Knuckles and rouge relationship problems

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knuckles and rouge relationship problems

Even without this quote, it is quite clear that Shadow and Rouge do we have a specific problem in translation – the fact that “aoi” means both. Knuckles severely hurts Rouge to protect the Master Emerald. English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Knuckles, Rouge - Words: 2, - Reviews. Knuxouge is the relationship between Knuckles the Echidna and Rouge the Bat. The two don't really get along, but they do seem to have some hidden romance.

Perhaps he focuses less on his duty as a Guardian, but in the first season of the show Angel Island wasn't around to protect anyway. Knuckles spent the majority of the first season traveling on his own, resulting in a lack of screen time. Though during this season, there was at least one episode which focused on Knuckles, as the primary character, in a small side-story in which he ultimately gained possession of a Chaos Emerald more specifically the red one, a possible pun of Knuckles' own body color.

He also likes cheese and crackers. Knuckles explains what happened after Sonic saves his life. Knuckles is then happy and generous towards The Hedgehogs. Games storyline Spoiler warning: Knuckles lives on Angel Island which hovers in the sky thanks to the power of the Master Emerald, which he is charged with guarding. Knuckles is the last surviving member of the Echidna people who once inhabited the island.

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Due to his rather remote location and the fact that he rarely strays far from his duty, Knuckles is often alone, and as thus can be quite antisocial and distrusting, but on the other side, he is often quite gullible. One example of this gullibility is the belief that he held throughout Sonic the Hedgehog 3: Robotnik was trying to protect it. Robotnik, of course, had lied to Knuckles, and was planning on using the emerald to power his space station, the Death Egg. Knuckles then joined Sonic and Tails in their quest to stop the villain.

Knuckles has been a sometimes reluctant friend to Sonic and Tails since then, sharing many of their adventures, getting tricked by Dr. Robotnik, and catching the thieving eye of a certain white bat named Rouge, who tries to steal the Master Emerald for herself Sonic Adventure 2.

knuckles and rouge relationship problems

Aside from appearances in the main Sonic series, Knuckles featured prominently in Knuckles Chaotix, a relatively unknown spin-off title developed for Sega 32X. The game also introduced Team Chaotix, a group of comical misfits. Fleetway storyline Knuckles is a character in Fleetway's Sonic the Comic. In Sonic the Comic, Knuckles is depicted as at first being the last of his kind, and bears the burden of guarding the Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds alone.

When the Death Egg crashed on the island, Knuckles was briefly duped by Doctor Robotnik into believing Sonic was a dangerous villain who plotted to steal the Island's Chaos Emeralds. Knuckles, however, didn't trust Robotnik enough to tell him that the Master Emerald - which could control the others - was on the island, and when Robotnik tried to absorb the Emerald's power into himself, Knuckles used the Master Emerald to defeat him.

Knuckles spent the next few months destroying every trace of Robotnik's influence on the Floating Island, including the entire Carnival Night Zone, and assisted Sonic both when his secret base came under attack by a Badnik army and when Robotnik established a base in the Ice Cap Zone. Finally, the two heroes teamed up to destroy the Death Egg before it could launch - which they failed to do, and worse Knuckles had failed to stop Robotnik's Metallix from stealing the Master Emerald to power the Death Egg!

While Sonic fought to retrieve the Emerald, Knuckles used ancient echidna technology to pilot the Floating Island and open fire on the Death Egg with Chaos Energy blasts, finally downing the craft. With the Master Emerald returned, Knuckles owed a debt to Sonic and, despite preferring privacy, agreed to hide the entire population of Emerald Hill Zone in the Mushroom Hill Zone to keep them safe from Robotnik's wrath.

Whilst the arrangement was generally stress-free, the villagers swiftly demanded to be returned home when Robotnik was overthrown.

In the story "The Homecoming", Knuckles discovered that a elderly, white-furred echidna named Dr. Zachary had appeared on the Floating Island. He had the robot destroy the Master Emerald and absorb its power, leaving the Island to crash while he destroyed Mobius, but Knuckles stopped him using the robot's head as a brief substitute Emerald Zachary apparently perished as he fell from the Island, but later returned, with a part-robot body, working for Robotnik.

It was hinted that he knew where the echidnas had vanished to, but his story was left unfinished at the end of the comic. Knuckles retrieved a new Emerald from the echidna's Sacred Emerald Mines, which existed in a haunted graveyard. In doing so, he had to face the spirit of the Koyunhi, a race of Styrakosaurus' who were unwittingly hunted to extinction by the echidnas, and take responsibility for their death.

He then was roped into helping Captain Plunder and his Sky Pirates launch a heist on an alien galleon, in return for a chest of ancient echidna documents that could help him with the Island's ancient computer systems.

Knuckles trekked across Mobius with the chest, fighting the occasional villain as he went, before finally returning to the Island. When Robotnik was overthrown, Knuckles spent his days with Porker Lewis trying to uncover the mysteries of his lost people. Knuckles is also one of the few to know of Tails' legendary status in the Nameless Zone, a fact he became aware of when he followed Tails through a portal mistakenly believing the young fox was being kidnapped.

The Nameless Zone residents came to the conclusion that Knuckles was actually Sonic, whom Tails had claimed was his sidekick. Far from blowing Tails' cover, Knuckles was delighted to meet people who didn't worship his rival and played along.

knuckles and rouge relationship problems

The last STC storyline revealed that the ancient echidnas had been at war with the alien Drakon Empire, who invented the Chaos Emeralds; Knuckles was alive back then and served as the leader of the echidna's army.

It is presumed by Sonic that Knuckles was placed in suspended animation for unknown reasons and lost his memory. Nigel Kitching's original plan was to reveal that the outcome of the war was that the Drakons were driven back but the only surviving echidnas were Drakon slaves scattered across the Empire and that Zachary was one of these echidnas.

Archie storyline In the American comic published by Archie ComicsKnuckles is the sixteenth guardian of the Floating island. Knuckles initially lived alone, his objective in life being to protect it for many years until he learned of his noble heritage and the whereabouts of his people.

His place in life was established centuries before his birth, as a descendant from Edmund who would be the first guardian. Locke, Knuckles' father, would marry Lara-le from the House of Arian. After a couple of years married, Knuckles was born. However, without the knowledge or consent from his wife, Locke would subject Knuckles' egg to large doses of chaos radiation. The intent behind this was to create a guardian that surpassed the abilities achieved by his ancestors.

Locke also experimented on himself prior to Knuckles' birth to achieve this result. After Knuckles hatched from his egg, it wasn't long until he sported intellect and abilities that were very abnormal in children his age. Read on to find out. Sonic saw the Master Emerald at the Club. He says "What's the Master Emerald doing here? I thought I could watch over it easier with it near me. Then Amy walks in the door and sees it but doesn't act as surprised as Sonic. She goes and sits next to Sonic.

She whispers to Sonic "Hey, do you sense a two-way hidden love between Knuckles and Rouge? The party comes along greatly. Shadow, this will be part of your payment. Tails, the announcer 1, says "Everything is set up. Not perhaps on Shadow. Tails says "Ouch, back to match! Sonic hits Rouge with Sonic Updraft.

Wave says "Now that's gotta hurt. You do pretty well, Shorty. Also, Don't call me Shorty. Amy runs over to Sonic and says "You alright? Suddenly an alarm goes off. Knuckles says "What's going on here? Eggman says "Those are Roboticized Hedgehogs. Knuckles lifted me up and held me like a baby. He cradled me and looked into my teal eyes with his indigo beauties.

Her teal eyes look so precious and fragile. She seems quite protective, courageous, and strong, to not be crying at times like this. It's made of bricks. I set her gently on the bed and walked into the bathroom. Where are you going? I protect all my friends.

knuckles and rouge - interactions in Sonic Games

I always have, you know? Our lips met and we kissed deeply, then backed off. Rouge watched silently as I pulled out a packet of Neosporin. It's like the liquid form of a Band-Aid these days. Then I whipped out some Butterfly Band-Aids and put them on the cuts that seemed open and showed lots of blood.

I peeled open some large, square Band-Aids, and slid them on the cuts and slashes on the back of Rouge's head from the tree bark. All we need now is lots and lots of bandages! You need these quick, so I'll call Tails! I wonder how long he's loved me. I really want to. He'd think that I just want the Emerald!

I love him, and I want to be his!

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If I muster up some strength in my arms. Now, I've gotta make another call. You know I'm with the GF of mine now. Yea, this is important! Ever since you proposed to Amy, you've been all romantic!

What do you do to turn your pink little hedgehog on? Well, she's always turned on by me, but I help out our love life by the little parts. Other than saying 'I love you,' I kiss her on the forehead, and give her quick hugs, and sometimes.

How can you strip in Monopoly? Every time you pay rent, you strip! It ends quickly, actually. So I can imagine. You actually said 'thank you Sonic' instead of thanks, Sonic, or thanks, or even Humph. She probably plans to use you for that giant Emerald of yours. Alright, we'll see, then.

Rouge the Bat

Gotta get back to the queen, see you later, Knuckles. How about Black Jack: I snatched the cards from my board game shelf and walked down the hallway to my bedroom. It'll be fun, I promise you! Wanna play Black Jack? I had to find out! I'll play with you! What's your version like? Oh, you'll find out!