Kairi and sora relationship

Kingdom Hearts: Why the Hell Haven't Sora and Kairi Kissed Yet?!

kairi and sora relationship

The main undertone of the first game was to find Kiari and get her home safe, the whole first game was pretty much about Sora's and Kairis. Though we've discussed Kairi and Sora's special relationship, it seems that there is another character that has a crush on our Princess: Seifer. Okay, so the most Canon love interest for Sora is presumably Kairi. happy riding that fence of having feelings but not being in a relationship.

Well according to the in-game legend, two peoples will always stay connected to each other if they share the same paopu fruit.

kairi and sora relationship

Therefore, we could see this poignant scene as a teenage affair in which Kairi promptly answers "yes" to Sora's dating request. His only hinted relationship was with Squall's love interest, Rinoa. However, Seifer's attempts are in vain. Nice try Seifer, but you definitely took a major L this time. Whenever we look at Kairi's interaction, we can notice a strong collaboration with the water component. When we look at it, we can reflect on the fact that water almost seemed vital to bring life to Kairi's character When we look at Kairi's name in Japanese, It actually means "nautical mile".

However, her individual kanjis means "sea" and "village".

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After linking her name with these events, It's only fair to say that Square-Enix and Disney did a great job at keeping Kairi's concept theme. They both ranked 3rd in the Famitsu character poll of the series and both have very interesting stories in their own way.

They also both share a twisted relationship in which Axel kidnapped Kairi as part of a scheme to bring his best friend Roxas back.

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Shortly after his death, Axel reverts back to his human form, Lea and becomes a valued ally for the main cast. The twisted part is that Lea is also Kairi's sparring Keyblade partner. Although Kairi seemed uncomfortable training with her former captor-turned-ally, a canon story reading, performed at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra suggested that Kairi quickly overcame her fear of Lea and became friends with him.

We sure do hope to see these two Keyblade users in action.

kairi and sora relationship

Initially, the Birth By Sleep main characters' name follows the same concept in which the trio are being named after elements. As discussed in a previous entry, Aqua is ultimately responsible for Kairi's journey. The series is usually rated E for Everyone in the ESRB ratings and even Kingdom Hearts producer claims he had to edit some features in order not to depict too much negativity in the game.

However, this state of mind is less prevalent in the manga series. In an attempt to lure Sora, Saix summons two Berserker Nobodies and orders them to attack Kairi's cell in order for her to yell for help to lure Sora.

Though Kairi is visibly injured she even bleeds a bitshe remains stoic throughout the short scene. Further proof of her social skill is demonstrated in Kingdom Hearts II manga. When Kairi lands on Twilight Town. She is greeted by Hayner and his crew.

While she casually engages with them, Organisation XIII member Vexen secretly stalks her and praises her ability to easily be friends with people she just met and even compares himself to her, saying he would have taken "5 years to get their trust. God Bless The Ring.

kairi and sora relationship

For any 2K babies reading this entry, this 3D fighting game pits two fighters against each other and mostly allows you to fight in a classic mano a mano.

Though a few Final Fantasy 7 characters were featured in the game notably Cloud and Sephirothwe'd definitely ask Square to consider putting Kairi in a future sequel because she's definitely the most versatile fighter of the whole Kingdom Hearts universe. Kairi seems to inflict a fair amount of damage with her knuckles in the Kingdom Hearts II manga.

On one occasion, she manages to punch a Dusk Nobody to which the creature seems to agonize a bit. Kairi Okay, so the most Canon love interest for Sora is presumably Kairi.


He fights through thick and thin to rescue her, and he's always thinking about being with her. But is the love that Sora shows towards Kairi entirely romantic? Is he really "in love" with anyone, or is he just subtley lusting? It could be interpreted as such looking at it out of context, but if you put into consideration the way Sora cares for others in general, he's only touched the surface of his feelings for kairi.

kairi and sora relationship

When any of his friends are in danger, he goes out of his way to help them, and there's only one scene that truly leans towards romantic longing from Sora to Kairi, and that's in Halloween town in kh2 when he imagines that he's dancing with her.

Otherwise, the other scenes between them are completely steered by Kairi, not Sora. Yeah, there's the scene at the end of kh2, when Roxas and namine are all "you guys gotta be together", but i feel Sora was kinda like" uhhhhhh There's also other scenes such as the hug in the world that never was, the ending scene of kh1, etc, but, you could honestly almost find parallels with Riku for alot of moments in which Sora shows feelings towards one of these characters.

He was kinda just happy riding that fence of having feelings but not being in a relationship.

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And yeah, Sora and Riku kinda fought over her a little bit, but as the game progressed, it was obvious that it wasn't for romantic reasons. But, i imagine as time passes on Sora will fall for Kairi and show a more in-depth interest in her, i just think rn his feelings aren't quite there yet. As the games have progressed, Kairi has kinda drifted off Soras radar and Riku has come into the limelight.

Especially in 3ds, you could tell that the relationship between Sora and Riku was growing so strong that it was starting to cross over that line of friendship, but alas, it never did.