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Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Mystery - Jun K., Kazuya M. .. remedy to the uh problem we have been running into recently." It said. Which made me wonder: Maybe Kazuya did love Jun and well things canon, one of which is Kazuya and Jun's "relationship" portrayed there. Today's issue: Kazuya Mishima (Tekken) This is due to his complex relationships with his family members, awesome combos, and 'Devil' persona. .. Suddenly, Jun Kazama (his mother) appears to Jin and it seems Jin's.

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Teeleaf57 4 years ago 2 You sure like using whatever a lot don't you. As for Kazuya being a pimp? He never been shown to be all that interested in women or such things its really Lee who's the ladies man. Now as for why he picked Jun. It never been made clear what there exact nature of there relationship was or how it started all were told is 'mysterious force's' drew Jun to Kaz. My guess for Kaz is was all just a one night stand with attractive women who was offering herself.

I doubt there any love involved and certainly no intention for child to be born from the encounter. VioletSystems VioletSystems 4 years ago 3 I like to think that some elements from the classic Tekken anime are canon, one of which is Kazuya and Jun's "relationship" portrayed there.

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You sure like using whatever a lot don't you. Guess its an online verbal tic. I use that apparently. Also the purple suit man! On a more serious note Nina didn't really have any major grudges against Kaz for the most part and he knew both of the sisters or he could of gotten the hook up with Lee. Or any girl for that matter. Instead he picks Jun which makes me consider what Violet said: Jin defeats Kazuya and Heihachi in battle, but spares their lives.

Kazuya jumps out of Hon-Maru, letting Heihachi die. The world sees G Corporation as its only savior, although Kazuya intends to kill Jin and dominate the world himself. He uses the company's influence to stop Jin from world domination.

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They fight, and Kazuya is forced to leave. In the story, Kazuya sends an army of Jack-6 robots to the Mishima dojo to eliminate Heihachi, who was confronted by the warrior Akuma moments before. He broadcasts the images worldwide, exposing Kazuya's nature to undermine public trust in G Corporation as the Zaibatsu's opponents in the war.

In the final battle at the mouth of a volcano, Kazuya the final boss of the story mode transforms into his devil form, kills Heihachi, and throws him into a lava pit. Akuma resurfaces, having survived the previous blast.

Kazuya transforms into his final devil form and they battle once more, with the outcome unknown. Kazuya also appears in Tekken Revolution. Assault Horizon[68] and it appears as in Taiko: Drum Master V Version. He wants to seize Pandora's Box to control the devil gene, and hires Nina Williams to assist him.

As in the Tekken game series, he is thrown off a cliff at a young age by Heihachi and saved by a deal with the devil. Kazuya becomes bent on revenge against Heihachi and enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament to confront him. Jun Kazama repeatedly implores him not to kill his father; after Kazuya defeats Heihachi, Jun destroys the devil's influence and restores his kind, compassionate self.

He spares Heihachi's life and fathers Jin with Jun, but is not seen after the tournament's conclusion. Kazuya is Heihachi's right-hand man at Tekken Corporation, hoping to take over his father's company. Impatient with Heihachi's compassion for Jin, he overthrows him and orders his execution although Heihachi persuades the soldier to spare him.

After Jin wins the tournament, Kazuya challenges him to a one-on-one duel. Initially defeating Jin, Kazuya is critically wounded; however, Jin refuses to kill him because of their blood relation and lets him live in shame.

An amnesiac afer experiments by his father, Kazuya spends the movie fighting until he regains his memory. The Devil Within, played by Mark Musashi. Blood Vengeance, an alternate version of the events between Tekken 5 and Tekken 6; Kazuya, an antagonist, faces his father and son and is defeated by the latter. The Dark History of Mishima.