Keima and elsie relationship goals

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keima and elsie relationship goals

Fortunately Elsie is able to free her, after some encouragement from Keima. . In her scenario, she makes it her goal to win Keima over, even forcing him to listen to . Afterwards, she does not remember the events but her relationship with her . "I think were a little underdressed" Ayumi said uncomfortably from her .. " Because we're after the same goal; to get the guy to fall in love with the Keima would find Haqua in the library and Haqua would confess his love to him. but she had her suspicions about his relationship with the violet-haired girl. These are the events happening in Keima's life as a buddy with Elsie. asked by Haqua, Keima showed her a paper of all of the previous conquest targets .. quiet and he's trying to deepen the relationships while Haqua asked that Keima if it.

In chapterNora makes a hagoromo doll of herself, thwarting an attack from Vintage against her life, and instructs her allies to make a bunch of hagoromo dolls of Keima and his capture target to keep other agents busy while Keima completes the conquest. In Chapter 23, Haqua threatens Keima with killing him once he is done with helping her to recapture a runaway spirit, to which he simply points out that if he dies Elsie will die too because of their contract.

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In ChapterHaqua talks Nora out of sealing away a powerful runaway spirit and killing Keima in the process by telling her the same thing. Remember the image of Keima during the closing stages of Chihiro's Conquest Arc? Cannot Spit It Out: Averted as a cliffhanger at the end of Flag Can't Live Without You: If Elsie dies, so does Keima, and vice-versa applies to all demons and their buddies, actually.

To be specific, they will lose their heads from the chokers they wear. Not Synchronizationsince that's the only thing that gets shared. When Yui put Keima into a Lap Pillow and said she wanted to talk to him his thoughts simply were 'I'm being seduced!

Reversed in the 4koma. Tsukiyo's doll Luna expresses its love for her, even going about to kill her current object of interest Keima. Elsie really loves her fire trucks. Haqua and Elsie in chapter Keima - "I can already see the ending! Keima - "Allow me to teach you something useful. It hasn't come up in a long while though, primarily since capturing runaway spirits stopped being the focus of the plot.

Elsie - "Loose soul in custody! The normally serious Nikaido wears one for the teacher skit in the festival. Elsie sports one while dreaming when Diana and Keima talk of finding the Jupiter Sisters in an omake. Keima has one after Vintage's grunts are beaten by Haqua and he's forced to put on a dopey smile to save face. Caught the Heart on His Sleeve: Chihiro does this to Keima during the Mai Festival to let him know that she's okay with going somewhere secluded.

Plenty of Subtext included. The manga has steadily become darker in tone as it progresses. It was initially quite lighthearted and comical, fairly Strictly Formula.

Then Haqua's arc gave us a sneak peak to how dangerous the spirits really are, then Tenri's arc not only reminded us that Cute Monster Girl or not, devils are still devils and some will not hesistate at all to kill Norait also introduced a subplot that would eventually become a big deal the goddesses ; then Yui and Hinoki's arcs further demonstrated just what would happen if a spirit was allowed to develop.

THEN came the Goddess Arc, which opened with Kanon getting stabbed, introducing the VERY real possibility of the death of a loved and popular character, and was marked by a much more serious and manipulative Keima, and infamously closed with Keima breaking Chihiro's heart.

And then came the Heart of Jupiter Arc, which features, among other things: A shining example of the last one is the aftermath of the Dokuro vs. Vintage fight, which was so horrible that it forced the Reset Button to activate. It's likely to stay like this for at least some time. Aside from the girls getting through what problems they seem to have, Keima's developed quite a bit as well; it's just a lot more subtle because his obsession with games hasn't dwindled at all.

The Keima from the first chapter never would have jumped off a building to save a girl. Granted, he probably knew Elsie would save him, but he was still taking a risk considering how incompetent she can be at times. Shown by how you don't see him playing any games after Kanon gets stabbed, and before the story started he played for at least 12 hours every day. Remember how in the first chapters Keima would always say something along the lines of "Real world sucks, the 2D world is so much better"?

Well, in a later chapter, he basically says "There is no difference between the real and the virtual. I'll aim for the best ending". He acknowledges the real world though he still appears to regard 2D girls as superior. During the Mai Festival Keima realizes that Chihiro has no goddess but fell in love with him naturally without his involvement, and actually cries because he had to break her heart in as callous a manner as he could.

His relationship with Elsie has come a long way too, from refusing to accept her as his little sister to trying to defend her from a Vintage agent. By Elsie to Haqua early. However, it turns out to be a setup to a slightly different plot-line than might be expected. Even ones he's never played. In FlagKeima has come to accept the world is a shitty place and it is hard to get a happy ending, but it is something to strive for.

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He has come to believe cheating to get ahead is a wrong action. And so moves to stop Kaori from winning with duplicitous means. The Mai-High Dance Fest, first set up in chapter 54, and built on in successive chapters. From chapter 80 Keima: No points for guessing what he uses 40 chapters or so later.

Seen all the way back in the first chapter, the school's emblem is the goddess Demeter, and her name also appears in chapter 3. First, she makes a confession to Katsuragi at a bad moment while he is working on Ayumi, causing him to follow a Red Herring and put his work with Ayumi at risk, ultimately resulting in a love triangle that Keima has no idea how to fix.

After making a little progress in resolving it, Chihiro offers to help Keima. After, it seems as though Chihiro has once again screwed things up, but it turns out she actually managed to resolve the love triangle that had Keima at wits' end. Subverted when the reader is led to believe that Chihiro has revealed the entire goddess capture to Ayumi out of either spite or misplaced concern. However, it's actually a ruse by her to get Ayumi to stop worrying about how Chihiro feels and focus exclusively on Keima as well as an attempt to make Keima act honestly.

Wrestler in All of Us: She and Ayumi gave Keima a Double Lariat for "tricking" them by joining their band. Jun Nagase Voiced by: She's very passionate about everything she does, and is also a big fan of pro wrestler Jumbo Tsuruma.

Believing Keima to be a troubled student, she spends much effort trying to reach out to him. Jun always tries to force her ideals on others, pushes them too hard and rarely asks for their opinion on anything she wants them to do. As a result, she ends up driving away the people she was trying to guide. Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak: She's fairly feminine, but she's also a big pro-wrestler fan. She's normally very calm and kind, but she's also very passionate about helping people whether they like it or not.

Beneath that is a timid layer that's upset when she gets rejected, but Keima tells her to just do what she thinks is right and not worry what other people thing. Jun could mean "pure". She wears her hair like this, probably as part of the image of the kind and supportive teacher she wants to become. Back in high school, Jun was the basketball team captain, but everyone in the team ended up quitting because Jun was "pushing them too hard".

Jun is still affected by it and that's way she's trying even harder to motivate her students this time, but she doesn't seem to realize her own enthusiasm is the real problem. The older teachers and students are affectionately amused at her passion and think she'll see the way the world really works soon enough.

Keima stops that from happening, though, and inspires her to keep going with her beliefs. She went to highschool with Nikaido and was apparently a first year right before Nikaido graduated. Keima uses this connection to get some critical information from her.

She wants to be a perfect teacher with a friendly relationship with her students. However, she has a hard time at it because she can a get too pushy when trying to motivate her students.

She smiles a lot, but she actually gets depressed really easily. Her round eyes go well with her kind and naive personality.

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Keima tries desperately to try capturing her in any other way other than this before being stuck with it because the teacher routes in dating sims are always harder and have goal lines far in the future. Really, he's lucky that she was just a student teacher and therefore viewed him as a project instead of labeling him out of bounds as a student. Noted in-story by Nikaido. She extends her Os. She's unaware of doing it herself. She wants to become a perfect teacher who motivates her students and gets along with everyone.

She becomes very disappointed when she realizes her students and fellow teachers don't share her ideals and aren't fond of her enthusiasm. You Were Trying Too Hard: She thinks she is trying too hard to push her passion onto others, which causes people to reject her. It's subverted and inverted at the end of the arc, in which Keima explains to her that she surrenders too quickly.

Tsukiyo Kujou Voiced by: She cares only for "beautiful" things, and considers things like emotion to be ugly. Like Keima, she holds disdain towards reality, and prefers to live in her own fantasy world on the moon. Based on her feelings, her Runaway Spirit shrinks her to the size of a doll. Of the Astronomy Club. She's cold, distant and abrasive, but during the capture she begins to defrost and open up to Keima, which upsets her greatly.

She wants to be cold and emotionless since she views passion as an ugly thing. In one of Keima's Alternate Universe dreams, she appears jumping on-top of him all of a sudden, telling him to come to the rooftop and have tea with her.

She always wears frilly, doll-like dresses. Even her school uniform is designed this way. It fits her doll theme. She resemblances Shinku from Rozen Maiden in many ways; long blond hair and blue eyes, Elegant Gothic Lolita dresses, small stature and a cold and abrasive personality. She even gets a doll theme with her only friend being her doll Luna and getting shrunk to the size of a doll during her arc.

If you look at the image of Tsukiyo, you can see Luna already standing up and holding onto the sofa. Her omake pages are even clearer. Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: She has orange-blond hair and a feminine and elegant personality.

Vulcanus considers her the most beautiful and pure girl she's ever met. Her cold blue eyes match her aloof and distant personality.

Her Runaway Spirit shrinks her to the size of a doll. Has a doll named Luna, who she considers her Only Friend. Her uniform's inner shirt is a darker color, her skirt has a dark frill, and she wears a gem around her neck. Justified in that her mother, Yoko Kujou, is a designer. She's an aloof Ojou fascinated with the moon who manages become really good friends with the quiet Cute Bookworm Shiori.

It's implied that Tsukiyo may have come from a wealthy family. Elsie mentions that her mother is a designer. Befitting her refined attitude. Ayumi then praised Chihiro and said that she felt glad. As Ayumi was about to tell Chihiro about Keima, she remembered Chihiro's events from last night and she hesitated.

Chihiro asked what's the thing and then said that they would enjoy the festival as she left. When Ayumi left, Chihiro was shown to look at her guitar with a sad expression. But her fellow classmate said that more help is needed. Chihiro then proceeds to take an order of coffee with lots of sugar from Lune.

Chihiro later goes to the girls lavatory where Ayumi is. She confesses that she got dumped by Keima and even though she thought she was serious that wasn't the case and she failed to meet Ayumi's expectations.

Chihiro told Ayumi not to talk about her to Keima and left, but not before thanking Ayumi unknowingly causing her friend to be even more guilt ridden than before.

keima and elsie relationship goals

Later, Ayumi was shown to be ignoring her calls. As Keima was trying to find Ayumi, he banged into Sumirewhile helping her out with finding the lid of Sumire's pots, Chihiro found and gave it to her.

Sumire thanked her but Keima asked Chihiro to team up with him. Chihiro is shocked as Keima calmly said that if the "obstacle" Chihiro helped him, the conquest of Ayumi will be much easier. However, Chihiro slapped him and said that how can Keima speak to her as if nothing has happened. But Keima said he has not. Keima then said that they must set aside petty differences as Chihiro kicked him and called him scum.

By nightfall, Chihiro went up to the roof and found Ayumi.

Chihiro Kosaka

She jokingly called her a ninja and asked her how do they introduce the members of the 2-B Pencils tomorrow as Ayumi said that she cannot be in the band any more, greatly shocking her.

Chihiro then asked why as Ayumi says that she wanted to quit because she does not cheer for her during her Chihiro's re-conquest.

keima and elsie relationship goals

Keima then pops out and asked Chihiro what was it that she want to say and pushes Chihiro away. Keima then tells Chihiro that they need to pretend that they are talking as the latter punches Keima away. Ayumi was shown to be even more sad and unwilling to say and Keima then announced that he had something to say to both of them, Suddenly, three Vintage members appears and caught them in a black sphere.

As one member, Gira tells Lune that they captured the trio and all seems lost, the trio was saved by Haqua. As The Vintage members fought with Haqua, Chihiro and the others hide nearby as she asked if she should call the police.

Elsie "pu-pu"

Later, when the fight's over, Chihiro and Ayumi wanted to know what happened as Haqua and Keima tells them that its all an act by the "Special Effects club". Haqua then blamed it on Keimamuch to Chihiro and Ayumi's chagrin. As Keima and haqua worries about the goddesses, Ayumi suggests that they go home. After that, Ayumi ran off saying she'll call her. Keima then grabbed her, asking her to go home with her as Chihiro tries to fight back with little success.

At the Katsuragi household, Chihiro wonders why is she here again and was about to leave since Elsie wasn't at home. Only to find out that Keima, with Haqua's help has locked her there. Later, Chihiro managed to sneak up to Kanon's room and apparently heard about Haqua's words about Vintage as she wonders what are they talking about.

Chihiro then wonders if it is about the "performance" with Haqua earlier. She decides to tell Keima that she'll be going home. As she is about to knock, she heard about the conversation about Hell. As Chihiro continues to listen to Keima's conversation, Ayumi called her and her cell phone rings. Keima then pushes the door and hits Chihiro on the floor, she then asks what is Keima going to do with Ayumi as Keima wastes no time picking up Chihiro's phone and tells Ayumi that he'll be confessing to her.

He then tells Diana to stay at Tenri's house and Haqua to escort them. Keima then grabs Chihiro with him to Ayumi's home, much to her anger. Chihiro then angrily wants to go home saying that she doesn't want to join Keima. Keima then said that her life will be endangered if she did not follow him to which she punches Keima saying that he is the biggest threat.

As Keima was busy getting the "goods" Chihiro wonder what is happening. Chihiro then asked what does Keima meant by "conquer" to which Haqua silenced her saying that Keima is concentrating.

Keima then begins to grumble as Chihiro thinks that Keima is weird. At the Kozue river, Chihiro asked what are they going to do and Haqua said that they're helping Keima's confession to Ayumi. Chihiro then said that they're lies and she'll never forgive Haqua and Keima if they tried anything weird.

Haqua said that Keima is doing his best to defend them all. Keima then questions himself if he should use the panties and begin to fench with them as Chihiro seemed doubtful. After a brief introduction, Chihiro cannot believe what she hears and does not understand the concept of the goddesses. As Haqua says that she felt bad for Ayumi, Chihiro wonders if the cloaked individuals are the ones who Keima is trying to stop and begin to know why Keima is seducing Ayumi.

Chihiro then screams to Haqua saying that they're crazy and what will happen if Ayumi gets serious while Haqua says that they'll be in trouble if Ayumi doesn't. They are silenced by Keima saying that they are noisy. When Ayumi did came, Chihiro silently wishes the latter to return home since it's a trap while Haqua asks Chihiro to keep quiet.

As Haqua says how Keima is a pervert, Chihiro wonders what is all the drama about. Chihiro then heard about Ayumi having a first time and wonders what is it all about. While watching the "idiotic drama", Keima and Ayumi left while Haqua wanted Chihiro to follow her. Chihiro then thinks that if Keima and Ayumi where in a relationship before.

At the playground, Haqua spots a Vintage member and strikes down in front of Chihiro's eyes and quickly warns Keima. As Keima relocates yet again, Chihiro asks what will happen should Keima fail to which she was replied that failure is not an option.

After Haqua laments on how will Keima and Ayumi hide, Chihiro decided to help. She suggests another way, Chihiro lets Haqua take Keima and Ayumi all the way to Miyako's house and while Miyako was surprised to see Keima and Ayumi, Chihiro came up, lying that she's too excited about the live performance and uses the chance to go to Miyako's house to celebrate.

In Miyako's house, Keima asked her what is she planing to do. Chihiro tells Keima that this is rhetorical since Keima is looking for a place to hide. Keima then tells Chihiro that Ayumi's love points are already sufficient and just a few more minutes and an event will be enough for him to conquer her while Chihiro wants Keima to stop talking like a gamer.

Chihiro then said that she is sorry for being a burden to Keima since she is not a goddess hosts and went off to play before Keima says anything. After some singing and snacking, Chihiro asked Ayumi why was she with Keima.

Later, Miyako suggested that they should try out the new uniforms as Chihiro, along with Ayumi marveled at the costumes While Miyako pins down Keima at the other room. Chihiro then asked Ayumi if she liked Keima, to which Ayumi blushed and denied the statement. Chihiro then said that its alright, and Ayumi don't need to worry about her.

However, somehow, this made Chihiro recall the bad things Keima did to her in the past and with a sudden change of personality, Chihiro tells Ayumi that Keima is a liar.

keima and elsie relationship goals

Chihiro then wastes no time showing Ayumi a record of what Keima was saying to her a few moments ago as Chihiro demanded Ayumi to open her eyes from this game by Keima. Chihiro also said that Keima wouldn't have peeked at her in the bath if he did not plan it as Ayumi was shocked and Chihiro tells her that she was present too and all Ayumi's routes and time spent with Keima was fully planned and put into action by Keima.

Chihiro then tells Ayumi that she is just being made use of ant toyed by Keima, treating her just like that of a game. Keima then barged in and seeing the mood, asked Chihiro what has she done as she confidentially said that she has just destroyed Keima's plot. Keima tries to explain to Ayumi as Chihiro instantly rebuked his words while Keima angrily demanded what's her problem.

Chihiro then said that she and Ayumi are both idiots to be fooled by Keima. Angered by this, Ayumi slapped Keima and ran off. Keima angrily grabbed Chihiro and said that he'll catch her while Miyako wants Keima to clean up. When probed by Keima as to why, Chihiro said that she wants Keima to be serious about this, fall in love with Ayumi for real as they leave, Miyako wants to know what is this about and Chihiro said that she'll explain later.

At the Takahara household, Haqua complains to Chihiro that because of her actions, Keima is forced to go back to square one as Chihiro said that she did this to make sure she disappeared from Ayumi's heart since she is fully aware of Ayumi's feelings and that it is all up to Ayumi and Keima. After knowing this, Chihiro also said that Keima seemed to realize this and said that once Ayumi likes something, it is hard for her to hate it and so long as Keima is honest.

Chihiro then asked Haqua as to why Keima would date her if he knew Ayumi was a goddess candidate while Haqua became reluctant to explain, she saw Ayumi coming back. However, what happened next is to the shock of them, Keima, ridding a white stallion said that he is part of the ideal world, and that he won't apologize to Ayumi, much to Chihiro's shock and anger.

Chihiro then tells to herself that Keima is such an idiot since his little drama was already smashed and yet he still goes for it. When Chihiro heard about Ayumi saying things like marriage, she gets shocked. After hearing Keima's response, she sighed and continues to watch from behind the scenes with Haqua.

When seeing Keima getting beaten up, she asked Haqua where this is heading as Haqua says that Keima is using Ayumi's attempts against him to his advantage as Chihiro mentally tries to tell Ayumi not to play into Keima's hands. Later, Chihiro and Haqua was at the Takahara household and saw Keima and Ayumi talking and she along with Haqua are uncertain what they are saying. Just then, Haqua quickly covers Chihiro up and orders her to hide. Haqua then wonders if Nora was taken out by Vintage as Nora's own allies,Cresta and Camry comes out and says that they have made hagoromo copies of them to prevent Vintage form getting to Ayumi and Keima.

They then gave Keima, Chihiro and Haqua some pieces of a hagoromo to render them invisible. However, Lune found them and asks where they are going as Haqua decided to stay behind and fight Lune.

As Keima and Chihiro was running, Chihiro asked him not to hold her hand tightly and tells Keima to say the word to Ayumi properly.

keima and elsie relationship goals

While running, Chihiro asked Keima if he even knew where Ayumi went and Keima says that Nora will soon tell him. Later, Keima tells Chihiro that they'll go to Maijima seaside park but a random biker breaks their bonds and Chihiro, now "alone" and unable to see Keima became terrified she saw two Vintage members floating down, each next to her.

Chihiro and Keima saved for now Then, Chihiro felt Keima hugging her as Keima whispers to her not to speak at all. The Vintage agents then communicates with each other and flew away. Seeing this, both sat down, now being able to rest as Keima saw Chihiro still clinging on him.