Kamui and kagura relationship help

Top 5 interpersonal relationships between Gintama characters

kamui and kagura relationship help

trying to help but end up making an absolute disaster out of it:zucht: . 2- Gin- san and Kagura's father-daughter relationship; it's just really cute. I can't wait to see some serious Gin/Kagura story during the Kamui/Taka arc. Kamui saves the gintoki's relation with kagura. Anime: Gintama Personagens: Sakata Gintoki e Kagura .. I can't help but focus on Gin-san's sexy butt. Important Relationships ☂Sakata Gintoki - Kagura and Gintoki share a to pick up Gintoki's habits, such as picking her nose, and also repeats what he says as advice. Kamui is Kagura's biological older brother, whom she calls 'Aniki'.

Something else this arc has shown is a sense of exclusivity between the two. No one else is allowed to beat her except for him. He even goes so far to prove that point by beating up Minamito.


This scene can be interpreted in two ways: Like I mentioned, he probably has difficulty expressing that softer side of him so he constructs something. Please also take note of the time when one of the Character Books described Okita as a hero who saved Kagura when she was in a pinch. If he truly hated or disliked her, he would not give two shits if others beat her up but no, he gets kinda possessive once someone else attacks her.

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Kinda reminds me of a boyfriend, but in a rival kind of way. I think that says something for sure.

But Kagura takes advantage of it all and hits both of them at once. I feel like Okita lets Kagura humiliate him sometimes, and he rarely lets others do so. How seriously the both of them take each other is depicted in the next scene when Kondou and Shipachi found Nishino and Okita, knocked out cold.

Their rivalry is so intense that even when Kondou and Shinpachi thought it was the work of a Yagyuu, it was already extreme. Surprisingly for Shinpachi, it was just Kagura. But I think something that is noteworthy is how they seem to be totally in sync, also something the voice actors have pointed out.

They then merge together and become a black ball. Also, in this arc, Okita apologizes to Kagura! He puts his pride down. The Gintama wikia states that Okita has only apologized to two women in his whole life, that being Mitsuba and Kagura. Why are you agreeing now of all times?

Again, they play dress-up on the Shogun, working together.

kamui and kagura relationship help

Many things are established here: She may see a bit of Kamui in Okita, perhaps unconsciously, and this annoys her. I think she was disappointed in him and did not expect him to act this way, she expected better.

This is confirmed when she asks if he was hiding something later on. We definitely see how Kagura actually understands Okita on a pretty damn deep level. She knew he was hiding something and knew that his behavior was suspicious, and it was later confirmed that he was. Also, at the end of the arc, Kagura makes a speech to Kirie, and she really showed us how much she understood Okita.

Her impression of him at the end of it all was pretty good for him anywayas she rambled about the responsibilities he had to shoulder and the things he had to protect. He has always felt it no matter what he does. Look at them struggle; it is the bane of foolishness, yes? If he were to apologize even if he were to beg for your gratitude, the fact does remain, for your father, he tried his best to take his secret with him. He understood his feelings, and went forward without turning back… Can you still say you hate him?

She also refused to be a burden on Okita and even offered to stay while they escape. I dearly remember the day when Chapter came out and every OkiKagu fan, young or old, freaked the fuck out.

Okita is the one who truly understands her in this arc. He understood them pretty specifically even. My favourite though, has gotta be this panel which was huge for emphasis: His rivalry with Kagura is something incredibly special and he knows it. Actually what score is there even to settle? Does he just like to fight her?

Making up excuses again huh. Next, more fanservice in the Soul Switch arc. But we get to see his type of girl in the Otsuu Fan Club arc. Of all the Ghibli heroines, his favourite was Kiki. The ones with a hard shell fall even harder. A young girl with a strong, stubborn personality. I should probably take this with a pinch of salt because it was probably for comedy, but the coincidences, man.

Kagura During the Radio Exercise arc, there is a hint of a small crush between Kagura and that Okita lookalike.

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She also acts pretty tsundere towards him in this sceneand its noteworthy that Kagura started out ticked off by him because he was the only other kid doing the radio exercises and started to be kind of competitive.

Reminds me of someone. When a boy is kind to her, she reciprocates and cares for him too. They practically hooked up after fighting everyday.

kamui and kagura relationship help

To Kagura, fighting is a social activity of sorts it seems. So what am I trying to say? This is just speculation this whole essay was but the similarities are there. But before Umibouzu could kill Kamui Kagura stepped in. She pleaded her Dad not to kill her brother.

That particular doing of Kagura shows exactly what kind of bond they shared. Kamui would always protect Kagura while Kagura would always protect Kamui. And that broke the relationship they had. It's easy how simple words and little acts can break a bond so strong that it would take it years to be repaired.

kamui and kagura relationship help

Many years have past since the death of Kouka, the baldness of Umibouzo and that faithful day when Kamui left Kagura. In the present he sees Kagura as a weakling. He tries to kill her. He doesn't know how much stronger she actually is. And that she might be stronger then him. Now don't get too triggered I will explain what I mean.

Kamui may be strong in physical way but mentally he is still a child. He has isolated himself from his family while Kagura has been with her 'family' for long time. Family is made of LOVE and no matter how powerful you are, not having the love your family gives you and the support there always have for you makes you weak.

This battle is important because it shows how much Kagura has grown and how much not of a weakling she is. Exactly after that fight Kamui finally acknowledges that Kagura may not be just a weakling but something more. Rakuyou Decisive Battle Arc or as I call it it's the battle of changes. Kamui in his wishes to kill his father attacks him.

In their fight is kinda obvious that Kamui is presented like an immature child and Umibouzu - as the strong willed father, saying stuff like: The only think the girl wants it to have her biological family back together. To have the strong bond with her brother and to feel the fatherly love again.