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They are the Tom and Jerry couple in the drama who slowly got to each other after #1 kinenbicounter.info's Jung Yonghwa & SNSD's Seohyun . They could've put Jinwoon (2AM) instead since he kinda has a thingy for her, right? . DL · Features · Films · In My Opinion Awards · K Quizzes · Music Videos · News. See results from the SM, YG, JYP, & Cube (Top 4) Quiz on Sporcle, the best trivia Relationships, Taeyang Girls' Generation, Seohyun . Maknaes, Jinwoon. Group 2 AM's member, Jung Jin Woon, talked about his past relationships on an episode of MBC "We Got Married Season 4" on February 9th.

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Jinwoon & Seohyun Moment #3 - Love Story in Sukira