advice from his father-in-law about how to lead the people of Israel better. There are points in the Bible where we see clear declarations about who the Messiah would be, and there are points in the Bible where we intensely feel the vacuum that only he could fill. For as much glory as Moses had, the glory of Jesus brings the glory of Moses to nothing 2 Cor. The Gospel Teaches Us How to Love in the Midst of Conflict So, we have so far situated the story of Exodus 18 properly in its context—looking back at the redemption of Israel out of Egypt, and looking forward to the coming of Jesus into the world.

Moses had been judging every dispute in the entire nation of Israel himself, so that he was spending entire days doing nothing but resolving conflict in Israel Ex. When Jethro saw this, he was shocked, concerned that Moses would wear himself and the people of Israel out if he continued to work at that pace.

jethro and moses relationship

Instead, Jethro suggested that Moses share the mantle of leadership with godly, wise men in Israel. In this way, the people could get justice without burdening Moses every single time a dispute arose.

jethro and moses relationship

This is almost exactly what Jesus advises us to do if someone sins against us in Matthew If he listens to you, you have gained your brother. But if does not listen, take one or two others along with you, that every charge may be established by the evidence of two or three witnesses.

Some of the greatest leaders in the Bible began their ministries serving or following a mentor. In preparation for their own roles of leadership, they needed to learn and grow with the help of a trusted advisor. One great description of a mentoring relationship is found early in the Old Testament in the relationship between Moses and his father-in-law Jethro. Jethro shows us some characteristics of great mentors that are still powerful and true today.

A good mentor listens without judgment. Instead of a bunch of sheep, he was in charge of the entire nation of Israel and their uncertain future.

Jethro (biblical figure)

In Exodus 18 we read how glad Moses was to see his father-in-law and his wife as well, we hope! Exodus 18 describes how Moses recounted his struggles with a hard-hearted Pharaoh, the miracles and plagues, and the journey that followed.

The story of the crossing of the Red Sea must have been both thrilling and suspenseful. Then Moses must have told about the difficult journey they had begun through the desert toward the Promised Land.

This is a picture of a healthy mentoring relationship. I love that Moses was able to share his own journey — both the ups and downs — with his father-in-law. Who is someone you feel comfortable sharing honestly with, including both the ups and downs of your own story?

A good mentor affirms the work of God in your life and praises God for all He has done in and through you. Jethro listened carefully, and was delighted to hear all the good things the Lord had done.

Exodus 18:1-12 Moses' Father-in-law, Jethro

I love that Jethro first affirmed to Moses that God had done miraculous things through him. A good mentor will help you look back at your journey and identify where God has been actively changing, preparing, and calling you. And then Jethro turned his attention to God, thanking Him for all He had done and offering a sacrifice. A good mentor speaks the truth even when it is difficult to hear.

Then they will continue to walk with us as this truth helps us change our behavior for the better. The following day Jethro had a front-row seat to see Moses in action as a leader of his new flock.

He noticed that Moses was overwhelmed and worn out from serving the people. Jethro spoke up and confronted Moses about the situation: Why do you alone sit as judge, while all these people stand around you from morning till evening? The people were demanding his time and energy.

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