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Life Advice from comedian/actress Lily Tomlin "Want fast acting relief? I like it because our relationship is right out there in the open, and I like it because Jane gets . John Travolta, Netflix Series, September 1, Comedians, American Actress . With Lily Tomlin, John Travolta, Andra Akers, Bert Kramer. John Travolta and Lily Tomlin in Moment by Moment () John Travolta and Lily Tomlin at an . The storyline is about a relationship between an older woman (Lily Tomlin) and a . While some see Lily Tomlin, who was honored, as 'brave,' I do not. But she is also the woman who pretended to date John Travolta when the provides legal advice and assistance to the Secretary of Veterans' Affairs and.

He held very few hearings which became even more noticeable when the scandals kept breaking. Last Thursday may have been his final hearing as Chair until the next election cycle.

If so, he went out looking like a huge disappointment. The hearing was on the nomination of Leigh A. Bradley to be the General Counsel for the VA. Inwhen she was nominated to the same post by then-President Bill Clinton, the post was described this way"The General Counsel serves as the chief legal officer of the Department of Veterans Affairs and is responsible for the interpretation of all laws affecting the department and for the review of all regulations implementing such laws.

The General Counsel directs the legal, litigative and legislative activities of the department, provides legal advice and assistance to the Secretary of Veterans' Affairs and represents the Secretary in Congressional committee and other hearings and in interdepartmental conferences on legislative matters.

Chair Sanders had Bradley stand and swore her in -- something we support doing for all witnesses who come before Congress. She then began reading from her prepared statement. I come from a long, proud line of military Veterans. Both of my grandfathers served in the U. Later, I served as the Principal Deputy General Counsel of the Navy, the second highest ranking civilian attorney in an office of over And in my current position, I advise the senior DoD leadership on ethical compliance and creating and sustaining ethical cultures across the Department.

Yes, there is hard work to be done. But for me, there can be no higher calling than to be part of this historic moment which will have lasting, positive impacts on the care and benefits we deliver to Veterans and the way VA operates going forward.

That position was supposed to be a temporary assignment for her and the understanding was she would return to the Defense Dept. So one question for her at the hearing might be about that.

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Not in Bernie's world. This is a transcript of what followed when Leigh Bradley stopped stop reading her statement. We thank you very much for your statement. You and I chatted yesterday and I am strongly supportive of the nomination and you answered my questions yesterday.

Chairman, and I too met yesterday with Ms. Bradley and we had a wonderful meeting and I want the record to reflect this is one Georgia Bull Dog that's going to pull for an Alabama Roll Tide, Crimson Tide lady in the fall game coming up pretty soon.

Good luck this weekend. Chairman, I told Leigh this is probably the most important appointment in the VA other than the Secretary themselves. And the implementation of the Veterans Choice Act is going to require an awful lot of work from legal counsel to support the Secretary in whatever disciplinary action he takes as well as expedite the review process in cases that are appealed because we're getting more and more disability determinations coming out faster and faster which means we're going to have a higher and higher volume of appeals which means legal counsel is going to be under the gun.

We want to be supportive of you. We want to streamline that process as much as possible. We have a two-year window of opportunity to make the VA the best VA in the world and we want to make that happen. And you're a key part of that. I'm very supportive of your nomination. Appreciate your willingness to accept the job. And I really have no questions for [her], Mr. Thank you very much, Mr. Bradley, thank you very much for your willingness to serve. As Senator Isakson indicated, the position is enormously important.

We're seeing transition in the VA right now but I'm confident you're going to do a great job for us.

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And with that, if there are no other comments -- Okay? This hearing is adjourned. That was the entire hearing. And it goes to how awful a Chair Bernie Sanders has been. The position is important, the one Leigh Bradley is up for. She skinny-dipped with Greta Garbo. And Michael Jackson [Laughs].

Lily, just listening to you right now, it occurs to me that most comedy grows out of a foundation of pain. So they kind of built up their funniness, but it covered up loneliness, maybe, and troubles. Am I trying too hard here? I can say that if pain was the foundation, it was a general pain of humanity. I lived in an older apartment house, and many different people lived there, some educated, some totally uneducated, some political, some apolitical, some conservative, some very liberal, some communistic, married people, single people, divorced people, gay people that nobody acknowledged.

And there was a man who beat his wife and everybody ignored it. But all of them were funny, all of them were sad, all of them were brave, all of them were weak and cowardly, and they did it at different times.

And I saw them all, and I hung out with them. I was in love with everybody, even though they had bad things about them too. I was, I was. Well, the worst advice I ever got was the only advice my mother ever gave me: I have no idea why she said it, but she was absolutely serious [Laughs].

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My second husband, Tom Hayden, and I had a statewide political organization called the Campaign for Economic Democracy. And the best advice that I ever got was from the guy that started the Delancey Street Foundation.

That explains the great surge in prostitution, I guess. Oh my God, that came from left field. I had a good idea that I was going to tell you, but I forgot it. It related to something that you said. Now you play two wives of men who run off with each other. It seems like it is an easier thing to do, culturally. That was inherent in what I was saying. So subtle, it was almost invisible.

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I just want to give credit to the movement. She often ends her monologues with "And that's the truth", punctuating it with a noisy raspberry. Edith Ann sits in an oversized rocking chair to make Tomlin seem child-sized with her rag doll, Doris, and often talks of life at home with her battling parents and bullying older sister, Mary Jean Lily Tomlin's given birth names.

Edith Ann has an oversized, playfully aggressive dog named Buster and a boyfriend named Junior Phillips, a possibly unrequited love. Tomlin voiced her in two prime-time cartoon adaptations of the character that aired on ABC in Judith Beasley is a housewife and mother from Calumet City, Illinoiswho is often chosen for television commercials and offers "good consumer advice".

She appears in the film The Incredible Shrinking Woman as the lead character's neighbor. Earbore The Tasteful Lady is a somewhat prudish and prissy, conservatively dressed middle-aged apolitical woman who dispenses advice on gracious living and a life of elegance. Susie the Sorority Girl is a blonde collegiate who could be the Tasteful Lady's daughter. Humorless and melodramatic, her biggest worries are the likes of who took her missing album by The Carpenters.

The Consumer Advocate Lady is a dour, austere woman who rigidly inspects and tests products for their alleged value. The Consumer Advocate Lady is something of a variation of Mrs. Lucille the Rubber Freak is a woman addicted to eating rubber, whose monologue details her habit from its beginning chewing the eraser on pencils to her obsessive rock bottom eating the tip off mother's cane.

Tomlin performed this character as part of her Laugh-In audition. She often dispenses advice. Inshe premiered Pervis Hawkins, a black rhythm-and-blues soul singer patterned after Luther Vandrosswith a mustache, beard, and close-cropped afro hairstyle, dressed in a three-piece suit. Tomlin used very little, if any, skin-darkening cosmetics as part of the character, instead depending on stage lighting to create the effect.

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She appeared as three of her minor characters in a ad campaign for Fidelity Investments that did not include Ernestine and Edith Ann. Recordings[ edit ] InTomlin released This Is A Recordingher first comedy album on Polydor Records in that contained Ernestine's run-ins with customers over the phone. The album hit 15 on the Billboard Hotbecoming and remaining as of [update] the highest-charting album ever by a solo comedienne.

Tomlin's second album, 's And That's The Trutha collection of monologues as Edith Ann, was nearly as successful, peaked at 41 on the chart and earning another Grammy nomination. Tomlin has two of the three top charting female comedy albums on Billboard, sandwiching a Joan Rivers release. Each of these albums earned Tomlin additional Grammy nominations. Motion pictures[ edit ] Tomlin in a publicity photo for Laugh-In Tomlin made her dramatic debut in Robert Altman 's Nashvillefor which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress ; she played Linnea Reese, a straitlaced, gospel-singing mother of two deaf children who has an affair with a womanizing country singer played by Keith Carradine.

The Oscar that year went to Lee Grant for her role in Shampoo.